Monday, February 15, 2010

The San Jose Mission Experience

Elder Benjamin Ralph Green Frost

Beginning date: November 18, 2009

Promise: To preach and teach to those the Spirit directs his way.

Mosiah 5:8-9

And under this head ye are made free, and there is no other head whereby ye can be made free. There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; Therefore I would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives.
And it shall come to past  that whosoever doeth this shall be found at the right hand of God, for he shall know the name by which he is called; for he shall be called by the name of Christ.

The Return Of Elder Frost
The day seemed to drag by but then it got crazy cause I needed to get balloons for the homecoming.   I found a great place that had all types of balloons and banners and party items.  I found by looking at my watch I needed to leave in a half hour to pick up Bens brother Jacob and his son Joacob Jr.  Susan was hungry and so were Jacob and Jacob Jr.  We made it to the airport afther scarfing up some fast food and drinks.  David and April were there for the event.  They were as giddy as I was thinking that in less than a hour we would see Ben.  Others soon arrived Camille and her husband David,  Chantelle and her daughter Madison (she is aprils sister),  Jared and his wife Jammi along with their daugthers Tabatha and Isabelle,  Grandfather Green ( who took most of the pictures) and Susans sister Ellen.  All of us held up 2 letters to spell out Welcome Home Elder Frost!! as we awaited his arrival.  is plane came in about 15 minutes early so we hurried to get in line and then
There He Was!!! 

Proud parents

Proud parents

4 kids together again

We are so proud of Ben and his service we want to thank all family and friends for sharing your thoughts and prayers through his mission.

The End Of A Great Ride
November 23,2011

Today we pick Ben up from the airport as his mission in the San Jose completed.
This has been a great ride for all of us who know him and love him.  He is and always will be a disciple to the Lord and a man who cares about people and  their needs.  I have enjoyed bringing this blog to all of you and I hope by sharing these letters from Ben has enriched your lives and given you a glimpse of his experiences he dealt with each week.   His compassion to the Lord and his willingness to follow the promptings gave him some extra ordinary opportunities to serve.  As his father I was touched by each of his letters in special ways,  knowing full well that the foundation he set for himself by serving these last 2 years will help him in every aspect of his life.  Thank you for your support and love you shared with him

Ralph Frost

Making A Promise To The Lord
Received 11-7-2011

Dear Family,

Well, well, well... Looks like I gotta allot of work to do still! Haha! Even if it is 2 weeks. But seriously, I intend on keeping this heat going (Even if it is cold in Utah ;) ) It feels as if I am just getting transferred! I am still going to be a missionary. I will not slack and each every day I will wear my self in this work. The work I speak of is the work of eternal progression. But at this time the work of "Bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." This is his work! Though I have been able to be on this mission and dedicate ALL my time to this work, I intend on giving 10% of my time to this great cause. Yes, I will have other things to do but at the same time but will I let these other things get in the way of this work? No! I cannot and will not allow the adversary to distract me. I will give all that I can give and all that I can give is all that I can do. Their is not great work on the face of this earth. I know that this is the Lord's work and he is the head of this church. I know because every time I lose myself I find myself, every time I share joy I experience it, and every time I do what I know I need to do I feel the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

It has been a pretty good week. We have been working hard and taking names (literally.) Elder Bruderer and I are really giving it our all. I have been with Elder Bruderer now for almost 6 months, he has become one of my best friends! We have seen miracles in this area! How wonderful it has been. God has truly blessed us with the Holy Ghost. We have recognized the promptings and have gone through with them! Every time we do we experience a miracle. That should be not surprise, considering the Holy Ghost is a miracle worker. At the beginning of the week Elder Bruderer and I felt we should go to a specific street, so we did! Their was a man just chilling in front of an apartment complex. We went up to this man and introduced ourselves. Elder Bruderer said "We have felt that we should come to this street. To share a message about Jesus Christ." The man just sat and listened intently. Turns out this man has a book of Mormon and yes! He is interested in the message. He gave us his address (He whipped out some mail with it on it. To establish he was not lying.) We got a return appointment for tomorrow.
I love this work and I will for the rest of life surround myself in it. For surly this is one of the reasons why I have been sent to this particular time. I feel as though the Lord has many more thing for me to do, to "Bring to pass Eternal life of man." I promise to you all and to my savior Jesus Christ, that I will never give up, and I will never give up on anyone. Of this I so testify in the name of Christ amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty
Received 11-1-2011

Dear Family,

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts for my behalf. You all are so wonderful and I look forward to seeing you.

Phew! We are working hard. Yea you heard me! We are working so hard and we are not stopping. Though yesterday was very slow, due to Halloween... We are going to put our all in this work. I have 3 more weeks left of this work in California San Jose Mission. I am going to make the best of these 3 weeks. I will do all that I can and give all that I can. Some news that is not good or bad, but just kind of "Blah." Is Shelbey Bennet is not getting Baptized any time soon. Cant say we didn't do all that we could to help her progress towards the waters of Baptism, cause we did!.... Elder Bruderer and I contacted 160 people last week! That is allot of people! The standard is 140 a week. We did our best to open our mouths. Halloween was rather difficult. It has hit me pretty hard. I have finally come to grips with the fact that I will be gone from the field in 3 weeks. Wow! Crazy! What does the word "Trunky" mean any way? I don't know if I am not. But I do know that I am looking forward to seeing you all and sharing with you all these wonderful moments I have been able to be apart of.... But aside from that, I would like to share with you the miracle of the week..
So last week we went to dinner at a part member home. The Sarredys. They are an Indian couple. Brother Sarredy got Baptized in the 90's and he is a great man, his son got Baptized to he is 13. The only one that needs to get Baptized is....You guessed it! The wife! Hahah! Sister Sarredy! She is awesome! I feel like I have known her forever.... Anyway we had some pretty good Indian food that was legit. Then after dinner we talked about how Shreetik and Brother Sarredy know that this is true. (Now Sister Sarredy had been taught many times before. She has also been invited to be Baptized. Each time she has worked towards it but she does not get Baptized.) Brother Sarredy responded with he knows because we are so strict on following the teachings of Jesus Christ...(I think thats what he said...) Shreetik didn't really respond.... Then we asked Sister Sarredy how she knows. She responded "I know that the Book Of Mormon is true because you have Faith and just go forward. When you do this you see that the book is true. You may not understand it all. But you do in anyway. It talks of Christ..." (I cant remember exactly what she said.) When she said that I felt the Spirit so strong! I then told her "Last time we were here we told you we were going to pray for a date when you could be Baptized. But we feel that we should ask you to pray for a date.... Sister Sarredy you are such a wonderful person and you deserve all the blessing that come from knowing that this is true.... But first you must make a step. The first step you need to make it Baptism... Sister Sarredy will you pray for a date to be Baptized?"... She then responded with tears in her eyes. "Yes I will..." .... We have been praying like crazy! We have fasted for her the other day. She is such a wonderful person! I want her to got the Temple and be sealed to her wonderful family. Because that is what she deserves.
I love you all! I will be home on November 23

Have a Blessed day. Keep it real through Christ.
Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. God lives Jesus is his Son, and he will come again.

Using The Priesthood To Help A Brother
Received 10-24-2011

Dear Family,

I am going to cut this short. But I will do all that I can to explain to what has happened.

Well it has been amazing to see the change in this companionship. I am thankful for Elder Bruderer and all that he has done for me. I had the wonderful privilege to give a blessing to a less active man named Christian Ayala. We have become very close to him. He is a good man. We felt we should go over their one night. As we showed up he was just about to leave. We were able to catch him and he just bore his heart to us. "I know that I am not going to change and be the man that I know I should be with out going to church. I cannot wait to change with out church..." I was so proud of him. He got it! We then talked with him more. I then had a subtle impression to ask him if he would like a blessing. He accepted. The spirit was so strong! The blessing was wonderful. I had the privilege once more to be the mouth piece.... He didn't come to church yesterday but he is getting closer. I love Christan.

Another experience I would like to share is what happened during weekly planning. During companion ship inventory Elder Bruderer said some words to me that I will never forget "Elder Frost I feel impressed to tell you something. The Lord will always keep his promises. Your mission has changed your family for the good. It will continue to do so.... You have been a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Thank you for all that you have done for me." As he said those words my heart was so full of the Spirit of the Lord. He too was very touched. All we could do was cry as we expressed our love and appreciation for one another. I know what Elder Bruderer said was inspired. Their is a line in my Patriarchal blessing I often ponder. It is far to sacred to mention on this e-mail. But, I will mention this. It truly is up to me to help my family. I love you all so much and I thank you for the countless times you have shown forth the Pure Love Of Christ. May god bless you all as you diligently seek him (1 Ne 10)

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.s. By the way. Just re-emphasizing I am flying on a jet plane to Utah. So remember don't come to me, I will come to you. Thanks for all the money and prayers and for being my family. Truly my family.

I Will Not Be Distracted
Received 10-17-2011

Dear Family,
Things are going well! Pretty amazing things have happened as of late.

So this is hands down going to be the most powerful transfer of my mission. The reason of this, is because I finally understand how to do this work effectively. How? Well it's not simple it is hard but at the same rate it's worth every single minute of it. How we do this work is realize that this work is not ours. It is the Lord's! I have truly stepped up my discipleship! I am fighting to be obedient and loving why I should and how I can. It is rather difficult to think I am a "Short timer." But nevertheless I am putting all that I have into this work. Of this I promise you! I promise the Lord! I cannot and will not get distracted.
God is good! Let me tell you of the miracles that have happened in Santa Clara. 1st. Shelbey Bennet is getting Baptized October 29th. 2nd. Many, many times we have been lead by the Spirit to find people that are prepared. For example, the Moore family, Robert and Ingrid, and their set of triplets. When I contacted them Robert said "We have been looking for a church that is right for us." We then, at our first lesson extended the Baptismal invite, they did accept for Nov 8. Also another young man that we were given by the Sisters in El camino B. His name is Kevin. Kevin is atheist or at least he was until his brother got shot 4 times and lived because of prayers. He is now humbled and has come to understand that God does live! Because he lives, he prompted us to invite him to be Baptized. He has a date for Oct 29th.... 3rd. I am really seeing the fulfilment of Jeremiah's prophecy "In the last day their will be fishers of men and hunters. They shall fish them and they shall hunt them."(Para-phrasing) The members of the Santa Clara ward are really working with us! Never in my whole mission have I seen such engaged members in the work. I Love these people. We have been given various names. The other day we were given a name by Brother Yuen. He talked to a lady at his job sight (He constructs cabinets.) She asked him question about the Faith. He told us that she was placed in his path. He, along with his wife, prays for missionary experiences every day. When I get home I will tell you more of this family. I cannot express in this e-mail the love I have for them and the ward. 4th. Elder Bruderer and I are really working with the ward council! We have a fantastic ward mission leader (Who told me to look up his daughter when I get home.. Hah! Will see about that.).... And... 5th. I have never felt closer to the Lord then I do now... Truth is it is painful to leave these wonderful people of California. But as I have said before, the Spirit of the Lord is prompting me to go home at the designated time.

Each and every chance I get, I testify. Why? Because I feel that I need to tell all who will listen of what I know. Through out my mission I have had so much Joy in doing this! I am truly blessed to be here. I am blessed to learn all that I have learned. I am blessed to have such wonderful companions. I feel very blessed! My dear family and to all those who read these words.. God lives... I know that he lives and that he know us. I had the wonderful privilege to be an instrument in his hands for a lady that has gone less active. She was in need of a blessing, because she was going in for surgery the next day. I remember these words that came to me. "Remember the scriptures. Remember the time in which the disciples and Christ were at sea. When the wind and the storm were present. Remember what those disciples did, they turned to Christ and said.. Will you let us a perish? He then stood up and rebuked the Storm. Know, that if you turn to him he will arise and rebuke those storms in your life." (Not exact words, but exact message.) I can't help but think of my life. So many times I cannot count, that the Lord has rebuked those storms when I turned to him. Christ truly is the "Rock of my righteousness." He truly is "My Light And My Salvation." "Whom Shall Fear?" "The Lord is my light my all and all... He is my Joy and my song." Christ is my Joy! He is my Song! Truly he lives! Because he lives we to shall live. Because he has shown us how to live with him and Father we can return. "I know that my Redeemer lives. Oh what sweet joy this sentence gives. He lives he lives who once was dead, he lives my ever giving head. He live to comfort me when faint. He lives to hear my souls complaint. He lives to calm my troubled heart. He lives all blessings to impart." I bear you my witness that every day on this mission, I have been filled with the Pure Love Of Christ. Every day I have done my best to share it, and every day I have seen what that love does. This love is real of this I testify to all the ends of the Earth. To all you as witnesses and angels, Jesus Christ amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

 I Cannot Slow Down
Recieved 10-11-2011

Dear Family,
How is everyone? I am glad to hear that you are all doing good. Man I truly am blessed to have all of you in my life.
Well, I have had a reality check today. Today I was able to go to transfer meetings (I am not getting moved, neither is Elder Bruderer.) I sat their and looked around me as I saw some familiar faces, but mostly not. I also saw some departing missionaries.. Some I did know. I was just thinking to myself "Man you are going to be their very soon!" I just kept on thinking how fast time has gone. I even thought about my trainer and all that he has taught me. I am thankful for all that he did for me. For being so loving to all those around him. Then it just hit me like a ton of bricks! Wow! This is going by so fast! I am now thinking about what I need to do before I leave. I said good bye to some mission friends.... Where did the time go? It's gone, but the time that is gone is sacred. I hold all of that time close to my heart! I hold this transfer, the next 6 weeks close to my heart. I know that I am going to finish strong, I can feel it! The Lord has truly blessed me and made me into a man of Christ. So therefore I cannot slow down! No matter what.
To tell you the truth I am sad. But at the same time I know with out any question that the Lord wants me to continue my mission in Utah. He wants me to not stop! Trust me Family, I wont. I am not the same man that I was 2 years ago. I have changed. Yes, I do have still alot of things I need to work on. But regardless of those things. I know how to work on them, I know how to use fully the talents that the Lord has given me. I have learned who I am. I have learned how strong I am and how weak I can be hah! I thank the Lord with all my heart for showing me my weaknesses (Ether 12:27) because he has. Because he has I have become closer to him and continue to be. I have really learned how important prayer is. I am so thankful for a living Prophet for reminding me how I should pray! I am so thankful that the Lord truly does answer those who "Diligently Seek Him!" (1 Ne 10) How I love the mission! I am so thankful for all that I have learned and who I am. Words can not fully describe how thankful I am. Thank you for helping me pay for this mission! With out you I wouldn't be here as soon as I came. Or I might not have been here at all so, thank you.

Last Sunday I had the privilege of attending a member fire side on missionary work. As I was sitting their I saw a familiar man pass me by. He sat down and I looked closely. I then noticed it was Brother Hatcher! I just stared at the back of his head. I then felt this strong feeling come over me. The Holy Ghost. I had the impression that I would serve this mission again in a heart beat just for him if I had to. Truly 1 soul is great in eyes of God! I have seen many souls come closer to Christ! But the impression is that I would come out just for his soul if I had to. I then went up to him after the fire side and I told him of the impression that I had. We both were touched by the Spirit and he just simply responded "Thank you, that is an honor to me Elder Frost. You do not know how much of an impact you have made in my life." We then just talked like old times. I love Brother Lee Hatcher! He is a really wonderful man, and he deserves the best. He is now in the woodland park singles ward! (Adult) He truly is the man! And he is keeping close to the Lord.

I love you all and expect pictures from me soon Dad. Don't worry I will keep my guard up. And as President Jackson says "Don't stop running! Finish sprinting." I promise you and the Lord that I will.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Standing as A Witness
Received 10/03/2011

Dear Family,

Well that was a pretty good conference session eh? I really enjoyed the talk by Elder Callister. That was really good! I also really enjoyed the talk by the Prophet, about standing as a witness.

Well... It has been a great week. We taught 20 lessons last week! It was really cool. Elder Bruderer and I are really teaching by the Spirit. It's really amazing to see the night and day difference in people when we do.... Through out my mission I have had a hard time getting up on time. I don't know what it is. But I am truly improving in the matter of obedience. No... I am not perfect at it yet. But I am getting much better, and for that I pat myself on the back "Good job Elder Frost!" Hahah! Got tell yourself that every now and then. I have really learned about progression. In order for us to one day obtain perfection in all things being "Be thou Perfect even as I am perfect.." We must continually progress. If we are not progressing their is something wrong. I have learned that because this life is trully a "Probationary state." It is also "A preparatory state." We are truly here to mess up but when we mess up and then exercise the Atonement we progress. Isn't that wonderful? Shoot! We are so blessed! I know the whole intention of this life is not to just mess up, haha! If that were the case then it wouldn't be much of a life. But rather messing up is apart of the process of becoming. Becoming what? A true disciple of Jesus Chirst. Think of the apostles that walked next to Christ. Think of Joseph Smith. It's all apart of the process of becoming who he wants us to be and where he wants us to be. Now don't mistake me by thinking I am inviting you to mess up. What I am saying is that we do mess up it's apart of our nature "For the natural man is enemy to God and has been since that FALL of Adam unless he putteth off the natural man and becometh a Saint through the Atonement of Christ.".... The only person that has never messed up that has walked this corrupt world is Christ. Think of it. He never ever messed up! Not once! Because of him, even though we do mess up if we but "Offer up a broken heart and a contrite spirit." Then his grace is "Sufficient for us." Do we not have reason to rejoice?

My dearest family. I thank you for all your prayers on my behalf. I thank you for who you all are.... I love you all! I know that because of Christ although we do mess up we can take what we have learned from that mess and be clean from it to. In the name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

    Staying Focused
Received 9/28/2011

Dear Family,

I have just read the letter that President Watkins sent you. I understand and I do not intend on going against President, for that would be disobedient. I am fine, in fact more then fine with just flying home. That way I will be able to "soak it all in."
In regards to your last e-mails, I can see that you are concerned. I thank you for your concern. Yes I am hard on my self, and yes I was hard my self. Like I said last week that it was one of the hardest weeks of my mission, I don't take that back. But because of that week I have really come to appreciate this week. Haha! Yea thats life. But seriously.... Please do not misunderstand my previous e-mail. I have not lost focus my dear family. I have continually thought of the welfare for these my brothers and sisters. I apologise for coming across that I was "trunky". Truth is I can feel how hard it is going to be to leave this mission. But at the same rate, it truly it time to do so. These last 2 months I know are the Lord's. I love you all so much and I am thankful that you are my Eternal Family. Mark my words I intend on doing everything to keep it that way.
At this moment in time. I invite you to abolish all doubt. Though I cannot share entirely what I have experienced this day through e-mail. I can share with you but a portion of what has been made known to me. Let me attempt to do so.... Have you every had a glimpse of heaven? Have you ever seen but a portion of what you can have? Have you had the Spirit of the Lord comfort you even to the point that your whole frame has shaken? I once again remind you I cannot fully explain to you how I feel. But to start off, I will tell you what I did today. I went to the Temple of the Lord... I entered into that sacred room... I did what the Lord prompted me to do... Pray. I went to a chair in the corner of that room and bowed my head. Perhaps this is to sacred.... But I feel impressed by the Spirit to share with you what I heard in my heart. I began to pray, and in my prayer I said these words in my heart "I know that I have made alot of mistakes out here..." Instantly I heard these words come to my mind and heart. "Thee does not have to mention them, thou art forgiven, say whats in thy heart Elder Frost!" These words came with power, to the point that I was stopped dead in my tracks it then repeated "Say whats in thy heart!" (I don't remember the exact words but that was the exact message.) I then searched my heart... Or rather I searched my soul. All I could do at this time was think of all the faces and names that have touched my heart. Impressions came to me that reminded me of the people I touched as I was used as a tool in the hands of the Lord. I then expressed to my Father in Heaven my gratitude for such a fantastic mission! I then felt this overwhelming feeling..... The Spirit whispered to me "What do you feel Elder Frost?" I answered "The Pure Love Of Christ." The Spirit then responded "Though you have made many flaws on your mission, you have exercised this pure love towards all of your brothers and sisters.... Be at peace with thy self and know that I am proud of thee, and the work that thou hast done." I then prayed with all the energy of my heart for the welfare of my brethren. The Spirit then whispered to me "Elder Frost open your eyes and look up." So I did... As I looked up I saw a glorious chandelier hanging down. I saw the beauty radiate from the glass. I then heard these words... "This is but a portion of the beauty of the Celestial Kingdom.... Elder Frost look around you.... The love that fills this room and the ones in it are but a portion of what the Celestial kingdom is like." My heart burned within me! Tears could only describe the love and appreciation Heavenly Father expressed to me in that room. I then came to the understanding that I have truly fulfilled my mission! At that moment I saw a glimpse of heaven and felt it.

don't think you all fully understand how much you have changed me. The countless times that you have been their for me, as you have exercised that pure love of Christ. Thank you all so much I could not have done what I have done with out you.. No I do not fully know what I have done either as I have done so to. But this much I do know. That the Lord has truly... Truly been my 3rd companion. I cannot tell you all of the times are all the words that I have said. But I pray that I will be able to manifest to you as I am a tool in the Lord's hands, all that I have truly learned and become. By dearest family thank you. Thank you!

I bear you my testimony. That I know that we have buildings on this earth that have been dedicated for the specific purpose to do work on the other side, and to see but a glimpse of that side. No I did not see an angle in that room. But I did feel one.... I felt many.... Christ lives and he loves in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Process of Becoming
Received 9-12-2011

My dearest family.
To start off. Yes I would love for you to come and pick me up. Their are many people that need to see your faces. I have talked allot of the teachings that you have taught me. I say allot of the times "My Dad has taught me... My Mom has taught me... My Blue eyes Mama has taught me... My Pop has taught me..." To say the least you all have taught me what it takes to be who I am today and who I will become in the future. I cannot thank you all enough! I miss you all the most right now. It's kinda crazy how that works. No I am not trunky! I am very content with where I am at. Now don't get me wrong, it will be very difficult to leave these my brothers and sisters. But at the same rate! I will see them all very soon. I have gained a strong sense of understanding. This understanding covers all areas of my life. But most of all I have gained a solid understanding of Hope. I presume you got my last e-mail. Study it. Learn it. live it! I promise you all that those teaching are not from me. But they are inspired!

I have done allot of looking back. I have caught myself saying. "Man if I knew this at the beginning of my mission...." But at the same time, I have no regrets! I am very satisfied with what I have done, being used as an instrument in the Lord's hands. This work blows me away! I love it with all my heart. I find myself experience a portion of Joy in this work. When I reflect on the people that I have seen change, and even the ones who haven't embraced this message, I experience Joy as well. I have shared this message with all my heart. Each person I have talked to I try all that I can to follow the Spirit. I try to picture myself in their shoes. I love these people so much! Man.... I tell you this area has really helped me grow. I have learned more patience and long suffering, and more prospective of good. I have truly changed my prospective in life. It's all because of this area! I am so thankful to the Lord for calling me to Santa Clara! I love the members here! They are all so amazing. The work in this area is catching fire. Just yesterday we had a linger longer (A little lunch after Church.) Hah! I found myself not even eating. I just went around and talked with everyone I could. We got appointments to teach members, less actives, and even a non member. I just kept on going! And I will keep going! I feel that these last 9 weeks are going to be truly amazing! Man so many things have happened. But I have so little time to share all that has happened. From the members, to the lessons, and to even street contacting, not to mention the work that has been done in the District!........ I can feel this strength I have never felt before! I know its because all of your prayers and thoughts! I know it's because I truly do want to finish strong!
A quick teaching I learned about the mission.... I have often thought that the mission is the Lord's mission. It is but it truly is my mission. Now my mission to do what? Well I had a strong impression come over me the other day, thanks to some wonderful Zone Leaders! They explained to me that the Lord is always pushing me to be better! Because he wants me to become closer to him. When I become closer to him I am truly more Happy! (That's not even half of what they said. Just a summary.) Now when I was driving back to Santa Clara (We went to meet them in Sunny Vale, about 15 min away from Santa Clara.) I had this impression hit me. Here it is.... The mission is the mission to become! Through out your mission you can "Do" all you want but to "Be" is entirely different! I have beat myself up in the times that I have failed to "Do". But the reason why that is, is because it's all apart of the process of BECOMING! Becoming what? Becoming a true Disciple Of Christ on a daily basis. Now not to say I have not been the "Be" but to say that I have learned to "Be" and to "Do". I have learned as well when I am not being, that I must fight to become once more! Now.... With that being said (I know it's a little deep. I will explain further when I get home. :D) I have come to realize how important to me becoming is. Through out all of my mission I have fought! I have fought to keep the rules, I have fought to follow the Spirit, and I have fought to keep the commandments!.... Truly the mission is a mission to become, and in that process of becoming you teach others on how they can to by the Spirit of the Lord..... I know that this Church is true! I know that the because of Christ we can be like Christ! I know that if we continue to fight with all of our heart we will some day... Be able to embrace the one we are fighting to be like, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

You Will Love These People Even As I
Received 09-05-2011

I would love for you to come get me! It would be a joy to share with you all the wonderful moment's of the mission, and people.

Mom I miss you so much! It seems these last two months is the hardest to stay focused. Not to say I have lost my focus (trunky) but to say it has been a battle keeping it. It has been truly amazing in this mission. We have had allot of wonderful things happen all around us haven't we? Not only in my mission, but also in Utah. Man I tell ya! I miss Utah! I love that place so much. I am so thankful for the time that I have spent with you and the laughs that we have shared. Mom I miss you so much. You are my best friend. You have always been their for me and you always how me that by your actions. You are one of the most amazing people on this planet. You are my hero! All my parents are. Because of you Mom I am who I am, and I have become who I have become. I still remember that day, that I will never forget. The day that I turned my back on you. But I will never forget the E-mail that you sent me, telling me that I am making it up to you by this mission. Truth is Mom, I could never make up to you what you've given me. (Im sorry for the bad grammer Hahah! Mission does that to you. But im sure when I get home you can teach me better :D.) But because of your heart and your motive, that is Christ. The things that I do give you suffice. Because that's just who you are! You are an amazing disciple of Christ. I have learned from you all of life skills. You have taught me what is required to live a happy life. The Gospel Of Jesus Christ! Thank you my dear Mother. You and I will never be separated. Because I know what I need to do and I am going to do it!

Last week has been rather slow. But it's all OK! I kinda hurt my back so I was told to take it easy. So needless to say I was uneasy cause I wasn't working. I love missionary work! It brings me Joy! This last two transfers I am going to continually work my heart out! As I have been doing. Not much has happened. I feel that this week is going to be off the hook! I have learned in life about prospective. Now I have always understood this Principal but I have never fully lived it. Now I am striving to do so. How wonderful the Gospel is! I am so thankful for the Savior, for I am nothing with out him, but I am everything with him.... This area I have learned allot about Hope. I have learned to continually look at the bright side of things (Because their always is a bright side :D) OH!! I almost forgot! We were able to go over to a lady's home that is getting to weak to come to church (Or so we thought.) She likes us to call her Grandma. So I will refer as Grandma. So during splits I went to see her. I was with a former Bishop. His name is Skip Chase. He is an amazing man. We went to see grandma and she seemed to be a bit down. I was then prompted to share with her that teaching I learned from the Spirit pertaining to Hope. The Spirit was so incredible! She shared sacred stories with us, that clearly indicate that she understands this principle. All of us were in tears... I then looked at her and said these words... "Sister Howl, the purpose of me sharing with you about Hope, is not to tell you that you don't understand it but that you have it. You are an exemplar for all those around you. The Lord is pleased with your perfect brightness of Hope." (Not exact words.) I said much more then that. But that's all that I can remember right now. She was touched as we all were. Bishop Chase then supported what I said. "Sister Howl this young man just barley met you. But he has been spot on! That is an indication that you truly do have that in your countenance. What he has taught us is true..." Again I don't remember all that was said.... But man the Spirit was so strong! That room became sacred.... After the visit with her, Bishop and I got in his truck.. He then looked me in the eyes and said these words. "I want to promise you something. If you always remember what you have learned and what you have felt. You will take that with you as a Bishop; Because you have clearly demonstrated the love that you have for Sister Howl, and when your a Bishop you will love those people as I love them.. Perhaps you will remember this night.... I know that you most certainly will remember what you felt in that room, and what you have felt many times before.... I have seen the Gifts that the Lord has given you, and you have used those gifts fantastically." (Para-phrasing.) Man... When he said those words the Spirit bore witness as it bears witness now. It was a prophecy and a reality. The Lord is pleased with me, even when I don't feel I am pleased with myself. Although I have messed up so many times, I know that he is pleased with the work I have done in this part of his vine yard. I love these people... It will be hard to leave for a time. But I know if I always remember what I have felt and learned by the Spirit. They will always be in my heart along with the ground that I have made holy....

Love Eternally Elder Frost

      What Is Hope?
      Received 8-29-2011

Alright so I have learned a really essential lesson this past week. It was during my personal studies. I studied Hope. It was really great to study! So... Here is what I have learned.... Their has been alot of times out here, as you all know, that have been rather hard. A times it seems like it never is going to get better. But through out my mission it always does. I have learned that Hope is trusting that your Faith will pay off. But because of your Faith, you can rest assure that things WILL get better. Thats what I have learned about Hope. Because of our Faith (Which is action.) Things will get better. (Ether 12) Now thats pretty broad to say, but the Lord has promised us "I the Lord God Am bound when ye do what I say, if you do not what I say, ye have no promise." That is so true! If we do what the Lord says we will keep his promises. Now... Does this mean that if I continually act upon my hope (Faith) that it is inevitable that I will see yet another Baptism.. Or does that mean that the Chavez family will come back to Church? Of course not. That's clearly up to them. What this means is that things will get better for me specifically. Because if I am doing what I need to do, the Lord will do what he has told us he will do. But really the revelation (Personal) I have received is changing my mind set. Looking at things with a "Perfect brightness of Hope." (2 Ne 31:20) If we look at things that way, we can trust that things will get better. Because when we have hope "We must needs have Faith. If we have Faith we must needs have Hope." (Mrni 7-Para Phrasing.) Because Faith is truly the action of Hope. What do we hope for? (Mrni 7) We hope (trust) that because of Christ and what he has done, if we do what he has told us to do things will get better. They always do.... Now I have truly changed my mind set! I am 10 times happier because of it! I invite you to do the same. You can rest assure if you are doing all that you can do, things will get better.... Why can we have hope? Because of Christ (Mrni 7) Our Savior and Redeemer! With out Christ their would be no hope... Unless it is False Hope.

I love the Gospel! I love the Holy Ghost! I look forward to sharing with all of you all that I have learned. This is but a portion (These E-mails.) Of all my experiences.... My dearest family, I am at peace with what I have done and what I am doing. I know that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. He has given me the strength and guidance to be the Best of Who I am. I have come to understand, because of this mission, who I really am. I have found myself in losing myself. I thank the Lord My God for his guidance. I know that I can be the Father and Husband that he wants me to be, and that my wife (Who ever she is.) deserves. I know that this church is true! I know that things have and will get better. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.s. I have neglected to send pictures. I have also not kept my promise to you Mom... I am so sorry! I don't have money to my name, but soon we will get funds so I can buy stamps and develop pictures. Man you guys, I hope you know how much I love you and miss you... I think it's truly getting close.. It's truly getting to be that time. Transfers = 16/17

I cant imagine heaven with out all of you... Because with out you it wouldn't be heaven.
 Helping Those To Feel The Spirit
Received 8-15-11
Well it has been a rather interesting week. But at the same rate, it has been well... I could say good. Because we were able to fix some things.... We got a call from a recent convert (2 months ago she was Baptized.) And she told us she was going to go to a different church. She has faced so much affliction with another family that has gone less active in this area, who is her kin. Anyway, she also told us that she wasn't sure anymore about the church. I thought "I don't buy it. Their is something else." Well she texted us 4 days ago saying she needed to meet with us, we did. She told us that she had broken the word of wisdom. She was really down. Elder Bruderer and I did our best to follow the Spirit. We both had the impression to tell her what we have done (Not in detail.) So we did. You could see that light came back to her countenance! She then told us after we left that she felt the Spirit really strong. This girl is like a Sister to me. I love her and want the best for her. She has a strong testimony and she is strong period. But the Devil has a way of convincing us otherwise. Truth is when he says were not worthy. We really are, if we are feeling that "Godly sorrow." She was most certainly feeling that. How I love the Scripture in 2 Ne 4. It has become one of my favorites! It's so true! We need to all remember not to be hard on ourselves because we know in whom we trust.

Thank you Dad for those touching words. Now that you mention that I am alot like Nephi, I can see that. But it truly is touching! I am trying to make the best of the time that I have. I know that the Lord has more work for me to do in this part of the vineyard. Thank you all for your prayers, for they are most certainly needed.... A good note! Brother Willie Coney came to Stake Conference! He still is working towards getting Baptized on September 10!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.s. I am sorry about the pictures. Man I got MSF (Mission funds.) and spent all my money on food :(. Really foolish of me. So now I have no stamps, or money to develop pictures. Hah! But I will send them asap. I might be able to get some stamps from Elder Bruderer.

Trust Is A Life Long Lesson
Received 08-08-11

Hello All! (I miss you all like a taco needs cheese.)

This has been a rather hard week. But at the same rate it has been a blessed one. Elder Bruderer and I had the most powerful weekly planning sessions I have ever had on my mission. This was last Friday. Do you all know that coarse that is taken place during weekly planning? Well if you don't I will tell you. We plan for the progression of the area, investigators, us, and goals. When we come to us we do whats called a companionship inventory. However before we do that we talk allot about what we need to improve on as Elders. We this weekly planning session was so powerful! The Spirit was radiant, and our eyes were wet from it. When we talked about the things that we need to improve on all we could say were good things to one another. I remember the words from Elder Bruderer. "Elder Frost.... You are an amazing teacher, you really follow the Spirit, and you really love these people (Para-phrasing) The thing that you have taught me as I have been with you is how essential it is to pray...." He then went on "I love you brother!.." (I cant remember all that was said but when I heard those words I felt them.) The inventory then came to me. "Elder Bruderer(I could barley talk cause the Spirit was so powerful in that room. That room became sacred.) Their are only a seldom times in ones life where ones is so impressed by the Spirit, and this is one of those times. Elder Bruderer I want you to know that with out you I would not be able to do this. I would not be able to maintain focus. All the things that have happened to me in this area, you have been right next to me helping me. I could not and cant not do this with out you..... The thing that you have taught me the most is trust. I have truly seen your example. The example that you show pertaining to trust. That example has taught me truly what trust is"...... Trust is a life long lesson.. ... ... As we exchanged those words the Spirit bore witness to our hearts that they are true. He gave us an understanding on how we can help this District..... Elder Bruderer has become one of my best friends. I have never met someone like him. He is not afraid to share how he feels, and he is not afraid to show it. He has become a life long eternal brother. We have been through so much, but during that time I have learned. I am grateful for the things that have happened, though some tragic. In this area I have truly learned what trust truly is. I know that I have said that before. But I did not realize how trust is truly a life long lesson. I do not take credit for this understanding. A matter of fact I at this time have learned this myself. Take it or leave it, but if your wise you will take it.

My dearest family. I desire nothing more then to do all that I can to give my WHOLE family the opportunity to understand what we can understand. I don't know allot. I was never good at math, history, physics, or even Gym. But this I do know which burns within my heart.... Of all the time that I have spent laboring diligently in this field I have been granted a great understanding of the Atonement. Do you all really feel comfortable at this time in your life to not dig deeper on this sacred subject? Is it enough to say "He died for me." To just leave it at that? I bear you my witness that their so much more to the Atonement than that. The Atonement consists of many different aspects, I have yet to fully understand. But I do understand this! Christ lives. Because he lives we to CAN live. He has given all a free gift. That gift is to have a body forever! But we as God's children who can never repay what been given are required to give all that we can (Keep the commandments.) When we do that, we experience but a portion of what Christ went through. And but a portion of the JOY that he experienced when he did. (Never really thought of that.) Take away the atonement, then you take away Joy. The Atonement requires us to show forth our appreciation by our actions. It also requires a broken heart and a contrite spirit, as Jesus told his disciples on the American content. The Atonement is a pure act of love. (Charity Mrni 7) If anyone ever thinks other wise they have not experienced that love. I tell with words of love and I pray through these words you will feel the pure love that I feel right now. He lives! Because he lives he wants us to. He wants us to return into his arms. That is the symbolic reality. I know that if we do what he has told us to do, we will return.... My Savior has seen me through this. He has never left my side! I know with out any doubt on the face of this Earth that if I do what I know I need to do, he will never leave my side. Just as Bruce R. Mconky said in his dieing testimony "I will not know any better then I know now. That he lives and he is my Savior." I would like to add that. Despite my weaknesses and my sins, I know in Whom I have... Trusted (2 Ne 4) .... I offer a invitation to ALL who read this, even if you have an understanding. Please don't ever feel comfortable with the understanding you have. I so testify with all the energy of my Soul. In that sacred name of our precious Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel
Received 7-31-2011

I asked President Watkins what I could do to make the best of these 4 months. He responded to me "Elder you have been on your mission for 20 months, you know how it feels to be tired at the end of the day. Give it your all each day." ..... .... Man time is flying like you all said it would. Its crazy... Allot is happening in this area. Elder Bruderer and I have been helping Willie Coney progress to Baptism. He will be Baptized on September 10. I look forward to seeing him embrace the Savior. Man, not much time I got to send a e-mail to President. But know that I love you all and I will see you all very soon! And trust me I have many more stories to share. I know that the Priesthood is real! I have received a blessing from my Companion to have strength to go forward with Faith. I feel the power of that blessing in my heart and in my mind.. I love Elder Bruderer.. He has helped me the most out of all my companions.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Fullfilling The Resposibility As A Leader
Received 7-24-2011

To the Fam,

I would like to share an experience I had just now. Their are many things that have happened through out last week. But this certain thing I feel that I should share. Or rather these certain things.

For this transfer I am focusing on, as a District Leader to be more personable with the companionships I have steward ship over. I have taken the liberty to meet with these companionships once a week now. Today was the start of that. First I went to Hertiage Oaks. Elder Reay and Elder Gnanno. They had just suffered some hardship. The hardship itself matters not. But what matters is this. Elder Bruderer and I tryed our best to follow the Spirit to help them. Elder Reay was really grasping what we were saying, but Elder Gnanno was not. It seemed as though he was not in the moment. It seemed that he did not want to be their period.(That's two Periods so that's intense ;) ) So with that being said I did my best to help him get in the moment, but my attempt to do so was not working. The Spirit then directed my thought to share a certain experience I had with Elder Scott on this Mission. I shared that experience (What his concern was is very personal, and not appropriate to share.) He seemed to understand perfectly what I was saying. But I still felt that their was not that comfort we intended to deliver. I then looked at Elder Reay and asked him to talk with me in the other room. He with out any hesitation followed (Elder Reay is my friend from Elementary, I grew up with him, in case you did not know.) I then just asked Elder Reay if what Elder Gnanno was saying is true. He then told me he has seen him doing things that pointed to it not being true. (I will give you a hint. It has to do with spiritual experiences.) I then went back in the other room, where Elder Bruderer (The Stud of Studs) was and Elder Gnanno were (He is a Stud to!). I then asked Elder Gnanno to talk with me in the other room.... I do not remember ALL that I said but I remember these words. "Elder the mission is hard at times. I have had many times in my mission where I felt, "Why try?" but I have never lost that desire to be here!... A good missionary is one that cares." I could see that he obtained the comfort... But not the comfort of me but the comfort of the Lord." He then looked at me and nodded. I then asked him. "Could I give you a blessing?" He then said. "Yes that would be good." We then went in the other room the my Companion and his, and gave a blessing. He asked me to be the mouth piece..... The words that came were full of love and reassurance. I remember these words that came to me.... "Elder your sins are forgiven.... It is your love that brought you to this point.... The mission is hard and it is a great responsibility, but the Lord trust's you with this responsibility!" The Spirit was strong and clear. (Not the exact words, but the exact prompting.) After the blessing, tears indicated that Elder Gnanno was touched. Those words were not mine! He then embraced me with tears in his eyes and said "Thank you Elder Frost.".... " I love you Elders!" ..... Man.... This is clear, if it is not, let me tell you what I mean by that... Every blessing I have given, the words come.... Like when a person gives a hand shake... It isn't a question... Both hands connect and it is evident that those people connect to. It's as if the Lord is just shaking my hand..... I can't fully explain what I mean... Their is a close connection when blessings are given. The lord tells the words and you say the words, and the Spirit confirms those words. Their has been times on my mission where, during a blessing, I take a step back, I take whats going on for what it really is. When I do this I am humbled. Because when one takes a step back, one sees what right in front of ones face.... What is in front of me is, the Power Of God!....... Elder Gnanno recieved comfort that no man could give him, save it be that, that man listened to the Lord to give him it. I know that the Priesthood is real and it is here, and I know that one can know if one takes a step back and takes things for what they really are.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Answering The Question Of The Spirit
Received 7-18-11

Well everyone time is sure flying by... It is really amazing how fast time goes... It was pretty crazy the other day when I was talking to a member who just moved in. I found out that this young man is 23!! He already is married and has a son! Man, the reason why I kinda got blew a way is I am 22! That could be me in 1 year! So nuts. Hah! To tell you the truth I don't really see me having a family in 1 year. But at the same rate 3 years ago I didn't see me serving this bomb mission. Hahah! It could happen..... "Could"

Well what should I share with you all? I know! This week we were able to teach a less active by the name of Angelia Carrol. She has not been active since 1994! We were able to teach her the first lesson. We asked her how her experience was being taught by the missionaries that helped her towards the waters of Baptism. She told us that the missionaries were Sister missionaries and they argued the whole time they "taught". She said that she was Baptized due to pressure. "Well, we would like to help you understand what you got yourself into." We said. She responded "Hahha! Sounds good." (She laughed, she didn't say the words ha ha ha... Yea I think you all get it, if not I am sorry.) So we began teaching the First lesson (The restoration of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.) The Spirit was so strong as we taught her, she listened ever so intently! I shared the 1st vision with her and as I spoke those words "I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me, when the light rested upon me, I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air, one of them spake unto me calling me by name and said pointing to the other....Joseph this is my beloved son hear him." Tears filled my eyes... The Spirit touched my heart! Every time I share that sacred vision I almost cry, and cry at times.... Because every time I feel the Spirit! She had her eyes closed and she reverently nodded her head. I asked her how she felt she told us "It cleared up allot of things. I felt peace" She described to us what she felt to the best of her ability.... The Spirit was so strong through out that lesson. My companion and I have never taught so unified before. The was the most unified lesson that I have taught with Elder Bruderer..... Elder Bruderer and I have seen many miracles in the short time that we have been companions. It has been truly amazing. Though Deb did not get Baptized, we are not going to "Move on" We are not going to just put her in the records. Both him and I have this strong resolve to help one come to the understanding of what we know, and because we both have that resolve we have seen what we have seen. Wille Coney is on his way to the waters of Baptism as of September 10th he will be Baptized and he will be Confirmed on September 11th. Eric Gheridello (A less active getting now back to Church) has been to church 2 times and counting. Along with another Sister that we are helping get back on the path of Christ. Her name is Carlene (She came last Sunday, so yesterday.) Also! Angelia has a niece named Shelbi who is a non member. We are now teaching her...

My dear family I have been truly growing through this mission. I have learned life skills that I could not learn any where else. This life skill that I have learned in this area thus far (Transfers are happening tomorrow and no I am not leaving Santa Clara.) Is TRUST. I have truly been taught by the Spirit and those around me, what it means to TRUST..... I love Santa Clara! I hope I finish my mission here, but if not I TRUST the Lord will put me where I need to be, not where I want to be.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Epistle Of Elder Frost
Received 7-11-11

Well Dad time truly does keep on flying. I am going through this mission like a hurricane. Haha! It has and continues to be a journey. It is amazing to me how fast it has gone by... Man I only have 4 more months and then bam! On to apply the things I have learned out here the rest of my life. It is exciting! I look forward to being a Father, and being a husband. I look back on my life and I can truly see the Joy from it. I have been raised with goodly parents and I most certainly have profound examples in my life. Dad I just want to thank you for always being their for me. Even when I wasn't their for myself. Being on the Mission you really see but a portion what parents go through. You also feel a portion of what Father goes through. It's rather difficult some times unbearable. But I am thankful for all the patience and love that he has for his children. I continue to feel that being a missionary. I am not perfect I make allot of mistakes, but I know that the Lord is proud of me and who I have become. I continually strive to do all that I can to be all that I can. I know that Heavenly Father provides me and has provided situations in my life to help me become who he knows I am. This reflects back to you Dad. I know that you know who I can be. In the times of great doubt and confusion and Sin, you were by my side. Providing that example and being the hands of Christ. Thank you! Thank you for being my true Father. You have shown me what I need to do in order for me to be happy and to have that happiness last. You are truly a beacon that has been placed in my life to help me to know where to turn. All those times.... All those times we sat with one another in Priesthood. All those times we went home teaching together. All those times I witnessed first hand the Power of the Priesthood. All those times you were always by my side giving me counsel, love, and guidance. You have shown me what it takes to be a good Father. You have taught not be hard on my self to "Recognize the problem but to now beat myself up." You have told me many times in my life what you see in me when I didn't see what you saw. My dearest Father, I am who I am because you are who you are. Everything that I have learned pertaining to the Gospel of Jesus Christ all started from my parents. And everything I have learned has made me who I am.

Though I am far away... I do not have much to offer. The only thing I can offer right now to you.... Is my testimony. For 19 almost 20 months I have had this testimony shaken, torn, and beat down. But I bear you my witness that it has not crumbled, and it has not been broken. It remains upon that rock. Though I am imperfect and full of short comings, I know that none of that matters. What matters is progression. What matters is to acknowledge what I know and what I continue to feel. Their has been countless times on my mission I have borne witness of the true Gospel of Our Savior, their has been many times where I have seen the power of the Priesthood. Though I have seen miracles first hand and have been apart of them. That is not what keeps my on that Rock. A profound lesson that continues to be taught, is this... The very thing that keeps us knowing is searching. Because the more we search, the more we find, and the more we find the more we know.I know that Jesus Christ lives because I search for the spiritual manifestations that he lives. It is not one experience in my life that will sustain me, but it is the desire to have those experiences and acting upon that desire that does. I know that this is the true and everlasting Gospel. If Christ had not done what he did, I would be nothing. Dad the Savior lives and the Savior Loves. In the Sacred Name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

To answer your questions about the Mission President. He is a good man. I know that he and his wife are truly called of God. The Spirit has manifested that to me. Yes I am in Santa Clara, and am now with my 11th companion. Yes I did get the package. The one with 50 dollars? The package from you guys had 75 dollars right? Yea I got it. As for pictures I will do my best to send some..... We are also striving to help Deb get Baptized, we will see. I did however go and witness Brian get Baptized! That was 2 days ago! It was wonderful! Went back to dry creek to see that.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Faith Is A Verb Not A Noun
Received 6-27-11

Well hello all!

What a great experience that has happened as of Saturday and Sunday. Elder Bruderer and I felt that we should go visit an investigator by the name of Debbie Laszlo. She has taken many lessons with us. Usually as well we text her, but the Spirit urged us to go and see her. So we did. We taught her one her door step. She expressed to us that she feels as though she does not have enough faith to believe the things that we have taught. Which is a bunch of pish posh (As Camille would say) the reason why I say that is Deb has a testimony of the Book Of Mormon. She also feels "Warm" when she meets with us. The Devil was just getting to her.... Anyways she then posed a question after much discussion. She asked "Why is it that someone that is doing everything they can have to go through so much pain?" I did my best to follow the Spirit, and I answered accordingly, "Well the Lord has given us all Agency he wants us to be happy it's just up to us to choose what you wants for us. Although people are doing everything right, it's the Lord that knows whats best for us...." The Spirit was strong she responded "I understand that.. By why?" The Spirit then directed me to say this "Deb I don't know the full answer right now. But if you come to church tomorrow then I promise you as a Representative of Christ that you will receive your answer.... Pray before we leave and pray tonight, and don't just pray but ponder. Really think about that question during church. I promise you, you will receive that answer." (I don't know if those were the exact words but it was truly the exact invitation and concern.) She then said "Really? What if your wrong? What will you do then?" I then simply responded with power flowing through me not mine but the Spirit of the Lord.... "I know am not wrong. It's not me that has made that promise to you."...... Well Deb did show up to church! She told me that she turned down a brunch with her Dad, that she was also very tired. But she resisted the temptation! I told her that I was proud of her. OH! I forgot a major detail to the story. We explained to her on Saturday that faith is a verb not a noun.... Ok so with that being said I told her "Deb! You have shown forth your faith the Lord will now answer your question... Good job!" Well family what I am about to share with you is not a coincidence. Let me repeat what I am about to share with you is not a coincidence. I want you all to think for a moment, how many principals and teachings are in the Gospel Of Jesus Christ? How many topics do we share during lessons, church, and and others kind of meeting? Think of it. Their are many..... Now with that being said after my short conversation with Deb (During Sacrament meeting) I then bowed my head and prayed that Deb would receive her answer. The Spirit then gave me a very profound answer myself... "She will receive her answer! Peace be unto you!" When I felt those words I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that I was about to witness yet another miracle. Well after the passing of the Sacrament, a woman by the name of Debbie Darling got up (I find it interesting as well that she had the same first name. Kinda funny really.) She spoke to us about the Plan of Salvation! A matter of fact those were her first words " I will now speak to you about the Plan Of Salvation." Now if that was not enough she then went on. She spoke on the matter of Agency she told us that if we keep the commandments we protect our agency. She then spoke of a story that she just "randomly" found! This story was about lice. How the lice were able to show a group of solders that they needed to be grateful. Now did you all connect the dots? Not enough? Hahah! Well check this out....

The next talk was about the Process of Repentance, and if we are to exercise the Atonement we become humbled. What happens when we are humbled? I thought you would never ask. We come to recognize all the things we have been given. Although our life may be "Hard" we know that his was more then just hard. It was the unbearable. We come to understand that it is because of Christ that we have all that we have..... Does this PROVE to you as it have proved to me? That "God is a God of miracles?" (Mormon 9)..... I looked over at Deb and I saw the amazement in her eyes. I felt so much like Ammon "I boast not of myself....I boast in my God... For IN his strength I can do all things."......... Well we met with Deb after Sacrament meeting and she had even more questions... We answered and she listened. She had a different approach after a while. I asked her "Did you get your answer?" She told me "Yes the talks were exactly what we were talking about!" ....... We also have shared with her the date that we feel she can be Baptized July 16th. She said she would pray about it! You are meeting with her tonight. Elder Bruderer and I are going to invite her to peruse that date.

I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ that this whole event did not happen because of happen chance. But it happened because of our Faith in Christ. Because Deb did what Christ told her to do. I know that those meeting are truly "Conducted after the manner of the Spirit." (Moroni 6) In the name Of MY Savior and OUR Savior Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Needed Else Where  How Can I Serve
Received 6-13-2011

Well alot has happened since I last wrote you.

For starters I am in a new area. An emergency transfer took place. I have been called to a special assignment. I was companions with 2 Elders for 4 days. It was a blast! I made a really good new friend. His name is Elder Bludworth. Elder Bludworth and Elder Amidan. I was companions with them for 4 days, in a trio. When I first got the call from President, I was really sad and very confused. I thought "Why now? When things are finally starting to pick up in this area.... What about the Denney family? Why now?" I was very torn. That night I said good bye to Brother Denney. I told him I had to leave, that the Lord needed me else where.... He responded "I don't know what to say, all I can say is I'm deflated.... But I knew that you would leave soon. I just had a feeling.... It's going to be a big test, but their is a reason." Their was no question him and I have created a brotherly bond that will last forever. My heart is full that I was able to meet him and help him the best I could. Truth is I worry for him and his family. I just want them to be a family again. I see the pain in brother Denney's eyes.... Even as of right now I wish I could take that away. But I can't only the Savior can, and I know he will. But Sister Martinez needed to realize the pain she is inflicting on the family... Well the reason why I got emergency transferred is because a mistake some Elders made. It was nothing bad, I just needed to be with them for those 4 days, and take over this area, Santa Clara.... They got transferred to a different area. Man I tell you guys it is hard... It's hard to see pain, pain that you know can be fixed if one wants to fix it. Or rather if one will let him fix it. I even face pain myself. It is hard, my mission has been hard... It has been one hard event after another. But I wouldn't have it any other way... Because I was able to be with those Elders I learned allot. These Elders experienced Baptizing a family, the Chavez family. When I saw the JOY that this family had because of the Gospel, I was inspired. I want to Baptize a family before I leave.... I want another family to receive that Joy from the Gospel. I know I can find that family. I know that things don't happen just for no reason. Elder Bludworth said something that stuck with me "Elder Frost... I am surprised... I wasn't expecting you to be as spiritual as you are. Everything you have said to me about everything is what I need to hear." The Lord used me as a tool to share his love.... We all became so close in those 4 days. I was inspired by the Chavez family to find another family.... I know this E-mail is all over the place.....

My dearest family, I thank you all for everything that you have done for me. For the countless times you have seen me go through that pain. I really didn't understand. I truly thank you. Every day I want to do better, every day! Elder Bludworth said something else that stuck with me "Elder Frost you want to do better and you do, do better!" I certainly try. I am not a perfect missionary, at times I don't feel worthy to wear his name close to my heart. But that's the beauty of it, I am hear because I am worthy. I have seen miracles because I have trusted, and I have been able to do this work because I understand how special this work is. Their is not greater work! I will do my BEST in the Santa Clara ward. President really trusts me he told me "Santa Clara is on the top 3 in the mission, I don't just send any body to this ward. I really trust you Elder Frost.... I have learned that who ever I send with you they will work hard because you work hard. I know that you and Elder Bruderer will do a fantastic job."......... Well to say the least the Lord really trusts me. I promise to him and to all of you, these next 5 months I am going to do the best I have ever done. I know I can with the strength of Christ.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. My new companion is Elder Bruderer. The Santa Clara ward has a little bit of a wound. You can see the trust of the members needs to be brought back. I still am in a mode of a bit of sadness... I really do worry about the Denney family. But I know that I am supposed to be here. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dealing With Weaknesses With The Lords Help
Received 05-31-2011


Well things are picking up in this area. We had 2 investigators with a date come to church last Sunday. It was really wonderful. One of the investigators is Yvonne Martinez. She loved church. She has also accepted a date on July 16th to be Baptized... Let me tell you a little bit about her...

We found Yvonne through a less active member Joel Denney. Yvonne is Joel's Partner/girlfriend. She is having a rough time with the relationship with Brother Denney. I can't tell you all the details... but I will say this Brother Denney is truly showing forth repentance. Sister Martinez is having a hard time accepting that however.... But non the less miracles have happened and I know through our Faith and diligence they will continue to happen. I tell ya it has been rather difficult in this area. All my weaknesses have been thrown at me like I didn't know them in the first place. I think of that scripture in Ether "I will show men their weaknesses..." Well the Lord has truly shown me my weaknesses. But I tell ya I truly become closer and closer day by day. Because of this I am able to help aid people to become closer. I pray that Sister Martinez will be Baptized on the 16th. If that happened I would be so joyous! To see them mend their relationship and also for her to become closer to the Savior, to take his name upon her. I just could not explain the Joy that would fill my heart. But I will tell you I have truly felt that Joy many times out here.
Though this has been the most hardest time of my Mission, I am thankful for the time it has been. I will continue to push forward and continue to develop the fire within me, to spread this truth.... I love you all so very much and miss you just the same...

Well last Sunday was so fantastic! But at the same time very hard.... The Jacksons only have about a month left of their Mission... They bore their "last testimony" at the outgoing fire side.... Their was allot of people that came.... Non members, members, and less actives came also investigators. It was really amazing. When Sister Jackson got up and bore her testimony. Many flashes of memories passed through my mind. All the times that I spent with those two. The tears that we shed together, the times that we have been uplifted, and the times where we have fallen. As these things came to my mind, JOY filled my heart... I am sad to see them go, but I know that they have much work to do back home. I love the Jacksons so much, they have taught what it takes to be a true disciple of Christ. I am so thankful that they have been in my life. May the Lord bless them as he has been.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

A Recommitment
Received 5-25-2011

It was good to hear from you too! Man Dad thank you for all that you have done for me and continue to do.

Well my new Companion is a great man! I thank him for all that he has done for me thus far. This morning has been rather difficult... We had talked tell 12:00 Pm, I just bore my heart to him. He told me "It seems as though you are hard on your self allot. It's good to recognize improvement, but don't beat yourself up." When he said those words I just told him why I beat my self up..... Anyways we talked for awhile. Then the Morning came around (I was so tired) and it came around hard. I told Elder Jarman "Lets sleep for another 30 min." So we did, accept! We didn't wake up until 12:00 pm! I woke up at that time and I just looked at Elder Jarman and told him "Man... Do you know what time it is?..... This is unacceptable..... I feel like that it's up to me to remind us about the simple things we have to do...... I can't hold your hand all the time Elder Jarman...... I am a District leader! I can't do this, I don't have time." When I said those words he just was staring at the clock.... It seemed as though he was trying to escape the moment. I then woke up and took a shower cleaned the apartment.... As I was doing the dishes I thought to myself "I really hope I didn't hurt his feelings, I just want to do whats right...." I then after the dishes went up to him and shook his hand and told him "I am sorry Elder if I hurt your feelings, are you mad at me?" He then responded "A little"..... Well I bring this up because I truly do care about showing my love to the Lord. This is not the first time I have fallen short, and I know it wont be the last. My whole intentions were not to rebuke Elder Jarman. But to love him. I know that he wants to do good as I do... It just at times is hard to be the one to always stand up for whats right... .But I will do it!

Love Eternally Elder Frost
A Great Feeling It Is To Be A Servant For God
Received 04-27-11


Many thoughts and experiences I would like to share with you as of right now.... I pray that the Spirit will guide my words and sanctify them.

My dear Father... I have been through the refiners fire. These passed couple transfers I have grown immensely. When I was with Elder Fuller I was able to learn how much desire I really do have, and that I act on that desire! I was able to learn how the Lord truly does shape us to potentially be diamonds. I would like to at this time express my love for my Brother Elder Fuller. I have seen this man change! He has changed in a small amount of time, it only has been two weeks since that companionship Inventory. We have seen miracles! We have now 2 dates in this area. Yonas Kassie, and Tom Linaski. We taught Yonas 4 days ago. The Spirit was so strong! When we invited him to be Baptized he said these words "I have been Baptized before, I only believe in one Baptism. But if God tells me that I need to be Baptized with his Authourity then I will." Yonas told us that he was willing to find his answer. He told us he would read and Pray, and in due time come to Church. I saw Joy! I saw it in Elder Fuller's eyes, I saw the Pure Love of Christ change him. This love was in that room! This love is in my heart. He was so happy after the lesson, I just wanted to give him a big hug..... Dad Elder Fuller had to hear those words, because he did, and because we both listened we both were immensely blessed. Elder Fuller is now transferred, I would have liked to spend more time with him. But I know that the Lord knows.... When we departed today (today was transfers) I as Joy in his eyes..... I love Elder Fuller! I am so thankful that I was his Companion. May the Lord continue to bless him.

Being on my mission for now 17 months. I have come to know what Pure love really is. Because Christ showed forth Pure Love, we can return to Pure Love. Because Christ has been through Pure Pain, we don't have to go through Pure Pain. Because Christ broke the bands of Death! We will live! Just as he lives. Their is no greater love.... I still recall when I was in Redwood City, as I heard these words sound in my mind from a song. A CD I had been listening to. Elder Ames was in the other room.... I was having a really hard time I just laid on my bed and listened to these words... "Greater Love Hath No Man Then This, That he Lay Down HIS LIFE For His Friends..... The way That He Holds My Broken Heart Together With His Hand. I Hope I'll be Right Their For Him, The Way That Hes Right Here For Me...." I often recall that moment... The moment that I was listening to those words. All I could do was weep, as his love filled my bosom as he held my "broken heart together with his hands." It did not matter what had happened that day that caused me to anguish.... But what mattered is I felt that Pure Love.... I have been called to do just that... Because the Lord has given me the Gift to be sensitive to the Spirit, to easily obtain the Pure Love Of Christ.... I didn't not know of this, until I read my Patriarchal Blessing... This is one of the reason why I am here. This is my Mission! But not just my Mission for 2 years, but for life....... Dad you were right, I cant fully explain the mantle. I can't fully tell you in fullness of what Joy have received. I cannot tell you all that I have done. Their is no greater Joy then to Spread Joy. I bear you my witness, but this witness I pray will be of utter most reverence. Due to my imperfections I cannot fully tell you all that I have learned from Christ. I cannot fully explain the Love that I feel when I experience that love. This testimony is a testimony of reality. I truly do see the night and day difference in me and those around me when I seek after this love. I know Christ is proud of the work I have done in this area and on my Mission. No words can fully describe the love that I have for the Savior. Christ has been on my right hand and on my left. One might ask "What does this mean?" You literally feel that he is. As you proclaim his message his love is right next to you. As you reach out with his love, you see his love change people.... Dad I thank you for guiding me to what I needed, that is the Pure Love Of Christ. For I know that this love all need! I know with every ounce of my heart that his love is real. That it does change people for it most certainly has changed me. Me being his humble Servant and Friend, I know that he does live! I know that if we but reach out... We can grab his hand, in the name of Jesus Christ I so testify Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Whatever The Lord Wants Is For A Good Reason
Received 04-13-11

Hey Dad!

Well allot has happened in the coarse of three days... Sheesh where do I start? Well not to many different things have happened but thing that has happened has been pretty intense..

So about 2 days ago Elder Fuller and I were having a Companionship inventory, during this inventory I had to say what was on my mind that had been bothering me for quiet some time.... I told him "Elder Fuller I have noticed that it is rather painful for you to do the work. I have noticed that you don't have any desire to do this work." Not the exact words, but the exact message I was wanting to get across. I said allot of things..... I told him it was painful to see him try to do the work. I said to him. "If you don't have the desire to do this work, then why I are you here?" I asked him "Why did you come on your mission anyway?" He responded "Because it's the thing to do. Because I was expected to do it." I then asked "Why are we expected to come out here?" He then responded "Well because we have been told by the Prophet to." I then asked.... "Elder Fuller have you prayed and asked if you were supposed to come out here?" He then said "No not sincerely."....... Well before any of that was mentioned I presented him options... I said "Elder Fuller you have 3 options 1.These next 2 weeks I will help you obtain that desire, we will work our hearts out. 2. You go home 3. The rest of your mission you suffer that pain and be miserable the whole time..... What is it going to be? He chose option 2..... He then on Sunday called President and told him he had not desire to obtain a desire. He then talked with his family they were super angry/sad his Dad would not allow him to come home..... Now during this I was talking with Sister Jackson.. We were at the Mission Home. Sister Jackson and I always talk about the Gospel, we talked about the Atonement mainly. We then came to the reality of the situation. She said to me "Elder Frost, do you realize that if Elder Fuller goes home he is breaking a covenant?" The reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks. How sad.... I then thought to myself. I have never really thought of it like that. I guess I never really understood what I have committed to doing. Anyway As Elder Fuller was still talking to his parents (When I was talking to Sister Jackson he was on the phone with the stake President.) President Jackson and I talked. President said something that really stuck with me. He said "Elder Frost you are going to go home and you are going to tell yourself, I did it! I served a mission! I gave it my all! Because you did! Did you make mistakes? Sure you made mistakes, we all make mistakes! But you stuck it out. You put your whole heart in the work! You gave it your best!" When President said these words, their was a sense of relief from the Spirit. The mission President really without him knowing it was answering my prayers. How? Well I have pondered in my heart, if I am really doing all that I can. If I am really putting my whole heart in this work. The answer is yes... I have never really on my mission EVER have had the desire to go home and quit. Nor have I ever has the lack of Desire to work. Because I have put my whole heart in this work.

Well to tell you further of my situation. Elder Fuller has made the decision that he is going to work. That he is going to work to obtain that desire. These next two weeks I will see an immense change in Elder Fuller.... Why have I been put with him? I now have the answer to this question... Cause I truly do care for him. Cause it had to be me to tell him that he is not putting his heart in this work. You see? All of this trial and affliction was for that very moment on that Saturday..... Also I have been blessed extremely! The Lord knew that President and Sister Jackson would say those things. Allot of that day was not just for Elder Fuller, but it was for me to.... By the way Elder Fuller is getting transferred. We shall see what the Lord has in store for me this time. Hah!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Universal Language Brings Comfort To Many
 Received 03-29-11


Your a stud! I thank you for all that you have taught me!

Quick story! I don't have much time. So get this! Their is this Former Investigator we visit named Chris Newbury. I have a prompting while I was on exchanges to go visit this man. When we got their he was sleeping. He told me though later in the visit that he has been crying since 11:00 to 1:00 because his wife passed away 2 or 3 months ago. So I just felt that I shouldn't preach to him but just love him. We went in his house and he is a musician and the Elder I was exchanging with is named Elder Franco. He actually is from west valley Utah! He plays the guitar. So Chris said "Ok we are going to Jam." He just started playing the bass! And he handed the Guitar to Elder Franco, and Elder Franco started playing. They started Jamming! Man! It was really cool. I really felt the Spirit as Chris had a smile on his face. He then handed me the bass and said "Here now you play" Could I resist? I just started doing some melodic things on the bass and he told me that "I was good." Hah! I guess it's in my blood Father! Anyway It was really cool to see how much light we brought into his day, by just jamming with him. It was really fun and I really did feel the Spirit. I thought you might enjoy that story! Love Ya!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Finding The Answers To Why All The Challenges
Received 03-23-11

My Dearest Father,

I thank you for what you have said to me. I have most deffinatley felt the love of the Lord and his thanks towards me.

Well I will tell you, this has been a learning experience. I have learned an essential thing with this companionship. That is to be the best example I can possibly be. I can not make the excuse of being imperfect. I must show forth the best example to Elder Fuller. This are is picking up we found 3 new friends last week! Tom, Tuiwo and his brother Edu. We invited Tuiwo and Edu to be Baptized on the 16th of April! They are young boys Tuiwo is 15 and Edu is 12. They need to get the ok with their parents, but I beleive that the parents will have a soft heart towards them being Baptized. Their parents are people that worship Alah. They seem to be good parents though, because they have good kids. The lesson was a good lesson I thought. Very simple and very new for them as well. So it was good to keep it as simple as possible.

Well the members are recognizing our efforts, so with that being said I think that this ward is going to catch fire, when we show them how to do missionary work. I am thankful for this area and the companion that I have been put with. I have learned allot form this companionship, and the area, as well as being a District Leader. I think I have most enjoyed being a District Leader. I have made a difference in this area and in this District! I truly do love my District and everyone I come in contact with. That why the Lord did what he did. He put me in area and with a companion and with a District that all needed and still needs a simple Christ like attribute... Charity. I know that is the reason I am here. This area has picked up significantly! Though I am physically doing all the work in this area, Elder Fuller contributes because he is learning. That is a one sided reason, our at least it sounds like a one sided reason right? Well, I thought so. I was wrong yet again. I have learned from him because he has taught me how essential patience, and example is. I thank him for that. No, he has not verbally told me these things, but I have learned from him because he needs to learn. The Lord trusts me with him and with this area and with this District. I trust me to! I am kicking up the heat and I am spreading that gift I have been given. Even the gift to love, the gift to give back.... The reason why I have this gift is because thats who I am. I would hurt myself to help anyone. But Dad I have learned I don't have to hurt myself. I learned how to truly love God more then man. When I love God more then man I can love man that much more. For that I am thankful, for that I have learned.

Another chapter in my life is about to close. My dear mission President and his wife is returning to Arizona. In about 2 months. They have taught me more then I could tell you in words. I need to show you what they have taught me over time. When I get home I will further do so. I love them so much! I will miss them... It's weird to think that President Jackson will not give me my last interview.... I want to out wordily say their has been times where President and I have clashed. Their has been times where I have lost respect for him. I am sad to say. From the time where he taught about numbers to the time where he told me that he does not get close to missionaries. But I tell you I am so thankful for them. I love them with all my heart and they have taught me what a true disciple of Christ is. From tears of joy to tears of pain. They have been with me every step of the way. President and Sister Jackson have truly showed me true discipleship. I know this is where I was meant to be and need to be. I can''t believe it has been so long and that it will be so short.... Their is a sense of sadness to think I will be home soon. But my dear Father their is a sense of great Joy! That overcomes that sadness.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.s. This area is a wealthy area. Their hearts however are being prepared Alma 17... I will send pictures as soon as I can.

Reflect On Postive Values Before Judging Others
Received 03-16-01

Well, this has been a roller coaster. This area has been one. Let me tell you of a very significant event that has changed my prospective on life.

Well I called President Jackson about 4 days ago. I called him to see if I could hold a District Activity. He told me "No we can't do that Elder Frost.... Thats not purpose driven.... We are not here to get close to missionaries.... I may laugh with missionaries, but I don't get close to them...." When he said these words I was torn. A man that I have cryed with and has changed my life.... To tell me that he does not get "Close" I was beside myself. Feelings of anger and sadness entered into my heart. I thought to myself "Suddenly it all makes sense now...." I then begain to not care..... I lost a good portion of respect for my President. This was the cherry on the cake! After all the crap I have been through in this area he tells me that? Well to say the least I was offended...... Today was transfers I am still where I am with the same man. But what was so significant about transfers is what President and Sister Jackson said to us. Sister Jackson was first she bore us her heart she said "I want you all to know that I love you, I pray for every night. I am worried about all of you. I do not want you to say at the end of your mission.... If only....." When she said these words I was touched by the Spirit. My heart was softened towards President and my pride was shattered. President got up and I don't remember all that he said I do remember the Spirit however.... After the meeting I went up to President and I looked him in the eyes and said "President I am sorry I had some harsh feelings towards you...." He then said "What? When?" I said "when I was on the phone with you about the District activity... The response I got... That you don't get close to missionaries hurt my feelings." He then said to me 'Elder Frost I am sorry I was having a long day with a Sister missionary who had to go home because of passed trangressions.... I didn't mean it Elder Frost...Sorry" Man! What was I so worked up about? He even after we departed to talk to the other missionaries came up to me and said "Were ok right Elder Frost?" I told him "Of course!"..... A essential lesson I have learned is to not jump to conclusions of people but reflect on what you know about them and realize that they are human to, even if they are Mission Presidents..... Well Dad the Devil is really working on this mission he is also really working on me and this District. But I know that if we listen to what the Lord is telling us we will hold fast!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Ive Seen The Gates Of Hell
Received 03-08-11

Dear Father,
I am glad that you were able to go to that special event. I am thankful for Jamie and Jared's understanding. I am thankful for President Hall and his direction from the Spirit. Interesting....

Elder Frost With President Hall

Well Dad I am having a hard time with Elder Fuller. He is progressing. This I recognize... It just seems that he goes two steps forward and one step back... I just need his help with contacting and teaching. Dad I contact 99.9 % of the people we come in contact with. It feels like it's all up to me. Or rather it's all up to me to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Rather then it being my companion and I and the Lord, it seems at times it's just the Lord and I. We have fasted and I have prayed. I have told him exactly what we need to do.... Last weeks numbers in our area were not great by and means. But still non the less we were able to get 1 new investigator! That was really great! His name is John Elvado. Dad the Lord is really, really trusting me. This is really hard on me. To be a leader and to do the majority of the work. I am just being honest... The adversary is really working on me. I am keeping my guard up. It just seems I can't get away from him. He keeps on placing doubts in my mind. He keeps on bringing anger into my heart...... I wish I could just talk to right now.....

An Elder Ham Show

I know I have been rather negative.... The Lord has really blessed me. I just at times am blinded by the trials that I forget the blessings. I am sorry I am being so negative. This I know! I know that the Lord does trust me! I know that Elder Fuller and I are together for a reason. Though it is perhaps the most difficult companionship I have had, I am ever so thankful for that. I know that God lives! I know that his son is the head of this Church! Though I have been negative I remain positive. I will not let the Devil drag me down with his chains. Their is only one that can help me. This one has helped me more then I can count or even realize. I know I said what I said. But I realize I need to trust in the Lord, though I cannot talk to my family face to face. I can feel the Spirit comfort me I can feel the love from you and everyone else. Dad! I will remain strong! I am going to step it up! The Lord knows I can do it, and I can do it! With the help of my Master.... I have come to realize something. I scripture came to my mind "I will show unto men their weaknesses that they might humble themselves and I will make their weaknesses their strengths." It has been the refiners fire. It also has been the half truths and cunning devices of the Devil. I am being molded into something more.... Though I have become that much better, the Lord is making me that much more better...... I am thankful for Elder Fuller, he could have thrown in the towel and gone home. But he didn't and he won't. I will continue to help him every step of the way, I have come to realize that is my special calling. That's why it's been so hard, because the Devil knows that special calling.

Seems at times on a Mission you really do forget those blessings. Seems sometimes you forget your testimony. You hear so many times that you are wrong, you hear that you are going to hell. You hear that you are deceived. I have been cursed, spat upon, torn down, and hated. I have felt "why try? No one is going to listen to you." I have seen people be in agony when their is nothing I can do to change it. I have seen the "Chains of Hell".... But I have seen the Lord brake those chains! I have been comforted by the Spirit as he tells me "Your heart will fail you not." I have seen miracles! I have seen hearts change! I have received revelation in the very hour and over time. I have had protection from Angels, I have felt Angels. I have had strength beyond my own. I have seen people embrace their Savior. I have felt the Love of the God Head in the very room I was in. I have given blessings that are not mine..... I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ! I know that the Book Of Mormon has brought me closer to God more then anything else. I so bear witness that Christ lives. I know he lives! The Spirit has been with me every step of the way. In this I leave to all tell the last of my breath to nations, kindreds, and tounges! To Kings, President, and Rulers. To Evangelists and the wicked! The Book of Mormon is the true! Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and Christ does live. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

She's a 10 by the Spirit
Received 03-01-11

Elder Fuller is from Wisconsin! He is a great man. He has a hard time however talking, so I have done most of the talking like 95% of it. Hah! But I am happy to help him! The Lord has really blessed me he has helped me every step of the way. Our investigator here is Jazzy Hacker. She was going to get Baptized on the 19 of March but given she has not been to church yet. We cannot perform that Baptism. But she is amazing! She is 10! She is super smart and has alot of faith in Chirst. I am thankful to be able to teach her. She is just incredible. Her family is kinda stick's in the mud, they are as our Ward mission Leader says "Still stuck in the hippy ere" Which is to say they are kind of under the mentality of willy nilly. But it is what it is. Anyway I will send you some pictures! I am going to witness Patricia Dawson Baptism this sat!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Lord Reveals His Will To His Servants
Received 02-22-11


Congragulations! Can you beleive I am going to be home in 9 monthes?! It's insane! I am excited and sad all at the same time. 9 monthes is nothing. Kinda blowing my mind Pop.

Well "with great power comes great responsibility." The Lord is calling me to kick up the heat even further. I have has obstacles placed in my path. For instance I have a companion that is not comfortable with teaching, finding, and contacting. But he has a huge heart! He is progressing! I am praying for him. I am also in a area that has not seen much success in awhile. Go figure. Hah! The Lord has me build up these areas with my passion. I am thankful to be here! Well Dad I will tell you... I have been on exchanges and I have taught 2 district meeting so far. I actually was praying a couple of weeks ago about how we as a District can find more people. I then had a revelation I wrote down. In a nut shell here it is... We need to realize that their are people out their that have a sufficient amount of Faith in Christ to receive this message which is from Chirst. I have come to find out that this revelation was directed towards the members... We are to help the members understand that their are ones that have that Faith in Christ. Rather then focusing on our selves we must realize and take to heart the focus of the Faith of others. I invite you to do the same. Pray that you will be guided to the ones that have a sufficient amount of Faith in Jesus Christ (Mni 7:27-33) This is the scripture I was directed to by the Spirit. I invite you to read it, and ponder it.... When I was on exchanges I was directed by the Spirit to help an Elder out.. This Elder's name is Elder Cosper. I was prompted to ask him what he feels the differences he has made in this area. He responded "I haven't really thought of that, I don't see any difference I have mad." I then was able to guide him to realize that he has made a difference. By sharing my experiences on the mission. I told him about the time I was directed to an Atheist. I told him how I told President... President told me "Elder Frost you do not know how much of an impact you have on others life's."... Because of the Spirit I have become closer to this Elder, I love Elder Copser!

Oh! Hey! I got a call from a familiar brother of mine! Elder Westfall! He told me that Matthew and Amanda (Sister Hubbard's son and Daughter in law) are getting married! And they are still getting Baptized!! Patricia Dawson is getting Baptized to!! I am going back to Gilroy to witness these Baptisms... How blessed I am!

Dad I know that the time will come when I will have to take off this tag.. But that time is not yet! I still have 9 more months! When I get home I am not going to stop spreading this truth.... Of this I promise! For I know how essential it is to help the missionaries. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love who I am and who I have become.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Am I Worthy For A Holy Calling
Received 02-8-2011

Well. I am now in a new area, and I have been called to be a District leader, in South San Jose, Dry Creek. I look forward to the future.
Dad this mission has been a humbling experience. I have learned more than I ever thought one person could learn in two years. I know that the reason I have learned it is because I have listened. A matter of fact I can tell you for a fact, that everything I have learned is because of the Holy Ghost. Their has been many times I have learned somthing from just a simple Scripture or a simple statement, but the learning came when I pondered. As President Eyring says that revelation comes from pondering. I have recevied revelation, personal and for my brothers and sisters. A paticular revelation I have received from the Holy Ghost is from my Patriarcal Blessing. It is very person and sacred, it would not be appropriate to share it through E-mail. But I will tell you this, I have learned my personal calling, or rather one of them. That calling is who I am, and the reason why I am the way that I am. I ponder this in my heart dailey..... This Mission has opened "The eyes of my understanding" I have never learned so much about me and others around me then being out here..... I remember Dad that you said something to me that changed my life. I remember I was having a hard time, I wondered if was even ready to enter into that Temple. Some times I wonder if I am able to carry his name, let alone be a District Leader for the ones that do the same.... I was praying last night about this very concern. I poured my heart out to Father. "Father why me?" I asked intently and sincerly. I then got my answer shorty after.. "Do not lack trust in thyself. You will see the heart that you have change people." Those were not the exact words but that was the exact message... Dad I love the Lord, I know that he has called me to be a leader for a reason.... I still remember that day... You asked me "Ben what do people think of you?..... Ben what does the Savior think of you"? I remember those words Dad. Anytime I get down on myself I remember those words, and they remind me what the Savior thinks of me.

I know that Christ lives! I know that he does love every single one of us. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Through Trials Of Our Faith Comes Miracles
Received 01-25-2011

Hey Dad and Blue Eyes!

Well it's been an interesting week. But last weekend was a great one! Kooper Knuston is Baptized and Confirmed now! And we are teaching Matthew and Amanda! It's been great! I don't know if I am going to get transferred our not, but we shall see.
 The Lord has really blessed me in my mission. It's been great to see all the trials and success! How blessed I have been. How I love this mission with all my heart. I look forward to the future. Man I tell ya guys its a constant battle for truth and righteousness. I find that when the most good happens, is when the Adversary work the most hardest. It is because he knows if he gets us to focus upon the bad, we will forget all the good that has happened. But I tell you I know the good that has happened. I continue to progress to be a better missionary and disciple of Christ. I know that the Lord has helped every step on the way. For that I have been blessed to feel that help. I am thankful for the privilege to train. It has been a great/hard time. But I am thankful for the Trust that the Lord has in me. I strive to gain even more Trust from him. I strive to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength.

I have made mistakes out here. But I find that the mistakes make me who I am and who I will be. They prepare me to be that much better.... I have seen JOY out here. When Sister Hubbard came out of that water with a smile on her face, nothing else mattered. No... Not that times of grief not the times of pain or doubt. All that mattered is that she was and is happy, that she has experienced Joy. What is Joy? Joy is having the understanding that happiness will last forever. She felt that Joy. I have felt that Joy! How I know Joy to be real, as real as the morning sun. People may justify those feelings, but I cannot! I know that those feelings are real. I know that Ana Hubbard did truly embrace him. So let the storm come! Let the pain take place, and let the grief try to over come me and my Joy. Bring it on! It's worth every minute of it. For I know that "Through the Trial of Our Faith Miracles happen." I know that, that scripture is true. I know that the reason why the Miracle will cease to happen is because of our unbelief. But I believe! I know that miracles do happen! For surly I have seen them. I have seen people change! I have seen me change! I know the reason of this change is because I have been "Filled with the Love of Christ." ....... I have learned that no matter what, no matter when and not matter why! We need to trust in the Lord! We need to trust in our heart, that our heart has been touched by the Spirit. When we cast out our unbelief, miracles happen. Even the miracle of being filled with that pure love. This love changes anyone that is willing to embrace it. Is willing to soften their hearts.... How I love my savior Jesus Christ and how I love this work. I know he is proud of me, I know that he has given me strength beyond my own, when I exercise my Faith, when I seek to be filled with his love. I promise you that he loves every single one of us. I promise you that he will never give up! Though we at times do! I promise you that his atonement is real, it is real! The most learned man could not Tell me other wise, nor prove other wise. I know with out a shadow of a doubt with every fiber of my heart, that Joy is real and that his love is what gives us that Joy! I so bear you my witness as a Representative of Christ....... That he lives, I have seen his love change me, and everyone that wants that love. I have seen the power of the Priesthood heal people! I know that Christ lives. I know that he will come again. He has shown us and will continue to show us through the personal and Priesthood line of how we can return and be prepared to do so. I bear you my witness. It is because he loves us and wants us to have, Joy. In the sacred name of my Master Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

     Heavenly Father,  Thank You
Received 01-18-2011

Well I am sorry for missing e-mailing you last week..... It's been great! Sister Hubbard did get Baptized! Man oh man was that a great experience! Just before the Baptism she waved Elder Westfall and I over and we followed her to a corner of the hall way. She sat down and told us. "Now we will pray, this prayer is going to be a simple prayer but it will cover everything." She then said the most profound word, a word that touched my heart. This word is simple and has been used many times in ones life. This word is not a sophistaced or long word.... She then bowed her hand and we all closed our eyes, the Spirit was very strong, so strong my eyes Begin to well up with tears...

She is a new member!!

 She said "Heavenly Father..... Thank you!" She then closed in the name of the son. Man what an amazing moment that was. I couldn't have said anything better nor anyone could. Heavenly Father thank you.... After this powerful moment we wen't back to the room where everyone was waiting for the service to start. So the service did start, Elder Westfall gave a powerful talk on Baptism. I then after the talk Baptized Sister Hubbard, as we stood in that font I felt a peace, a peace that nothing in this world could ever match. Nothing else mattered at that time. She came down the those steps with a certain glow in her (a glow that she has always had) She had a smile on her face, a smile that signified joy! I grabbed her hand, she then quickly waved at Matthew to get her rock. He ran and grabbed her rock and gave it to her. This rock was nothing shiny, nothing expensive or transparent. It was simply a rock. This rock how ever was special. This was a rock that was given to her when Matthew was a small child. To remind her of her rock, that is Christ.... She held that rock tightly as I aided her beneath the water. She then immersed with radiance in her smile and countenance.... She was Baptized with her rock because it was her rock that she was embracing! We then looked at one another, I wanted to give her hug... But I simply extended my hand to shake hers, to help her maintain a focus on that rock. After this great moment we then sang "I need thee every hour." The Spirit was so strong, it was as if angels were aiding me as I sang, or rather their was angels aiding my voice. I am running out of time. But I just want to tell you this great moment of peace and joy.

About 4 days ago we went out to eat with Ana and Matthew and Amanda. As Elder Westfall and Matthew and Amanda were talking, I talked with Ana. I asked her. "Have you noticed any difference in your life after the Baptism and Confirmation?" She said "Most defiantly! I have this constant comfort and I feel that I can take on anything with his help." When she said these words I felt peace. I know that Sister Hubbard knows what she did that day. She embraced that Rock, and because she embraced that Rock he will forever embrace her..... I know that this is the true Church and the resurrected Savior leads and directs this church, and that he invited all to embrace him. I have embraced him and I know he has embraced me. I know as Sister Hubbard does that he is my rock. I know that he has changed my heart. I have and continue to feel the pure love of Christ. For that love is real, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. Matthew and Amanda were so touched by the service that they too want to take the lessons. It is only a matter of time when they too will embrace that rock..... Oh man! We have a Baptism tomorrow as well Kooper Knutson! I will tell you more about him next time! Love you Dad

Finding Those Who Are Seeking The Truth 
Received 01-04-11

Well thats good! Man! So I don't have to write much then huh? Cause everything is on the tape! Hah! Just kidding Dad!

Well. Where do I start? Well how about this? Sister Hubbard is getting Baptized this Friday at 7:00 Pm! Well that about it so far. But we Elder Westfall and I are being blessed with people to teach. We are getting their! We have about 12 investigators and we have 2 progressing! Pretty sweet! We had a young man attend Church the other day! His name is Cooper. He seems like hes sincere about wanting to know. We will see. It's a good sign he has come to Church. Hmmmm.... Well what else?

It was good to hear from you all. So crazy how fast everyone changes. How fast time goes. I understand to an extent what you mean Dad when you tell me that life is short. Dad! I only have 10 more months! That's nothing! It goes by to fast for comfort. But I hope and pray by the time it comes to go home that I will be able to be comfortable to leave this wonderful work.... Yea I know wishful thinking. But I can Hope! Well this time has been great. I am so thankful to be out here. For all the wonderful and hard times I have had. I feel that I have learned more then I learned in 19 years. It feels that I have learned 33 years worth of wisdom and knowledge out here. A very essential thing I have learned is how important the small and simple miracles are. I have come to find out that miracles occur daily. I am thankful for this understanding. Gilroy has taught me the most. I am thankful for this area and the people in it. Well Elder Westfall and I are getting along very well. He is growing and he now realizes that I have learned alot and that I am trying to teach him what I have learned. So thankfully we have gotten passed that road block. Anyways I got to go Love you Dad!
there he was!!
Teary eyed we embraced him each taking a turn and loving each and every moment.  He was also crying tears of joy as he was able to once again see his family.  Here are some of the pictures of his homecoming to share with you.
Ben gets a hug from his sister as Mom looks on

P.S. Spindels are out of town and we have appointments with Patti, Lorena and Migel, and more coming.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

I Knew And I Knew That God Knew It
Received 12-28-2010

Hey Dad!

I  thank you for your E-mail! Man Dad your are the man! I thank you for all that you have taught me and continue to teach me.

Well this area has been a wonderful one to be in. The Lord has really taught me patience and long suffering. He has taught that it's not the big miracles that matter the most when it comes to missionary work. But it is the small ones. I ponder often when I was with Elder Serat. We went around and sang "Nearer my God To Thee." This Hymn changed people almost instantly! I remember seeing those people my brothers and sisters, be touched by the Spirit of the Lord. I saw how small Miracles really do make a huge difference. Sure those people did not say... "Wow Elders I want to be Baptized!" Hah! But they did say "Wow Elders you sounded really good, thank you for the wonderful music." I remember when I was singing with Elder Serat... I could feel at times more then us singing... It was as if the Angels them selves where singing with us. It was if the Heavenly Choir could not be held back... Though we were only two Elders, their was more then just us singing... I remember in the midst of our singing the Spirit filled both of our hearts and the ones listening. I remember as we were singing our voices sounded different... This is a blessing that our Father in Heaven gave to his humble Children... This is a blessing that we needed in order to spread more of his love in Gilroy California. How I love Elder Serat! I will never forget that humble man! I know he will never forget me! Because we have lifted and been guided by the Spirit, For our brothers and sisters and for one another.....

Dad I love this work! I would not go back and change anything I have done. I don't have ANY regrets! Because I have been blessed! I have learned from my mistakes and have been strengthened from my weaknesses, I have been blessed with even more strength than I can explain. How I love being in the Service of my fellow beings. How I love the Lord... I am so thankful for all that he has taught me and continues to teach me, by his Spirit. The Mission has been amazing! I could not ask for a better Mission! I LOVE this Mission so much... I find when I think of anything but this Mission I become sad... Though I know that the time will come when I have to leave.... I also know that it has to come.... I am so thankful that I still have a year out here! To do even better! To apply everything that I have learned thus far. I know that this year will be a Blessed year! I know that the Lord has taught me these things because he loves me and he loves us. I thank the Lord from the bottom of my heart. For all he has blessed me with....... I have often pondered... "How I can I make it the Best Two Years Of My Life?' I know it is the Best Two Years For My Life... But how can make it the Best Two Years Of My Life? Well I have come to find out... The reason why it WILL be! Is because I have been filled with Charity. It is because being so close to the Lord is the Best thing anyone could EVER ask for! It is because these Two Years of such closeness will and has changed me and my life FOREVER!
Dad I know that this is the True Church of the First Born! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and he has Changed me and my life Forever. I know that he will come again! For we have a living prophet and he is instructing us to prepare for the second coming. I would like to Echo the words of Alma the younger... He will come weather in my life time our the next I will rejoice..... I know that he will come and call the righteous and he will teach us all things. For this is true! I know it is true! For I have felt this love, even to the point of as Nephi says.. "The consuming of my flesh" I know that we have a living Prophet Thomas S. Monson and that he along with the Lord's Prophet Seers and Revelators receive guidance from the Lord. No... I did walk with Christ on the other side of the World. I did not see him walk on water. I did not see him cast out devils and heal the blind and the afflicted. I was not their when he bled in the garden of Gethsemane, nor was I their when he was crucified and "opened not his mouth"... I did not witness along with Merry the Resurrected Saviour... But know with out a shadow of a doubt he is my Personal Savior. I bear witness of his Pure Love that has changed me. I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that he will come again! I know because I have witnessed the change and reality of his Love. In the name of my Everything Jesus Christ Amen.
" I knew it and I knew that God Knew it and I cannot deny it" (Joseph Smith)

Love Eternally Elder Frost

No One Is Forgotten
Received 12-07-2010

Hey Dad, I understand that life is that way. No worries. It's been a interesting experience training. Seems that I have trained myself in the process. Anyway things are going rather well over here. Sister Hubbard didn't get Baptized. Cause she got called into work. But she said that she would be able to be Baptized this week! On Saturday at 9! I am hoping and praying that this goes through. Man Dad it's been a battle! But it's been a great battle! Remember Allan? Did I tell you about him? Hmmm... I can't remember but we found him by the Spirit. He has a date now. I will have to tell you the full story over the phone. We just got back from meeting with Kristen! She is so funny! I was just laughing most of the time we were their..... Anyway. Really weird that I have been out here for more then a year. Crazy to think about. Seems like time is just flying by.
I appreciate what you said Dad. The Spirit was really strong when you told me what you told me. I thank you for that. Christ-mas is going to be great this year! I have high hopes that Elder Westfall and I will be able to bring that Spirit. You hear the first presidency message? The message is recommit this year to following the Savior. This Christ-mas I am going to do just that.
Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. We went to the Wharton's and had greeeat Turkey! Elder Westfall and I are like night and day different but I love him. He has taught me allot. I accept that no worries. We have been placed with one another for a reason

   What I Am Thankful For
Received 11-23-2010
Hahah! Yea I actually crashed that day. I tour up my hand and my arm. Oh yea! It wasn't in the car so don't worry. It was on my bike.
Well... Hmmm... It's been a great experience training. I have most defiantly put forth my all in this. Though it has been only two weeks I can see the change in Elder Westfall. He is a really great missionary! Though we do not "click" because we don't have the same hobbies. Kinda funny actually. My hobbies are Music, hanging out with my friends, some video games, and I love hanging out with my family. Also fishing! I love animals too. Here are his hobbies.. Hunting, snowboarding, dirt biking, and hanging out with his buds and family. He loves snowboarding with his Dad. He really misses that. So anyway we don't click on some things. He has farmed and he loves trucks. I'm ok with a car that runs. Anyway... So we are pretty different but this we share in common. He wants to do his best and he is a child of God. He has a strong testimony of Christ and the restoration of the Gospel of him. He loves people as I do to. He does enjoy listening to good music and so do I..... I came out here wanting to do my best. I remember how I was a year ago. I remember I thought I had it all figured out that I knew what missionary work was. Turns out I was wrong. I had only scratched the surface of this work. Dad I can tell you from the bottom of my heart. I know that I have been doing my best out here. I have had the desire since the beginning to do my best. Just the other day I felt like I was lacking Faith... But then this morning I came across a scripture in Alma 5:14-17 that is an "Evaluation of Soul and heart." As I read these scriptures I felt that Alma was talking directly to me.. I then had the impression of peace and love. I realized that the desire of my heart is to live with Father and my Sisters and Brothers once again. This is my desire. I know that it takes progress to do that. Because I realize this I do have that Faith. I invite you to read these scriptures and evaluate yourself, see how you feel when you read them. I think we all should do this "Evaluation of Soul and Heart." When we do not feel adequate. Interesting that every time I have a question in my heart it is answered. This is how much Father loves me. I am so thankful for that love and that patience. He knows me! I know that he knows me! Because their is no way I could of ever have understood that without that direction of the spirit.
What am I thankful for? Well I am thankful for life and I am thankful for Love. I am thankful for all that I have learned with the tools that I have. I am thankful for a loving brother and Savior that followed his heart. I am thankful for Heavenly Father that never gives up on me. I am thankful for. All of my family and all the things in which I have learned from them. To tell you the truth if I were to list all that I am thankful for this would be a verrry lonnng E-mail :D And I am very thankful for that other brother that followed his heart that day. Jared I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you said to me. You were right their was and is allot more out here for me. So with that being said. Thank you. I love you all so much!

1.My shirt size? L
2.Garment size: 32 34, and shirt size is M
3.Food? Beef Jerky, and some chips. Oh! And more of those penut butter bars.
4. Just send me that tape. Also the tape recorder

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Lost But Now Found!!
Received 11-16-2010

Thanks for that story it is very touching. Shows real humility and patience. Let me tell you a story.

Their was a boy that grew up with a wonderful family. This boy saw the examples of his family both good and bad. This boy loved being with his family and always enjoyed the company of them. This boy tried hard to put forth as much effort as he could to stay on the path that his family has shown him. He then came to the understanding he really didnt know what the path really was. He came to the understanding of how lost he was.... So this boy wen't off and tried to find his own path is own way. He went off, away from his family. He then came to the understanding of what life really was... That is choices and results of those choices. This boy become empty and miserable. This boy became bitter and sad... This boy was no longer a boy but a young man... He was in need of help with the weight of the world and sin on his shoulders..... The young man's family prayed for him and showed forth many good examples of love and happiness... This young man realized of his emptyness and nothingness... He realized he had no HOPE... This young man's father followed the spirit and invited him to an activity where his heart was softened and changed... Christ embraced this young man and showed back to the path. Christ fillled him with his love, This young man knew why he was happy he knew why he had in all simplictiy HOPE. He then made a decision to serve a mission. He made the decision to give back as much as he could. To the Lord and his family. He know carries the name Of Chirst and his family.... This young man has been changed from the atonment of Christ and has been taught by the spirit. Because of this he has seen maricales and pure love dailey.......... I am this young man. Becuase of Chirst I am who I am. Because of your Faith and Love the Lord has softened my heart. This young man is no longer lost but found... Now he is finding the ones that have been lost.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Elder I Know Where The Lord Wants Us To Go
Received 11-09-2010

Mom! It's good that you passed! I prayed for you! That's wonderful. I want you to know that I am doing great out here!
Elder Serat is actually home now. I am with 2 Elders right now. We are in a threesome for just for today, and then tomorrow I am training. A bran spankin new Elder is coming to Gilroy and I am going to be the one to show him the ropes. This is will be fun! I look forward to it. Well Mom the work is going fantastic. Just the other day we were guided to a lady named Kris. We were sitting at home when suddenly I had a prompting "Elder you need to tract" I told Elder Serat that I had just gotten a prompting. He said "Ok Elder you choose the street." I then went to the Map and had another prompting "Welburn" I thought to myself is that the one? The Spirit then came back strong. "Welburn" I then told Elder Serat. I then went into the living room preparing to leave and another prompting came. "Elder Frost grab a Book Of Mormon someone wants one" I did just that, we then came to Welburn and Elder Serat told me that some of it has already been tracted... But I had not doubt! It was so wonderful I knew their was someone on that street by the Spirit. He told me... "which way do you want to go?" The Spirit came again "Go Left" I told him, he then said... "Ok lets go straight and then left." Well Mom we tracted and nothing, nothing, nothing! Then Bam! We knocked on a door, and a lady answered and she was very nice. We told her why we were their.. I was also prompted to read from the Book Of Mormon Alma 7 11-13. She really embraced it and accepted a copy of the Book Of Mormon! She also gave us her phone number and told us she would like us to come back! Isn't this great!? Man how wonderful that was... I have been praying for a finding by the spirit moment and then it came! I will continue to pray for those moments. Well anyways her name is Kristen! She is wonderful very nice, and she knows we are messengers of Christ, she said "I don't understand why anyone would not listen to you, it says in the Bible that the messengers will come to us." Well their you have it.... Mom... The Spirit is real! I know it is, I know it is the Spirit that guided us to Kristen, I know that the Lord will answer to the ones who knock...

Truth is Mom I do miss you all... But I must be honest with you. I am having a blast out here and I can feel that their is greater things ahead. More miracles to see and more blessings to reap and appreciate. I thank you for who you are and continue to be. Do not EVER! Think you are not amazing because you are. You have taught me to be close to the Spirit. Because of that I was able to receive that prompting by the Spirit. I thank you from the bottom of my Heart! I love you with all of it. Send my love to David and everyone else.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Am I Doing All The Lord Asks Of Me?
Received 11-02-10

HAHA! It's all good Dad! Hey 2 monthes huh? Man you guys would be considered less active... Just kidding Pop's! Man! James is remarried huh? Is he going back to church now? I sure hope so.

Man Dad its crazy to me how fast this mission is going by. I often ponder in my heart if I am giving it my all. I wonder if I am really doing what I came to do... And each time I come to the same understanding yes. The reason why I know this is because simply I ask this. Sure I have not been the best missionary. But at the same time I know that I have been doing my best for the periods of time that I have come across. I realize we all can do better. I know we can, but here is something I have learned that keeps on coming back to me... Or rather here is something I have been taught even by the Spirit of God. The Lord does not expect us to be perfect he expects us to progress. The ONLY way to progress in the way that he wants us to is to follow the example of Christ and beleive him. When we do this we realize the weaknesses and strengths of ourselfes. This is very important to ankowledge. So what are the weaknesses in me? Touchy subject but yet very healthy to bring out. Let me tell you....I am easly decived somtimes... I sometimes trust in flesh more then I trust in God. I have a rough time not being hard on myself and my pride can get in the way at times. I can at times be impatient and demanding when it comes to certain aspects of my life and those around me. I lack faith at times when I need it the most. I needed to be humbled by my own trangressions.... We may be thinking "what is the point of all this Elder?" The point is we must realize the reality of things. I must not and cannot afford to tell myself I am fine where I am at. I must not be comfortable with myself... But at the same right I cannot condemn myself for my weaknesses. (Mormon 9: one of the last verses) But rather I should thank God for them. Why? This is a good question one might say this is an inspired question. Because of my weaknesses I have become closer to the Lord, this is why in Ether 12:27 it says our weaknesses become our strengths.... It amazes me how patient and loving our Father is, think of this.... He sent his only begotten son so that his son could strenghthen our weaknesses and better our strenghts. Do you realize that? Of course you do! Well now I finally realize it... So thank you for showing me this and teaching me and always being their for me.... My heart is full my dear Father I have been filled with this love! I am filled with it now. This love has improved me in all areas of my life... The only time when I don't feel it is when I cloud it. Which has not happened ever since I have found it once again.....

Interesting enough everytime I feel the spirit my testimony comes out. I loved what Elder Curtis said one of the Elders out here "The spirit is a selfless thing... You want to share it with others... Thats the reason I am here" Well he is right... I would like to bear my testimony... But not as Elder Frost but as a represenitive of our savior... Dad and whom ever comes across this E-mail please pay close attention of how you feel. Their has been times in my life and my mission that I have been strengthened and humbled. I have seen the change from the Atonment, mostly the change I have seen is in myself... Because I know that I have changed! The Lord has taken away those wounds and has helped me learn from them. I have and continue to come to understand the change in myself simply because of the Atonment. The whole reason of us having Hope is because of Chirst and the Atonment he did enable. For this mercy has changed me! This is the truth! I bear pure testimony of this love! The love of Christ the pure love that does not dwindle when I do! I bear you my solemn witness of it as a represenitive of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. For I know that he lives! Not becuase I have seen him but because I have been touched by him. I am so thankful for my brother who went in that garden and bled from every pour for me... Every dumb thing I have ever done he suffered for that.... I don't know alot of things... But this I do know! This is the True Church and the True Church has the True Authority to partake and receive a remission of sins. This is true! You and I cannot and will not deny it. I know it and I know that God knows it and I cannot deny it. I will proclaim this to the last of my breath. I love my savior I would die for him as he died for me. For this is real as real as the morning sun... In the name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

I still have a year out here I am going to kick up the heat even more. I have obtained a resolve that flows through me.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. I did get the money! Thank you so much! You guys are wonderful. Can you please give Mom a call and tell her I love her. Tell her to read this E-Mail?

The Blessings Just Keep Coming!!!
Received 10-14-10

Dad I know that I have been short in responding to you. Their just has not been enough time to explain to you about all the wonderful things and challenges I have out here in one E-mail. I apologise for the short letters..... Well Dad once more have learned allot in these weeks. I have learned what it truly means to be Humble and trust in the Lord. I am thankful for the patience that the Lord has for me. Man I tell ya its like a roller coaster on the mission. The reason of this being is very simple. Because it is a battle. This battle is not only in the field but in life... Man just his morning I found something interesting, my companion Elder Serat told me about in the past how he came across some Jehovah witnesses that were trying to convert him. He then pulled out a envelope and said this is what they gave me. I was a bit curious to see what they would say about the TRUE Church Of Christ... Kinda ironic really. Anyway I took that the envelope and opened it (this was during Companion Study) he said "what you have in your hands in Anti Mormon Literature." I have never even dared to mess with such nonsense. But I did... Elder Serat kept it for memories and for also a realization of the obvious I think... Well Dad I read it now at first it was right but then it began to just rip of Joseph Smith... I thought "who are they to say that?" They then began to rip on a Book that has changed my life... The Book Of Mormon!! As I read this I could see the evil within.. Why would God want put forth such lies! They don't even know our doctrine. They think they know it... But they don't. If they only knew... It made me want to cry, how sad ... I think I am finally understanding what Christ said "Forgive them for they know not what they do" Wow!! This was when our Savior was on the cross.... Man Dad that's one of the key things I have learned out here is forgiveness. This once again shot out to me. Their was a reason why I read that nonsense.... It was simply this. To show me the TRUE fruits of those organizations as a whole. They do not know what they say and even if they did I FORGIVE THEM.

Dad I have learned most of all out here that the mission is not about just Baptism it's about reaching out with Love. This morning my companion asked me "Elder why did you come out here? What are you expecting from coming here?" I then answered as the Spirit touched me... I began to expound to the best of my ability of "why" here is what I said.... I told him "I have felt Joy (the understanding of everlasting happiness) and I continue to feel it.. I desire for my brothers and sisters to feel this... I desire for my brothers and sisters to know what I have felt is true. I then said 'I have also come out here to tell people that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real!... That the Book Of Mormon is True and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God!" He then asked me "Elder what do you wish to gain for this?" I told him "I would like to feel that I have given all that I have been given back to the best of my ability" I hold to this reason! This is why I will not give up! This is why to the last of my breath I will say with every ounce of my being that THE CHURCH IS TRUE! For I know it to be true. I have and feel even as of right now the Spirit of God. As I sit in this Library with tears in my eyes and the Spirit full within... I testify that I know that the Church is true! I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet Of God.... I leave this for all of you Jared, Jamie, Camille, Baker, Jake, Aaron, Mimi, Susan, David, Mom, Nina, Ashley, Manissa and Kirsten, and you my dear Father and for all my brothers and sisters. I bear my witness as a missionary that he lives! For I did not see him appear to Joseph Smith I was not their when Moroni plead for us to pray with Faith in Chirst, but I have felt the spirit touch my heart COUNTLESS times. This is not fake it is real as real as the morning sun. The Authority of God has been restored I gave a blessing to Elder Serat... He is nearing that last of him mission I am his last Companion in the Field of our Lord.. He has had tragedies he is from Hattie many of his friends were killed in the earth quake.. Yet I continue to see his smile and his humility! This is because he is a man of God... I love him... This is why he asked me to give him a blessing, a healing blessing.. I felt the spirit touch my heart and guide my tongue "The tongue of Angels... 2 Ne: 32:2" After that blessing from the Lord he told me "This blessing means allot to me it was very personal... Thank you" We then embraced one another with smiles and tears... This is the Love of God. This is his mission and this is his Church.. In the Name of Our Savior who will come again Jesus Christ Amen.

Tell Jake their is healing and it is not far off... "Come unto me" Tell him where he must go their is only one name whereby men can be saved and have eternally life. Their is only one name where men can find Joy and receive aid, their is only one name that Jake can be Happy and Have Joy... This is Jesus Christ.
President told me "Elder Frost I have sent you to this area because of your passion, I know that you will bring it back" It seems as though this is one of the reasons I am here... Passion... This Passion is because of Christ. May may passion I pray live on through my years on this probation to see God. I love you all and May God Bless you!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received 10-5-2010

Man not much time Love you all so much don't give up hold on and stay strong.... THE CHURCH IS TRUE! :D Many wonders in this area we shall see what the Lord has in store... I love my new Companion Elder Serat! He is the man! We already have our own inside jokes we get along very well.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

New Area!!!
Received 09-30-2010

Not much time... New area new companion.. Gilroy Elder Serat he is from Hattie. Wonderful man I love him so much! I look forward to serving with him. Man Gilroy is going to be an adventure I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us. I love you both with all my heart! I am glad that you had a good time on the cruise. Oh hey! Marlene is getting Baptized still on Oct 16.. She told me if I don't make it she will beat me up! Haha! Better make it! Love you!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

      It IsThe Plan!!
Received 09-13-2010
Where do I start? Man allot has happened.... Hmmm..... Well...

So you remember how I told you about Lara? How she had a Miss-ca rage and wants nothing to do with church now? Well needless to say this affected me and has affected me for the Good and For the Bad.. But I will say in honesty and integrity that it has helped me mostly for the good.. Why you ask well I would love to share with you why.. To make a long story short I did some fasting and praying on the matter of this. For 2 weeks I thought about it and came back to my mind and remained in my heart. It was HARD to hear that someone that I confirmed was no longer going to the TRUE Church Of Christ. All I wanted Mom was to mend the wound that was inflicted on Lara... I wanted to take it away I wanted her to be at peace. Well.... I ended up calling her the other day. (I prayed beforehand) I got ahold of her, a matter of fact she was the one that answered the phone. I was then directed to tell her about what happened to me when I gave Grandma Melodee a blessing, but the comfort I received from the Prophet during my mission here. She told me "I understand the plan but I don't know why God would do what he did but I don't hate him for it. I have just realized that the Church is pulling me away from my family time. So Marc and I decided to go to a different Church, one that is not as strict (doesn't have as much commandments heh!) I don't want you to think that I am lost, because I am not. I have seen Marc grow closer to God because of going to a different faith." I then said to her "Lara I support you 100% I want you to know that I don't think your lost.. I just remember how I felt at your Baptism their was so much love, the spirit was so strong..... I want you to never forget what you have felt." She then responded "I wont" I then said (the spirit being my guide) "Lara I promise you that if you never forget what you have felt then you and your family will be able to be sealed for all time and eternity in the temple." WOW! Did I just say that?? Hah! That blew me away when I heard myself say that.
She then said "Alright, thank you for that you do and have done... Continue to share those stories of yours. Your are doing a great job and will do a great job!" I then said "Thank you Lara I love you!" That was the end of the conversation....

Now you might be thinking "Elder why are you happy?" or maybe you already know why... Which is probably the case. Well I will answer the question of it anyway.. Let me tell you another lesson I have learned out here.. GOD HAS A PLAN! I know he has a plan for Lara. What I said was "Don't forget what you have felt" If she never does, she will return to the truth. Now it does say in the scriptures by Christ "If you come unto me and completely turn away after that, having an understanding of me then it would have been better if you did not know me." (Para-phrase) Well anyways with that being said... If Lara does not turn away from him HE WILL NOT TURN AWAY FROM HER! Marc will see that... Now he does have his agency nevertheless Marc will see that! Now the promise that was made by the spirit I know not when it will be fulfilled... Nor do I know if it will be fulfilled in this life.. But this I do know. God did not send me on this mission to pull families apart. Nor is it God's intention to take Lara away from hers. So God has a plan. Now let me tell you the Revelation I have obtained just as I was E-mailing Jared ready? OK! Check this out =O Now.... People are exactly where they need to be if they follow that love even the love of Jesus Christ... If they continue to follow that love they will embrace the fullness of it. No not the Gospel not our leaders.. But that love.. Nevertheless the Gospel as well as the leaders, puts us in HARMONY with God. But if we continue to follow that love we will have ETERNAL LIFE! 2 Ne 31:20... This verse explains the requirements to obtain eternal life.. Now not to say that all we need to do is follow that love but to say that following that love will give us the desire to do all that we need to do. Beautiful isn't it.. Now let me tell you, that verse is a formula a formula that gives us ETERNAL LIFE! If you follow that love it is inevitable that you will embrace the fullness of it.. But you MUST follow it... WOW! This is related to the Plan Of Happiness! IT IS THE PLAN! Bing Bam Boom! I have never even thought of that in the fullness that I have just received by the spirit! Well I charge you to read that chapter again and you will see what others that are lost do not see nor realize.

Anyways sorry this is a novel... Well Mom so what did I learn well I aside from that I learned this... You ever listen to talk by Elder Hugh B. Brown? Called "God is the Gardener" Wow that's a great talk... Now the interesting thing is before I had gotten this talk I already understood the lesson... The lesson is this, The Lord loves us so much that he will hurt us (cut us down) because he knows that later we will be that much more blessed... Then rather then cursing him we will thank him, Their you have it I charge you as well to read this talk or but it even (Elder Hugh B. Brown "God is the Gardener") Anyway this is an answer to my prayers ten fold.

Well theirs a little bit more. But I don't want to write a whole novel.. Ha! Anyways This is a valuable lesson I have learned. So simple to say "God puts us through trials because he loves us" But if you go even further then you can realize and understand how God works.

I bear you my testimony the witness of a missionary. I know that this is the true church! I know that we have true leaders. I know that Christ is the head of this work! I know that God does have a plan! That plan is give us happiness! I bear my witness of prayer! My prayers have been answered and they continue to be. How I love my Father in Heaven for what he has taught me. How I love all my family for what they have taught me. I am thankful for God and his merciful son who is my God and my rock! I love both of them with all my heart! I have a personal witness of the savior... No I have not seen him but I have felt him and he has given me strength beyond my own. I tell you that I know that he lives! I have gained various manifestations from the Holy Ghost, He lives! I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that loves me enough to hurt me. I am thankful for this mission and I know it is the mission of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Being Bold With The Spirit
Received 08-31-2010
hah! That is a good one! Reminds me of the time we went to lagoon... And we realized it was closed because it was not summer anymore. Hahah! That was hilarious! I remember your response Pop's "I got it! The reason why it's closed is because all the kids are in school!" I remember how hard we all laughed after the prophetic response! :D Man that's what life is all about making the best of it. Your most definitely right about just laughing. Hah! Well last week has been wonderful the Lord has really blessed us! For the coarse of a month Elder Jensen and I have been trying to see a former and her daughter. Jackie and Marlene... Now we had not gotten in contact with them for a long time. But as of last week we were planning and I just had a prompting to go see them once more. So we did and we had used the spirit also their hearts were softened because they had just seen letters to God. Man I remember me bearing my witness as a missionary to them. Elder Jensen asked them "How did you feel when Elder Frost was saying what he said?" Marlene responded "I could tell that he knew and their was a vibe that was their" I then said "That vibe that you are feeling is the spirit, I cannot take credit for that vibe... What the spirit does it testifies of truth" I then said.. "I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! So please let us come and talk with you I can promise you that it will be different then previous visits in the past" The spirit was so strong! My heart was pounding! Man they said yes! So we ended us visiting with them... Now the day came (we brought the Behcks awesome family) Brother and sister.... Now before we went in I said "Lets say a prayer and I will offer it" So I bowed my head in humility and gave one of the most spiritual prayers I have ever given... In the prayer I plead for the spirit. It came! We went in their on fire! Their was no doubt in mind nor my heart that this time was special! This time will be different! It was! It was just Marlene and her brother Kenneth (Marlene:17 Kenneth:6) so sister Behck began to talk and I began to read a book to Ken for 20 min we were just talking. We were waiting for Jackie to arrive. We then found out that her aunt was in the hospital, this was the reason of Jackie's absence. So I then looked at Marlene and told her we would like to teach her. So I then said lets start with a prayer. So we did and I offered that prayer, in the prayer I prayed for her aunt the spirit was so strong Dad! It was amazing! After the prayer I looked at Marlene and said "How do you feel right now?" She said "really good" I then said that good feeling is the spirit! I then asked her "Do you believe that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ?" She said "Yes!" I then asked her "Do you believe in the Book Of Mormon?" She said "Yes" I then asked "Do you believe that the Priesthood Authority has been restored through Joesph Smith and traces all the way back to the Savior?" She then said "Yes" I then said "Marlene will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being Baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God?" She then said.... "YES!" Man was the spirit strong! We were all happy! I Begin to cry and I told her that I was so happy for her! We set the date for Sep 18... But she didn't come to church this Sunday so we are going to have to move it.. Has to be three times they attend church in order to be Baptized. But she still is very excited about being Baptized!!! So anyway after that Jackie came home and she told us that she was wondering if we would leave or not... She was hoping that we would stay and we did! Just had a feeling to!! Sometimes we must go by the Spirit of the Law and not the letter... So anyway we ended up teaching Jackie! And asked her is she would want to be Baptized after she gained a stronger conviction she said yes! After she gains a stronger conviction!!...... Also yesterday though Marlene nor Jackie came we had Gabie and her Friend Immanuel come to Church! Man I almost forgot on Saturday we went over their and read 3 Ne 11 with them (Angie was at work) and the spirit was so strong! I then asked Gabie if she would be Baptized she then said "Yes" Something I have learned out here invite them to be Baptized when the Spirit is strong! This will determine their effort and concern....

Is that not one of the coolest things Dad? To hear someone just say "Yes" to Baptism! Man how I love this work...... Interesting enough just yesterday I was thinking of something during church... In Gospel Principals we were on our Heavenly Family. And the teacher has asked "Whats the point of life?" And woman in our class kinda a downer... She said so pretty negative things... Man that's what we sometimes do! We always focus on the negative rather then the positive! Life is beautiful! Sure their is alto of trials but their is alto of Joys! I have looked back on those Joys and I realize how blessed I truly am...

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Testimony Of A Disciple Of Christ
Received 08-29-2010
To His Loving Brother
Big brother man! Whats up! Little Isabelle is coming quick! I am so happy for you! Man I really feel the spirit reading these E-mails about my new niece and your new daughter Isabelle! She is going to be an impact upon yours and Jamie's life. I can feel it my dear brother. Just as I can feel the truthfulness of the Gospel. Man just yesterday we went to see a former Sister that was interested in the church... We call them "Former Investigators" Well anyways we had been trying to get ahold of this woman for a coarse of a month she was never home... Well 2 days ago we were planning for yesterday and I had just a peaceful impression to attempt to go see Jackie once more. Well we did we ended catching her at 8ish she told us "Well I will give you guys a call... I will think about it" For some reason this was not good enough for me... I just felt I had to be persistent. I said "Jackie we have been trying to get a hold of you for a coarse of a month.... Just last night we were planning as we do as missionary's and your name came to us.." Now Jared I do not remember all that I said.... But I remember this... I heard myself saying "Jackie I can promise you as a Representative of Jesus Christ that it will be different from the other visits you have had with former missionaries." As I heard myself saying this "I promise" But I did not promise as Elder Frost I promised as a Representative of Christ... The spirit was so strong (this was all on her door step my heart was pounding so hard I knew that the Devil was trying to scare me I thought she was going to slam the door) So I be gain to plead... I found myself saying please, please let us come over and share with you what we know to be true.. My dear brother I bear my witness of the reality of the Spirit... Jared I know that it was the spirit that night! And I know that it was the spirit and priesthood Authority that saved your life! I know that to be true! I am not surprised that you have graduated from College.. You have always amazed me with your wisdom... My dear brother all I can give you is my TESTIMONY.. So please really pay attention to this witness..

No.... I did not see Joseph Smith in that Sacred grove.. No I did not see the resurrected Savior come to the Americas... I did not see Moroni witness a whole civilization become desolate and lost nor was I their with him when he to plead for us to listen... But I have felt the love of God! I have seen the Authority! I know that, that Authority of God is here! I know that our Savior lives! I know that the Book Of Mormon is true! I have received direction from the Holy Ghost to look up certain scriptures to comfort me and guide me. Jared please give the Church of Christ another chance.. I love you to much to tell you what I know to be true! I can promise you that it is true! I promise you as a Brother! As a Representative of Jesus Christ! This is his church! This is his work! For I have seen miracles and tragedy's in a coarse of 9 months. May God bless you beautiful family and give you and your family the desire to grasp even MORE of the Love of Him in the Sacred name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

P.s.  Oh and Jackie wants to meet with us today. Gotta rely wholly upon the spirit. Please pray about what I have talked with you about.

Love Eternally Elder Frost your brother Forever and Always....

Taking The Right Steps
Received 08-27-2010
Right and right!

Hey Pop! I am turning up the heat! I am not messin around anymore! We have been really talking to people and following the spirit. I left a story with Jared I told him to put it on my blog.... Well anyways Elder Jensen and I are really putting our best foot forward. We have had new people to teach and have been taught in the process. Man I tell ya Dad the Church is true... Ha! It's kinda funny how we go through that cycle in our life's. We gotta keep on taking those steps Hope, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and Endure to the End! If we stop taking those steps then... Bam! All the witnesses we have gotten become forgotten. It's so true.. Well anyways let me tell you why I bring this up... So you know Lara Boderro? Well I found out some pretty sad news.. She had a mis car age and wants nothing to do with the church now.. She wont even look at the Book Of Mormon... Really sad... Man it was so hard to hear.. I felt as if someone ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it.. I was torn... A woman that I confirmed with the Authourity of God is very sad and very angry it seems... So with that being said I was angry myself but obviously mostly sad.. Hah... It's been a rough week but non the less I have learned allot and I appreciate the tough times. I thank God for them.. Anyways so I was very down I just sat down and Begin to weep I could feel the pain of being lost... Not me but Lara... I felt "Why cant I be their? Why cant I help?" Well as I was just wallowing in despair my Companion said some comforting words. He told me that Lara will be taken care of. But these words were not enough for me to hear and be ok. Although they did help... Now I have learned to fight that anger and sadness with Love and Joy so I did just that I clinged on to Hope and fought. Well my Hope payed off because my Hope turned into Faith..... Well 2 days ago we were privileged to hear from 6 members of the Seventy... Errr I remember a couple of them hah! Yea... Anyways Elder Clayton is in the presidency of the Seventy. Elder Packer is over the San Jose mission... So when Elder Clayton talked he told us "Don't worry about worrying" he told us it could be worse you don't have time to moap and focus on the negative you have a great work to still do!
 That's basically the jist of it. Well as he was saying this my mind was opened as well as my heart.. I then was chastised by the Spirit of God! But comforted at the same time I do not recall all the words I heard or rather I felt but I do remember this "Elder Frost know Ye Not that I am God? And my children are in my hands? Peace be with you Elder Frost Lara came to me not to you! She came to the mine only Begotten not his Gospel know that she is in my Hands" Phew with that being said I LEARNED ALOT! This is not my mission I have said it before and I will say it again! This is not my mission! This is the Lord's! I know that to be true! For the words in which I heard is what I needed to hear. People don't come to the Gospel they come to God! They do not reject us they reject the Lord. Well Dad.. Is this what you were trying to teach me? Because now I have learned it! I am turning up the heat. I will continue to Pray for my dear sister Lara Boderro. I will do my best not just good but my best!!!! I am doing my Best! For God does not expect Perfection but Progression this is what the SPIRIT has brought to my attention.. I thank you for your example to me and what you have taught me. You already knew all this didn't you? Well I thank you humbly. I thank God humbly and I say these things in the Sacred Name Of Jesus Christ Amen...

Love Eternally Elder Frost!

Learn From Our Weaknesses And Thank The Lord For Them
Received 08-16-2010
So many challenges faced this week. It has been ROUGH.. I tell ya! Man but boy have had the Lord carry me through this. Well... Let me just say the Devil is most surly abroad in the land. He knows the fight we are fighting. He knows how to get to us. Well Dad you were are are most certainly right.. The only thing we can fight with is that very love. Charity! Patience! And Diligence! Sure we all fall short but we must remember that is what we are here to do. We are here to be forgiven because we must learn... To tell you the truth I have learned allot over in this area. Patience Charity and also Diligence. I am striving to get up on time! I did yesterday and the day before and almost all of last week! It feels so good to show forth that love to Heavenly Father. I am indeed thankful for my Fathers patience.... Father in Heavens patience your patience and David's patience. Man I really have come to understand what patience really is. I am sorry Dad that I gave you such a hard time and did not listen to you at times... I know that, thats what I had to go through however. I thank you for you Patience, Charity and most surly Diligence! You have these traits. I want you to know that. Man I thank you all so much for your love! With out it I would not be here..... I sent a E-mail to Aaron he told me that I have gotten more Baptisms then he did on his whole mission.... But Aaron does not realize that this is his mission too! I have had immense amount of help. I am able to remember things and see things through the Lord's eyes... Just but glimpse... Well Anyways....
So this week was super difficult for us. Elder Jensen's bike broke the peddle just snapped... He fell on the ground and it looked like it hurt really bad... He then just started to laugh.. I was kind of shocked that he fell like that.. But anyways I was able to give him my bike.. Because my zone leader Elder Peterson was selling his... It is a awesome bike! So I just gave him my old bike! So that worked out! Then the week went on we went to Karla's... She still is VERY concerned about prop 8... We told her that the saints are just exercising their Authority by voting for prop 8... It was not good enough she said she could not ever see herself joining, because their is people like that in our church... Man! What?! That kinda got my goat so to speak... Hah! Yea but I handled it alright... I said "Do you know what happened to sadam and Gomorrah?" hahah! Yea! It was kinda funny... She was not to happy about that... But we ended on a alright note. Hahha... I came across a scripture that hits judgment right on the head it's in Alma 41 it says we will all be judged according to our good works and the desire of our hearts... She really loved that scripture! Man she needs to really think about that though... Maybe some of the saints are doing it for the wrong reasons but nevertheless! She needs to realize that we all make mistakes (and she does) but still the Church stands firmly on standing up for whats right! Well anyways that night was really down... I just wen't in my room and laid on my bed and just started crying.... I felt like I didn't do anything... I felt like I just caused more turmoil... Man I was home sick and even the though came across my mind... "Just go home nobody is going to listen to you now..." I then just looked at the ceiling and a thought came to my mind "For the evil spirit teacheth a man not to pray be he must pray" I then rolled over and poured my heart out to Father in Heaven... During this time I again felt comfort... I knew where that thought came from! It was God! He was telling me to Pray! But the thought of going home was Ol' Scratch! Sheesh! Don't worry Dad! I did not dwell on such a stupid thought! Because their are many who will listen! We are even teaching two new people a daughter and a mother! Angie and Gabie Rojas! And they are just loving the teachings! Figures at this time Satan would be working on Elder Jensen and I. Man and then the next day Elder Jensen found out that the bike that I gave him had a flat.. So the whole morning we were worrying about a stupid flat. Hah! Yea it was so agitating. But anyways the day went on and we taught less active handicap woman Sue Ann (she's on the focus 15) She told us in the middle of the lesson that she didn't know if the church was true! AAAAhhh!! No worries yea that made me go "What?!" Needless to say it's been an interesting week. But then something really wonderful happened..... You know Dave Goodwin (Liliana's husband) well he has always just joked around with us and hasn't really been spiritual with us (he is also dis-fellow shipped) well that night he was.... He said to me "Frost whats wrong? Spill the beans" I told him of all those things he then told me some things that I already knew... He ended up sharing with us how he gained a testimony the Spirit was so strong Dad... I will have to tell you when I get home this experience in more detail... But I just wanted to say I know that this is the True Church Of Jesus Christ! And we are fighting a battle! We just remember we must always indeed keep that guard up!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. I came across a scripture in the Book of Mormon the account of Mormon one of the last verses... Moroni says "Condemn us not because of our weaknesses but rather learn from our weaknesses and thank that Lord for know of them" well I think this reflects not only to learning from them but learning from us and not condemning our self.

Answering The Tough Questions With The Spirit
Received 08-09-2010
Wow! Isn't that wonderful?! That is so amazing to hear! I am so thankful for you and Dad for doing that wonderful service! But you seem to benefiting more don't you? Isn't that something? That's the same with the mission sure services are hard but they are most definitely worth it! Well Mom I tell ya! I have learned allot out here. From following the Spirit to dealing with the Devil... Which I have done allot of. Let me tell ya! Well this last week was very wonderful! But at the same time tough. We have this Sister investigating the church Sister Karla Espinoza.

She has a question in regards to Prop 8... Eeek! Yea I know... Her question was difficult and for the sake of not dwelling on it (because I have done enough of that myself) I am not going to tell you the question.. It's very simple but the question itself is very gray at the same time. I love you guys to much to get you thinking about such questions. Anyways I was stumped my Companion was stumped too! I knew it was up to me (my comp does not talk much) As I sat their I explained to her "I love you so much and I am trying to get an answer from Father in Heaven right now" I then paused and really listened to the Spirit... Then this came to my heart.... "Really tell her whats going on" So I did I Begin to talk without knowing what I was talking about.... Our rather not expecting such a response. I said "Karla do you realize that the Devil does not want you to be happy? You will be an effective tool in the Lord's hands... So please bear with us we are trying our best and again we love you! We know this gospel to be true... So please be patient with us" Now when we were discussing her concern it was during a church tour... Yep! She agreed to come to a church tour with us.... So we were in the Gospel Principals room... (she came to church yesterday... this was Saturday) This spirit was so strong I be gain to cry... I could feel Karla's pain.. The pain of being lost the pain of not understanding.... It was so miserable... But at the same time their was a comfort in that room... I feel so bad I just want to give Karla my heart.... But I can't she has to continue to want to know. We also had a wonderful lesson last week before this event.... With some new investigators. Angie and Gabbie Rojas. We watched the Restoration (we were at a less active Claire Smith's house) she invited us for dinner.. Claire is one of the reasons why I am here... I can relate to allot of things she is going through. She is exactly my age and she is a single mother with a 2 year old daughter.. I love Claire. Anyways sorry... So the we watched the DVD the restoration... Now before the vision I had this clear prompting to pause the DVD and ask and tell them this "What is about to happen not many people know about, it is very sacred very special.. I want you both to really ponder in you heart what is about to happen" So I did just that.... After the DVD I asked what were you pondering in you heart (The Spirit was incredible!) Angie said "I was thinking out the process that Joseph went through to get his answer" I then asked Gabie "She said she was happy that he got that answer" WOW! It was amazing! Perhaps one of the most spiritual lessons I have been to... Now Gabie is Angie's daughter and she is about 12... She came to church last Sunday.... They were going to come yesterday but Claire's daughter got sick... But they will come this coming Sunday... Anyways! This has been really long! But I love you all so much!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received 08-03-2010

Well Dad... Here we go! Another Month! More wonderful things ahead! :D Well to tell you the truth last month was a real learning exsperience for me. I wen't through alot. But I have learned alot from going through alot. Thats what this life is all about. Man Dad President is really pushing Baptisims. He wants us to get 80 Baptisims as a mission. He really is Baptisim hungry. Which I completly understand. But I can see myself so focused on getting Baptisim out in the open that I forget these things take time.. It took my tell I was 19 to get a solid testimony. Sure I did beleive (which is all that is required) when I was in my child hood. But their comes a point in ones life when we have to ask "Is this really true?" well I know that, that is inevitble. I tell you Dad I know that is true. This is why I am so hesitant to cram Baptisim, and be so presisitant. But at the same rate I know how we need to step up and tell our brothers and sister the way (2 Ne 31) This is the only TRUE Doctrine Of Christ. I can feel the pressure Dad. I know I am in a battle. But we need to realize that it's on the Lord's time not ours. I Will not let the Devil tempt me in such a matter. I understand the severity of Baptisim and recognition of it. But regardless we must realize that the Devil knows that as well..... We fasted as a mission to obtain the goal of 80 Baptisms as a mission this month. Not to say I do not have faith, but to say I realize that this mission THE MISSION is in the Lords hands. I can see pride and logistics getting in the way.. Well anyways we have done some sorting from the wheats from the tares to see who has the desire to further their relationship with the grand creator "The One Eternal God" I have come up with the number of 6. Karla, Jen, Gaby, Bobbi, Ismael, and Tonya....
Well anyways I need to keep on stepping it up and turning up the heat. I have gotten much better. And as your e-mail states I am progressing. But not like I want to. But I know that it's not about what I want. But what I need.
Did I tell you I went to Livermore again? To see Sister Beatrice Baer get Baptized?
Well that was wonderful... So yesterday Elder Jensen and I got up and bore testimony of The Book Of Mormon and Jesus Christ. When I bore my testimony I again felt the spirit bear witness to my heart I could see the ward being spiritual nourished as the spirit directed my words. After which

Lee Hatcher whom I Baptized got up and bore testimony, how wonderful that was to hear my dear brother bear his appreciation and love for this Gospel. He is doing so much better! At the same rate however Nan and Lucas moved to Texas that was really hard on him and he has no Job. But now he has a place to stay! The Lord is really answering my prayers. I cannot wait to tell you more about our times with one another as we have ex-changed spiritual thoughts and Love to one another... He is one of the people I have come out to teach and touch. If I do not have the privlage of seeing another embrace the gospel as he has from me being the mouth peice then I am at peace with that. Because he has made this mission worth it. But of course I have much much more to learn and witness. I can feel that I am just starting. 9 Monthes however I have been out! Can you bealive that?! Thats insane! Where did the time go?

Well Dad I appreciate the man that you are and the example you are to me. Do not ever hesitate to follow the spirit! Continue to trust in the Lord! He will never lead you astray. I love you all Eternally!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received 07-27-2010
Sunset over the Bay
For God has not given us the spirit of Fear but of love, courage and a sound mind" (Para phrasing a verse in 2 Timothy) Is this not true?! I know this to be true! Well Dad I have learned so much out here, so much I cannot begin to share with you all that I have learned. But one thing I will say is this! Fear is most certainly of the Devil. The first time I was out here with my trainer I had fear. But I kind of denied that fear "shook it off" when we were walking after I had attempted to tract a door... A big burly man answered the door and told me "No I don't want to hear about what you have to say shut my screen door" (something to that affect) That was my first door... I remember that feeling I had. It most certainly was not of God. But of the Devil "Fear" fear is of the Devil. I was mopping behind my trainer... Feeling bad for myself missing all of you.... When suddenly I be gain to cry... My trainer gave me some comforting words, but I know they were not his words.. I don't remember all he said... But I do remember this... I felt this strength and love caress me gently and I knew everything would be all right. Why was I scared? I came out of the MTC on fire with the spirit. What happened? I know what happened. The adversary knows us... He knew at that time if he got me home sick or scared (I felt very unsecured at the time) that I would hesitate to devote 2 years of my life to proclaim the Joy that I know to be true. That is why! The same goes for anything in life. We must realize this. The time when you had not a Job. I remember the example you showed to me. For surely it was the example of courage. I want to echo this Courage to you all at this great time of farewell. But just for a time... Remember that! You guys keep on holding strong... This words are for Aaron, Mimi, Susan, Kirsten, Camille, Mom, David, Nina, Ashley, Manissa, Jared, Jake and all my loved ones! But Dad I want you to know this is for you too. We need always to be reminded! I myself needs to be reminded constantly! Because the Devil is abroad in the land! HE DOES NOT WANT US TO BE HAPPY! But their is someone who does.... Our brother Jesus Christ... Dad I have felt his love... Humbly I tell you this. I KNOW HE LIVES!

A couple of days ago I witnessed a Baptism! Hey! Do you remember Stephanie and Beatrice Baer? Well that time that I invited her to be Baptized when I kept on getting prompted by the spirit to put Baptism on the table... But I had that same fear! But I recognized that fear, and I ignored it! I invited her to be Baptized! She did not get Baptized when I was in Livermore... Matter of fact Stephanie wen't less active when I left.... Errr... Yea but check this out! I had a prompting to call Stephanie over here in Redwood City. I shared with her a scripture that talked about the way being hard but it's worth it! The Savior him self says this. She was touched by this scripture and she wrote it down... Well about a week later I got a call from the Livermore Elders..
Guess what Elder Frost?! Beatrice is getting Baptized! Hah! I was in a lesson and I kinda yelled "Serious! Yes! That's awesome!" Kinda freaked Elder Jensen out and Ken Hummrich (Less Active) The Baptism was so wonderful. Has the elderly lady approached that font with courage I felt the spirit of that very thing courage and Love! Well Dad not much time left. It's up to you to show forth that COURAGE! Loves ya!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Great Plan Of Salvation
Step-Mom Received 07-17-2010

Dear Mother
I know that we will see our loved ones again! As you do too! I am so thankful for the beautiful Plan Of Salvation! I am sorry, but I am not sorry she has passed on.. What I am sorry about it that we have to say goodbye for a short time. But you know? When I heard the bitter sweet news about Grandma Melodee I realized something... We are apart I feel the same feeling of comfort from the Holy Ghost from my Heavenly Father and the strength of my Savior that I will see you guys again! The same feeling occurs when I think about our loved ones that have passed on to the other side of the veil! Grandma Margie is in paradise! With everyone that she loves! How reassuring this is! I love what it says in Alma 40... The reassuring words of our loved ones going to Paradise... Oh my dear Mother how wonderful you are.. I am so thankful for you example and the love that you have for everyone. We can all be more like Susan Frost. Mother God Be with You Tell We Meet Again!

All is going well over here... Just can get our brothers and sisters to church.. Although Elder Jensen and I continue to push! Not to say no one has come. I have met a wonderful man out here. His name is Joel Nasser! Oh he is so awesome... I know that one of the reasons I am here is for Joel. Joel was less active member but now he is active! Thanks to the love of Our Heavenly Father! We are teaching many people. Sandra Miller, Rick Caple, Gavy (Cant remeber last name) Bob Falk, and Ryan Giguare also lots of less actives. And some other ones that we are teaching not really progressing as of right now. But we have 2 dates set for Rick and Sandra we will see how that pans out. Well I love you all!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Singing The Hymns Of Praise
Mom Received 07-12-2010

Hahah! Man that kinda makes me trunky! Hahah Just kidding Just Kidding! Hey Mom I feel so amazing! I now have a new Companion Elder Jensen! Man We have has so many wonderful times together and we have only been with one another for a week or so. Sheesh it's amazing how much the work changes when both are of one heart. We both are kicking it up a notch! I thank my Heavenly Father for sending me this awesome Elder! We are doing fantastic! We have a new investigator and 2 new Baptismal Dates Sandra Miller, and Rick Caple (hes coming with us to the Temple this Sat! Hah!) All is going so well. The Lord has really blessed me! I have has so many wonderful experiences!
3 days ago we were with this Less Active when is just getting active whom we have been teaching his name is Joel Nasser. He is a wonderful amazing man. Lee Hatcher Recent Convert ended up in the hospital sheesh. Because of back problems. But all is well he asked for a blessing from us... And well what happened was to sacred to put in E-mail I must tell you face to face... We were all at the church Joel, Elder Jensen Lee and I we had a powerful wonderful spiritual moment. Just before hand I had a prompting to sing beforehand and a hymn came to my mind "I know that my Redeemer lives" how appropriate considering the time that Lee was going through. We all sang... No we did not sound like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in fact all of us were not close to being "N"sync but it was the most gorgeous song I have ever heard and felt. Never have I heard something so beautiful nor felt the Spirit so peaceful then at the time
. When we all declared I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES! How amazing it was Mom now after that Lee asked for another blessing from us (we had given him one while he was in the hospital) now I had a prompting before hand that he needed one. But it is much better to have one ask for one. So he did indeed ask. I remember how I felt at that time I said "We are going to need to pray" now during that prayer we each offered (they had left the room) my companion and I in my prayer I remember I said "Heavenly Father I don't know if you can but could you give us even more of an abundance of your love during this blessing?" Well my companion offered a wonderful prayer to that we would be directed by the spirit. Now Mom I cannot tell you all that happened in that room. It is far to sacred to divulge at this time, but when I am with you I will go into detail. Lets put it this way the prayer was answered! The Lord took my hand and guided me what to say (I had sealed and Elder Jensen anointed) even as of right now I feel different from that moment in time. Because I have learned a valuable lesson! He LOVES US MORE THEN WE KNOW! HE LIVES! I KNOW WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING THAT HE LIVES! I Tell you this Mother! It was something from the Book Of Mormon! It was the most incredible spiritual experience I have ever had! The Priesthood I have known is real but at that moment I came to understand how real it is! I know now! And now I have a fire that will never go out!! And that fire is the Love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior! I must tell all of this love and I will never give up! When I come home I will share with you all that happened... But for now know this! I am a witness of his love and the love of our Savior and the Holy Ghost which is one Eternal God! I know that to be true! They are all of one purpose, and this purpose is to show forth Love Comfort Peace and Everlasting Happiness which truly is JOY. In the Sacred name of my Redeemer my Everything Jesus Christ Amen.

Love your FOREVER SON Elder Frost

 Blessings Come In Two!!
 Received July 6,2010
You got that right Dad! I am thankful for this Country!
Man Dad time is flying out here! Where the heck has it gone?! I got a new companion now! His name Is Elder Jensen from Ogden Utah! I love this Elder he is awesome! Man I can see we are going to be fantastic together! Because we are both purpose driven! Sheesh! Man have I been blessed with great companions! Elder Ames was a good man. He just is prideful and can get on my nerves at times.. hah! But I looked passed that and honestly do love him.. He has a good heart.. Just sometimes lets worldly things get in the way.. and his ego.. Haha! Well yea.. Im pretty relieved! I am so thankful that Elder Jensen is my companion now.
Well Dad Lee's Baptism was fantastic but it wasn't just Lee's it was Jenna's to! Yep! We had a double whammy Baptism! It was so wonderful! How I love them both Dearly Lee Hatcher and Jenna Jones! They have climbed mountains to be Baptized! The spirit was very peaceful their. When I Baptized Lee I just felt so great! We embraced one another and the Spirit was so strong. Well Dad this time around I am going to do much much better! I can feel it!

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Beauty of Nature

Received 06-21-2010

Hey Pop! Well all things are going well! Man I need to better however! Yesterday was pretty awesome I would like to share with you something that was very Majestic! Now when I tell you this I don't wan't you to think I did this out of rebellion, but rather I did it out of a sense of peace and appreciation.

Well Dad Elder Ames and I were driving in the mountains just to get away from it all for a time... We needed it! Elder Ames and I ended up driving clear to the Ocean. I Remember we were saying "man how cool it would to be to see the Ocean!" We kept on driving and then Bam! Their it was! We just had to get pictures! It was so incredible so much adrenline was rushing through me! It was so awesome! It was one of the most majestic exsperiences I have ever had in my life. Sure I have seen the Ocean, but to see it at that time was amazing! Man Dad I know we are not suppoused to go on the Beach but uh... I had to! I needed to send you a cool Father's Day gift! It's me on the beach in my Proslyting clothes! Hah! Cool huh? I know..... But Dad I had to! Elder Ames and I have been working so hard I felt it was good to go and just enjoy the Ocean for a time. It was so Amazing! I will forever cherish the memmory! But I have come to a conclusion to do progressivly do better. But I felt I needed it and Elder Ames did to. We were so happy! For a hour our two we were able just to just enjoy the beauty of the Earth. Can't wait to show you this! I made a video of it and I mentioned in it "This is the Love of our Heavenly Father's Love! He Loves us so much he gave us the beautiful world!" It's true my heart was full as I looked at the beutiful Ocean.Thier was such a peace! As I looked out at that vast Ocean my heart was full for the Love of our Heavenly Father. It was so incredible! Elder Ames might be getting transfered this coming transfer. I love him as a brother! We really have grown with one another! Anyways, I am sending some pictures. Sometimes we have to just step back and look what our Heavenly Father has given us! And when we do this we realize how blessed we truly are!
The work is fantastic! You know what? Lee has asked Elder Ames and I do to the Baptism and the confirmation! I am going to Baptize him and Elder Ames is going to confirm him! Lee and I have a very close connection... I would like to share with you what happened at church yesterday! During Sacrament meeting I heard a great talk. This talk mentioned in it that their was a one legged boy who was racing and he fell and he wanted to finish the race not for the crowd but for him. Then his father came and picked him up and helped to the very point of the end. When he got to the ribbon that needed to broken in order to finish the race, his dad let him do it himself. When I heard this it hit me so hard! Man if it was not for you I would not be here! I want to thank you Dad for everything that you have done for me, and continue to do! You did help me finish that race but you let me finish it on my own! Thank you so much for all that you do Dad! You are a great example to me. I have said this many times before but you are truly my HERO! I wish I could give you hug and show you my appreciation for you... But I can't so I hope this picture of me with the Ocean in back of me will help you see how happy I am to be here. THANK YOU I don't know how much I can say that? Does it mean anything by now? During the Sacrament Meeting and during that talk he then mentioned something that was said to Gordon B. Hinckley by his father. He said "Lose yourself and go to work" I need and must lose myself even further! I am trying my best but it is not good enough... I need to do better Dad, and I will! I love you so much please continue to pray for me. Now after this talk I was in tears and Lee was right next to me and he told me "Elder Frost you have been a miracle in my life I want you to know that. You have such a intellectual and spiritual understanding about what it is to live and good life. Your ability to reach out with your heart is miraculous" ...........This is not mine Dad.... The Lord has given me this heart. Even when you laid your hands on Mom's head and said that I would be made whole. This is not my heart.... This is not my mission.... But it is my testimony... I thank my Heavenly Father for all that has been given to me. I will continue to do my best to give back whats been given... I love you my dear Father... And this Fathers day I want to bear you my testimony... THIS IS THE TRUE CHURCH! I know it to be! For I have seen hearts change from the spirit. I have felt the spirit and I continue to feel it! I am closer to my Heavenly Father and His Son more then I have ever been. I know that this is the Lord's Work! In the Sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Spritual Strength Overcomes Trials
Received 06-14-2010

My heart is full! Wow what a wonderful week it has been... The Lord is truly blessing Elder Ames and I and the area as a whole.
Dad their are many things that I am learning out here. I have seen the Lord's hand in this work continuously. I have been an instrument in the Lord's hands and I have most indeed felt this. How wonderful it is... The love of our Savior and our beloved Heavenly Father, and his patience for us. Yes we do mess up. Now let me tell you I had a pretty eye opening week. Elder Ames and I clashed for a time... But I was proud of myself I didn't swear nore raise my voice. But my words sunk deep and we both said some pretty piercing words to one another. I could feel the spirit calming me. I don't know how to explain it but I could feel that the Lord was helping me get through this clash of disagreement. We could have jumped up and started fighting right then and their. But we didn't I simply said "I understand" and then I left and went in the other room and prayed. Now the next day we told one another that we were sorry for what we had said. Elder Ames and are now becoming really close... I have really come to understand the hearts of the ones that try. I can see that we are all not the same that's evident. And we all have different areas of gifts. But we are all children of our Heavenly Father and he knows our hearts. I have thought about that allot! Man I heard an awesome quote from some senior missionaries that I think highly of and love dearly. Last district meeting after it I went up to Elder Norris and told him "I don't feel that I have done all that I can, I don't feel like I deserve all that's been given." He then told me "Elder Frost Sister Norris and I have commented on the fact of your spirit and you closeness to the Holy Ghost we have never seen a missionary so close to the spirit as you, you are one of the best missionaries" Man when he said this I felt the spirit and such a peace came to me a peace that made everything alright! Man how I love Elder and Sister Norris! They are a strength to me and they are an example to me in so many ways. They are the epitome of the Pure Love Christ they have Charity about them. They are top notch! I love them so much! It will be sad so see them leave soon in 2 weeks. It feels like I am about to say goodbye to guys once again. But the wonderful thing is they live in Ogden Utah! We are all going out one of these days.... Well when Elder Norris said this I noticed that I do strive to do my best and I strive to do better. But I am no better then anyone else I am just following the Spirit. That's all that I am doing Dad I am nothing without the Spirit I am nothing without my Savior.... But you know? I can say this! I am here and I do have a great heart thanks to my Heavenly Father the continuous guidance of The Holy Ghost.. My testimony has increased significantly.... How I love Elder Ames, sure he is not perfect... But who is? I most certainly am not. I am so glad that I am with him in this area! We are doing are best to progress this work, and show are diligence to the Lord. And with that we are being blessed, in more ways then one! I have never been so close to the Lord then I am now. This area rocks! I am having a blast! We teach like nobodies business and we are getting our friends to want to learn just the same! The Lord is answering our prayers and has answered them! Blessed be this area and blessed it is! I love being here! Their is no other place I would rather be.... Hey dad I got this quote and prompting journal that I carry around its pretty small it's pretty sweet! Their was something that Elder Norris said that hit me like a ton! He said "Elder Frost All you can do is all you can do and all you can do is enough" Is that not so true! I want Susan to read this E-mail. Because I think she needs to hear that. I am so thankful for the Spirit! Because I know that Elder and Sister Norris were prompted to say what they said.
The work is great Elder Ames and I have found 1 new Investigator and another new one this week. Now let me tell you I had a really spiritual moment yesterday with this new finder or truth. I was prompted to share with him my conversion. During this time the Spirit was so strong, and once again I was reminded of why I am the way I am and how I am here. I thank you all for your patience and your example and love that you showed forth to me while I was in that mist of darkness. My heart is full I am so thankful for you all! I love you all so much! We also have a Baptismal Date a new one Raaj again. I was on exchanges with Elder Kaafi my district leader and I felt prompted to go over to Raaj's and we caught him just as he was getting home from work. He said "Come on in! What do you have for me today?" Now Raaj asked some pretty deep questions from the heart the questions were why, how, and when pertaining to the Atonement. One day during my studies I was pondering this question I then was directed to Alma 42 Mercy and Justice. That Chapter is awesome it gives me goose bumps every time I read it. I invite you to read that chapter. Anyways I shared this with him and D and C Sec 19 super powerful Section. I was told by mission President to share this with him. So I put two and two together and that was the fullness of the Prompting. I remember what you told me Dad "Put your prompting with your Companions and that's the fullness of the prompting" Well in this case it was President Jackson that connected the fullness of the prompting. Haha! The cool thing was I was prompted to ask him about those questions. Read that Section Pop! D&C 19 super good. Well anyways this has been pretty long. But I just wanted to tell you that..... THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Bobby the new friend that we are going to teach was touched by my conversion story and he said it gave him such a desire to find the truth for himself. The spirit was so strong. With all my heart I send my Love and with all my appreciation and understanding of this sacred Gospel I seal it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.....
Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. I will send pictures soon hah! Sorry it's so hard to do everything! Man I know it's important I will do my best.

    Love Your Enemies
Received 06-07-2010
Yea... Elder Ames kinda is trunky keeps on bringing up home and stuff.. But anyways the Lord has blessed us we have nabbed to new friends to teach Ryan Gigair and Sally Rowe. Man dad I really do feel blessed. I have noticed that the Devil tries to bring us down when we are spiritually up-lifted that is when he attacks, because his focus is on us, because others that are just going about life with their head in the clouds don't really get it as much as us... The reason of this being is because we KNOW! He knows we know! That is why he tries to make us feel bad about our selves and make us feel like we are not worth is... Because we are! That's what it really comes down too we are! I know that the Lord loves me and you! Because we are striving to do better! The Devil knows that... Even the people that don't understand how to show their love to the Lord, their are some who have a good heart. Satan does not mess with them as much, because although they have a good heart that are blinded already. The best tool he uses against us is persuading us not to understand that he exists.. Now we are selves do understand! He wants us to be blind and lose everything we have worked for! But I know that if we cling to the truth we will never be led astray! I can promise you that Pop! I KNOW that to be true! I know that this is the true Church of Christ.. I know that he loves me and he knows my heart! The Devil does not! He does not know our hearts! He only sees what he sees. But he can persuade us to believe in such foolish notions, such as turning your heart against you, by believing that their is no point to life. Thus what is the point of living a good life? This is the devices of the Devil! I have seen this and felt it. Wickedness truly never was happiness nor ever will be! Yes Dad I have come to find out that Satan is right in between us and the ones that are reaching out to open that gate and cling to that rod.... He knows that we are the ones that can and will fight him off with none other then love... That's what really it comes down to! Satan does not love he hates! But I love those people that I am trying to help! And I love my Heavenly Father and my savior.... And I even love Satan.... Because he is my brother I feel bad for him. he wants us to hate him Dad... Though it is easily done don't do it! I can promise you that is you approach him with love he will not have any power over you... Now I am not saying love him for his character our his actions our his evil notions.
 But I am saying love him because Christ said "Love thy enemies" Satan is the enemy! Approach him with love. Now I need to be better at this. But I know that if we do he will not have any power over us........ The Holy Ghost is powerful and I had said this to a less active and she looked at me like I was crazy... But I am being reminded again that the key to all things is indeed LOVE! This was inspired! I have gotten direction from my Heavenly Father... Elder Scott told us that when we write down what the spirit tell us more will come.... This is true! More has come! I know what I need to do..... To help Elder Ames.... I must continue to love him! And continue to search for the good things in him! Because he is a good man! The devil is trying to tell me other wise! The Lord does not look at the faults in people but the strengths in people!
My dear Father how I love you and miss you dearly.. I am thankful for your message that you have shared with me! You are truly inspired.. I hope through this letter you can understand that I am thankful for you! You are my HERO... Thanks for being such an example to me. I know that this is the true church! It bring HOPE to ones heart! But it is more then just HOPE! It is LOVE and knowing that love! It is true! I know this because the Holy Ghost has been with me as I am writing this letter... Even every time I bear my testimony from the heart he is their to once again let me know of the truthfulness of this wonderful Gospel! Because it is no coincidence that, that familiar feeling our thoughts come when truth is being told! Because IT IS TRUE! Lee has been touched by this wonderful truth! Just the other day he called me and said "I feel empty inside brother" I told him "Why? You have done so many wonderful things! And the steps you are making are miraculous! Raise your head Lee and know you are doing a fantastic job!" He then felt whole again! But I know that was not because of me it was because of the Spirit! It was because I listened to it... But the feeling he felt was not because of me.... It is because of our Heavenly Fathers love for us.. His children! We are his children!
How I love you all so much! Cling to the truth and never let go! Cling to Love and it will show!
Love Eternally Elder Frost
P.S. Man I like that saying didn't know it would end up rhyming well that's cool!

Mom Received 6-02-2010
Hey Momma! I miss you guys so much! But man is time flying! Did you know I have been out here already 6 months?! Crazy! Time flies when you are learning and loving it! Well Mom I have been apart of Ashley Sanders, James Tanton, Lara and Chenoa Boderro and Lillyana Goodwin. We have 3 Baptisms in the air. Rick Caple, Lee Hatcher and Jenna Smith (Jenna is being taught by this awesome senior couple the Norris's) Man Elder and Sister Norris are Top notch! I love them! Anyways I love you so much! I am glad I am doing some good out here! How wonderful it is to be in the service of the Lord.
Man Mom I am a wonderful person? Hahha! You are a wonderful person! The reason why I am the way I am is because of you! I am the most blessed guy on Earth. Please Mom check out my blog I sent Susan a letter pertaining to a experience I had. Tell Pop's that I love him with all my heart! Man I know that I am the way I am because of all you wonderful people! My 4 wonderful parents! You all are the best! The best! I cannot ask for better parents! Every time someone asks me so how much Family do you have? I say 8! And 4 wonderful parents to! Man I am so blessed to be your son Momma! I do miss you! But man is time flying by! So anyways this transfer I am going to do allot better. I am going to work on getting up on time and working out. I did it today and I feel GREEEaaaaaat! hahah! Like Tony the Tiger! Send my Love to all my sisters.
Loves ya!
Love Eternally Elder Frost

Be Thou A Good Example
Received 06-01-2010

Man how great! You really got down the roles of the God Head. Hey mom thanks for everything that you do for your family and for the Lord. He truly does love you. I know that to be true. Being on the mission I have seen only a glimpse of this love that he has for us. But the glimpse has brought me to a higher understanding and a stronger love for him. I tell you Mom I have never been happier.....
I feel impressed to share an experience I just had yesterday... Today is Tuesday the library was closed so we are doing our E-mails today. What I am about to share is the love I have felt from my Heavenly Father on a continuous basis. I pray that the Spirit will be with me as I am sharing this with you and I can fully express my self. Sometimes Mom I feel like I fall short to much! But I think that goes for all of us. I want to live up to my covenants I have made with my Heavenly Father I want to show him 100% how much I love him and will obey him because I love him. Yesterday I was not being so obedient. Now what I am going to share with you is this.... I was under the impression that I wanted "A day off" meaning I could do some other things that could not regularly do like watch movies ect... Listen to music that didn't scare away the spirit but did not invite it. Going to stores with out Pros on doing things I was not supposed to be doing. Now my Companion Elder Ames he is kind of a rebel but now in the way that he is a "bad" missionaries but in the way he chooses not to follow certain rules. Now I see that when you are completely being obedient you can be some what tense. Because you are so worried about others not following the rules. So you have to have a balance a balance so you don't go crazy....
Now this is true how ever some times can blow the balance out of the water by deliberately disobeying the rules. This outcome of doing such things makes you vulnerable to the fiery darts of the adversary.. I was at Best buy yesterday so I got on one of the I pad thingys anyways I read a little bit of my E-mails and the E-mail from Dad that says "As your spirit grows stronger so does Satan's determination to sift you as wheat!" this was at the last of the letter. And as always he put "Keep you guard up" Well Mom I didn't do really bad things nevertheless I went back to the plain rather then holding strong to the spiritual plain I am on.... I don't want you to think I fell to temptation but I did however go to the edge by doing things that were not for a missionaries to do. For instance we did not do any effort to bring others unto Christ yesterday..... The whole day was P"Day haha... Yea... But anyways their is a wonderful experience I would like to share now... Now when I had read what Dad said it hit me! Why? Why do I do things that I know are wrong? Now my Companion he has a good heart but he watches movies out here and does not take the rules seriously.. He has some glasses that have mini screens on them and a DVD player so he can watch movies. Yea... I was not expecting missionaries to do those things but I was living in a fantasy land... But I know that I however do not have to do them. So by the end of the day yesterday as my Comp was watching yet another movie, I pored my heart out to my Heavenly Father... I said "I am sorry for I know the things that I did today was not right, please forgive me, Father I am trying so hard to do whats right.... Help me" When I gave this prayer I felt the comfort I felt him the bad feeling went away I once again I felt the healing power of the Atonement... Man it was wonderful! I have made a commitment Mom to no longer droop in sin to do better! I know I am not perfect but I know I can do better! I can feel it! I know I can't change my Companion by I can show him by my example. And I will do this..... After the prayer I listened to a song and it starts "Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for his friends, the way that he holds my broken heart together with his hands." WE CAN NOT DO THIS ON OUR OWN AND WE NEVER HAVE! I then began to feel the spirit caress me and let me know that I am a good missionary and I felt the strength to do better! My prayer was answered even right then. How I love my savior how I recognize and realize that I am nothing without him. I felt the night and day difference to being in the "World" once again! But no more! No more will I be so easily persuaded no more will I droop in sin! I know that our savior does not want us to be hard on our selves. Because I know that I am a great person and I know that the heart that I have is because of my Heavenly Father and my Savior. My dear Mother how I love you and your love for our Father and Brother.
Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Heart of a Missionary
Received 05-24-2010
. Well anyways all is well here Elder Ames and I are really flourishing we taught 13 lessons this week! Hahah yea and we have 2 Baptismal dates on the calender! Lee Hatacher and Rick Caple. Man I love both of these men! I have become really close to Lee we really have connected! He recognizes the spirit and is excited about being Baptized! Man Pop all is well here we are truly being blessed. Just yesterday in sacrament I had revelation come to me on how I can be a better missionary let me tell you the insight I got "Study Purity this transfer and sanctification and Charity" I then got the prompting of the spirit and these thought came to my mind "Obedience is showing forth your love for our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ" I was asked beforehand to give a lesson in gospel principals on Obedience I know this was no coincidence for I need to learn more about this principal. Now Obedience correlates with Charity. And what is Charity? Charity is the pure love of Christ he showed forth his Obedience to his Father he showed forth his pure love to us. Man think about that Dad.... Me being here I have just scratched the surface of the Atonement Cleon Skousin said "Their had to be enough mercy sufficient to overcome the demands of justice" Our Savior did indeed have that sufficient mercy to overcome the demands of justice. I feel so blessed right now. Sure I didn't get much sleep last night cause I kept waking up but non the less I feel blessed and I may have a bit of a stomach ace..... But how the Lord has blessed me out weighs all of that. Haha! Yesterday was just incredible I received that Revelation for a reason....
Their was another insight I got..... Pertaining to prayers "The answer we get from our Heavenly Father is not going to be the answer we expect nor will it be as miraculous as expected.. But we need pay close attention to find the answer" This was not all at once, I had to put the pieces together and because of that I came up with that from the Holy Ghost. I want you all to think about this, because it is very true! Another insight I got was very personal and very touching during this moment of this message I felt so much love flow through my body. Let me share with you this sacred message to me "Be lovingly devastated when investigators do not come to church do not jump to conclusions, the Lord knows where their heart is be at peace. Do not give up, never! Continue to pray for your friends. The adversary wants you to jump to conclusions, do not do it! Rely wholly upon the Lord. For Heavenly Father recognizes our efforts, we must rely depend, and be patient with the Lord. Elder Frost you are Charitable do not let unanswered questions get in the way. Do not underestimate you and the mantle you carry. You are closer to the spirit then you think Elder Frost..... I love you my son!" Man just typing that puts me to tears. How wonderful! I love my Heavenly Father! I love my Savior! Just the other day I went on exchanges with my District Leader Elder Markert during this exchange at night we answered one another prayers the spirit was so strong. He told me that he has always thought about the Gospel and he told me that the Gospel is for the individual.... I then told him "I have come to realize that once you gain a testimony it doesn't become about you but it becomes about every body else...." When I said this he said no and began to debate with me about the matter... I then said think of Alma the Younger he said that any time he thinks about his brothers and sisters are in spiritual darkness he has pains in his soul.... I then told him this is me anytime I think about that I to fill the same way. He then looked at me and the spirit was so strong he said "I have never met anyone that has that love that you have....That heart of yours Elder Frost is very admirable"He then said "I was talking to an Elder about my theory who is a scriptorium and he could not prove this theory wrong, you Elder Frost have blown my theory right out of the water" When he said this I not only heard it but I felt it... I know that this heart I do have is because of my Heavenly Father I know that because I am here is because of your Faith Father, so thank you! I cannot express my love fully for all of you.

Love Eternally Elder Frost

The Power Of The Mantle
Received 5-17-2010

My dear father I don't know how to fully put into words the love I have for you. Dad I know that because of you I am here. I just don't feel that I was able to say all that I needed to say. I am eternally thankful for you. Man you are just the best example to me. I Love you so much! Dad I was at Priesthood Stake Conference yesterday. And I thought about the priesthood I thought about how much of a blessing it is to have such Authority here on the Earth I thought about all the wonderful blessings it has given us as man. But then my thoughts shifted and now I think about how you carry the Priesthood. You have been an example to me pertaining to this specific thing the calling of a priesthood holder. Dad I have seen miracles come from your faith and the faith of the ones you have laid your hands on. I hope that some day I can be that faithful.... Not to say that I am not faithful but I know that I need to increase that faith to that of yours. I tell you this apart of being a priesthood holder is aiding all that stand in need that do not have that. But how do aid those that do not want? Well I think we must pray with all our hearts. The ones that do not have such Authority we must pray diligently for them. Such as our beloved family members. We were reading a talk that President Packer gave he said that the only thing that we can fend Satan off with in these coming days is the Priesthood. I tell you this because I know that these are the last days we must step forward and find the ones that are in need.
  For the savior said for he that loseth his life for me the same shall find it.  Being out here I think that I am finding my life but not gaining these inevitable blessings but seeing others frowns turn into smiles seeing others embrace the gospel seeing others find that joy that is not far off. Dad I know I have much much more work to do. But thus far I can truly say I have put my all into this wonderful work. But I do not do this alone the prayers on our behalf that is the missionaries abroad, that is how we are able to perform such glorious work!I leave you with my testimony that I know that this is the Lord's work! For how could me a simple man be able to touch the hearts of the ones I teach along with my beloved companion? Simple because we have the mantle of Jesus Christ. I feel that I was praying last night and I felt the comformation of the love and that he is proud of me. I tell you this I know that he is! His love is like no other love his love never dies..... But mine as well will never die for him. I LOVE HIM! I would die for him! I will die proclaming his name and our wonderful Heavenly Father! I am filled with the spirit as I am typing this. I know that they love all of us. They desire all to have what they have. I know that Elder Ames and I are being directed by the spirit. I know that we will see our beloved family that has passed on..... In the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen
 I need to tell you all that is happening! We have had 2 new investigators last week! Rick Caple and Lee Thatcher they are both going to be Baptized. Rick said if he found the truth he will be Baptized but he accepted the invitation to Baptism. Lee will be Baptized on June 5th. Just yesterday I had the privilege of meeting this man at Church. With tears in his eyes he told me that he is a bad father he told me that he wants to do better and he feels so horrible. With direction of the spirit I told him "It does not matter of what you have done but what you are doing, the Lord cares of what your heart is now... Because you have made that first step he is happy this day he smiling right now, and you have shown that you want to be happy by being in this very building." I can't remember all of it but these were promptings I had gotten through out church. After Church he told me he has allot of trials to bear.... I looked back on my trials that I had to over come I told him of a scripture in Alma 7:11 I told him that our Savior Jesus Christ knows what he is going through because he has been through it. Through my tears I told him "I have been their" He embraced me with tears in both of our eyes and he said "Thank you Elder Frost I am so thankful to meet you" We are going to teach Lee this week about the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Now we got Lee as a Investigator from other Elders that taught him from the singles Ward Elder Troff and Elder Noel they taught him 2 lessons and now we Elder Ames and I are taking the reigns because Lee is to old to be in the singles ward.... But Lee and I had a moment that was very special to me I love this man! I am so thankful for the gospel I am so thankful for the Atonement! I cannot wait to see my savior and embrace him in my tears just as Lee and I did..... I know that is what the Savior would say if he were their, because those words sunk deep within his heart.....
Elder Ames and I love one another we are Joy full of the blessings that we are getting from our Heavenly Father.
Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received 05-03-2010
Hey Pop! Things are going great over here! Elder Ames and I have a new investigator! And we have a new Baptismal Date in the air David Myers! This man is a great man... Let me tell you how we found him. Elder Ames and I were street contacting...
I saw this man who was dirty so people would say who just pass by with out saying anything. Who don't even say hi to him. I asked Elder Ames "What about him? We should give him a card" He said "We just always pass him by and he just looks at us none ever talks to him" Man! I thought in my head "Are you kidding?!" Sure this man isn't the most hygienic man but he is a child of God! Hah! Well anyways I went up to him and said "Can I give you a card sir?" He said "No I am good" I cant remeber all the things I said to him, but I do remember this, and that is he smiled... He felt the spirit I then asked "Can we please come and share more with you?" We asked him where he lived but he didn't want to answer... We assumed he was homeless.... But I didn't care! So anyways we got a first lesson with him and the spirit was so strong! I then had the prompting to ask him to be Baptized he accepted! hahah! Man! We just have to listen and just look at a glimpse of what the savior sees. Then suddenly bam! Miracles happen! He is getting Baptized on the 22 !
Well I love you Pop's but I got to go! Tell Susan I am sorry for not having time to write her. I will talk to you all this coming Sat.. We have 45 min to talk I have much more to share with you. I will say this I know I am here for a reason! And that reason is that heart the Lord has indeed given me. I don't boast in myself but I boast in my God! That's in the Book of Mormon
Love Eternally Elder Frost
P.s. I am near Menlo Park if that helps. Hahah! And Elder Ames is from North Pole Alaska! Funny Huh? Elder Ames and Elder Frost one from the north pole and the other a snowman!

Received 4-26-2010

Elders Frost, Kareford,Watson ,Ward with Aroura n Hector Jamenez

My dear Mother.... I wan't to thank you for your idea! Thank you so much! I got those packets of seeds in the mail the other day! Well I don't have much time at all... So I just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart. Now to tell you how I am. Well Mom alot has happened this passed week, I have learned more about why I am here. Let me tell you a a experience I had.
On I think Tues last week Elder Ames and I were driving around (yea I know have a car) Elder Ames had this impression to go over to a previous investigator house.The name of this ivestigator is Raj. I don't recall his last name at the moment.. But we went their and he was not home but he came driving up as we were approaching his door. He told us "Sorry I have to go some where right now but can we re-schedule?" We said yea of course! So we did just that! It was the other day that we went over their and talked with him. I had this prompting to talk with him once again about the restoration (Raj has been seeing missionaries since 1991!) so he knows the lessons our rather the gist of them.
But I had a prompting to bring up the restoration and Elder Ames did as well. I began to expound on all things concerning the restoration... I don't remember all the things that we told him but I do remember the feeling that we had in that room! It was the spirit of the Lord and it was strong! All of my words were very specific on what I had to say to him..
 I bore solemn testimony to him and told him that I know that the church is true.
Now let me tell you a little about Raj, Raj is Hindu and is a very spiritual man! The light of Christ illuminates from him. How wonderful he is. I felt a strong love for him right then and their. The words that I shared with him were indeed from the heart. I looked us and said "Thank you! You have answered my prayers! Man so much love filled me from head to toe. I felt very comfortable with him. Then the spirit shifted asked him and I did the talking... "Raj will you follow the example of Jesus Christ be being baptized by someone hold the proper Authority of God? We will be holding a Baptismal date on May 23. Will you prepare yourself to be Baptized on that date?" He looked at us and said "I will pray about it and and meditate on it" But he told us he had been thinking about that for quiet some time..... I know that the Lord is thrilled for Raj! And he will indeed be Baptized. At that moment I imagined him in white.
Thank you Mom for your prayers I don't have much time.. But the other day I got the answer of that I am here for a reason. I am so thankful for the Lord and his patience for me
Love Eternally Elder Frost

Elder Mecham, Frost with New Convert Kim


Received 4-20-2010
Man dad I am having a rough time here in Valapariso I feel so out of place.... It's been really hard for me, when I left Livermore I felt like I was leaving from Utah from all of you wonderful people.. I am so glad that Jared and Jamie are having a baby! That's so wonderful! I am so happy that you passed Pop's good job! I prayed for you that you would. To tell you the
truth I knew you would old man!
Well Dad I don't have much time I just wanted to say thanks for everything! Thank you for being such a great example to me! I love you so much! I am very homesick right now I miss you allot.. I feel like I need to Jam and just let loose hah! But I can't but I can tell you this their is no place I would rather be then here... How I love the Lord with all my heart! He is helping me through this. I know I am here in Valparaiso for a reason I just don't know what that is yet.
In Livermore I felt so close to the Lord and I feel it here... But something in me keeps telling me to become closer... I need to follow the rules better, I have been sleeping in... And not putting my all into it. I just feel so out of place here... Man my Companion is awesome but he does not like tracting and it feels like that's what we need to do... Well more challenges but more blessing await.
Love Eternally Elder Frost
P.s. I will never give up! I know I am doing my best!

James Tanton with Elders Frost n Watson

A New Area !
Received 4-12-2010
Hey Dad! I am so glad that you got a Job! I have been praying for you to get one I am glad the the Lord has blessed you! Sp get this Dad I got transferred to a place I can not yet remember... I left it on Dave's E-mail haha! Well Dad I just wanted to say that I love you and I am glad that everything is going well... Send my love to everyone and tell them that they are butt munches for not sending me any E-mails.... Hahah! I sent Aaron a letter did he get it by chance? Oh! I almost forgot here is when I was ordained to a Elder DEC 14 2009
Let me tell you what I have left behind... Ahhh Livermore it was so much fun from wonderful members to wonderful experiences. I have gotten a number of addresses so that I can keep in touch with that wonderful place and people. Let me tell you something that happened that was really cool! So we had been teaching two new people Stephane Baer and Beatrice Baer (Steph is a member who is getting active once again and Beatrice is an investigator) We were teaching them the 1st lesson and during the lesson I kept on having the prompting to ask her to work towards Baptism and I kept on looking passed it and thought logically rather than spiritually.... Well it came to the end of the lesson and then the prompting came once more. I then told her that we wanted he to enter the gate to Eternal life.... She at first rejected but then we began to explain that it was a goal... She then felt really good about it! At first I was kinda scared... But yesterday she came to Church and she came up to me and said "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you" I then began to cry the spirit touched my heart and I knew what I had done, that is follow the prompting of the spirit, was the right thing and always is! I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father for using me as a tool and a harvester in his hands. I also received the prompting that the Baptism should be on May 18th! Well it turns out that, that is the birthday of one of their family members... So they will not forget. How I love the mission with all my heart, and I know that Heavenly Father loves his children! I will continue to DO MY BEST and follow the spirit. This new area is going to be a blast! I love you all so much and you all are in my heart always.

Love Eternally Elder Frost
P.s. I have been praying for you in regards to the tests love you Dad and God be with you

Love Thy Neighbor
Received 4/4/2010

Thanks alot Blue Eyed Mama! I have been praying for you all in my heart and in my night and morning prayers! I am so thrilled that Pop's got a job! I will continue to pray for you all! How wonderful the Lord is I love him with all my heart! It was such a wonderful day yesterday... I fealt kinda bad the last session I fell asleep during one of the Seventys talk and then I woke up and what did I do? I burped! Hah! Funny eh? One of the Elders in my district Elder Terry was sitting next to me and I looked at him and gave him such a look like "Did you hear that?!" we then looked back at the screen (We were in the chapel with about 20 people) we then begain to chuckle in the midst of an Apostle's talk! Horrible huh? We then could not contain ourselves so we hurried out of the Chapel and Laughed so hard.... We were laughing so hard I begain to cry... We came back and I still could help but think how awkward it was man, I begain to laugh again! By this time the prayer approched and during the prayer I was holding in my laughter "Phew" it was the longest prayer I have ever endured haha!..... But last night in my prayer I exspressed

Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received March 29th 2010

My wonderful and uplifting Mother I am so glad that you are going to College and are pursuing your passion to be a teacher.

 Well another week has passed in this wonderful/challenging mission field. Wonderful because I am able to see wonderful things challenging because I learn wonderful things hah! But this passed week has been one of those wonderful weeks. Just yesterday I witnessed another wonderful Miracle, the Baptisms of Lara and Chenoa Boderro, what a wonderful day it was! The Baptisms began at 7:00 pm and Confirmations took place right after. Now let me tell you what happened, how I felt. I felt so much love in the whole Church their was love flowing through out the walls of the Church during this wonderful Ordinance. How I love the Boderro family I love them with all my heart and I was so excited for Lara and Chenoa I am excited for them, I know for them being baptized they have entered in the gate the leads to Eternal Life 2 Ne 31. Let me tell you what was so special about this Baptism..... Lara and Chenoa were going to 2nd ward at the time because the Hoxies fellowshipped them, but now the Hoxies are moving into the 3rd ward boundaries which is where Lara lives! Ha-ha! Funny huh? Now they can go to church with them in the 3rd ward boundaries. Now here is the special thing that put me to tears. Both members from the 2nd and 3rd were at Lara and Chenoa's Baptism..
When I saw the many people filled in the Chapel, because their was not enough room for all to sit down where the font is. I felt by the spirit that Lara and Chenoa needed that. Mark actually came to the Baptism as well! Now Lara asked me to confirm her a member of the Church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. How wonderful that was to lay my hands on her head and give her something I hold so close to my heart, that is the Holy Ghost. Chenoa was given the Holy Ghost by Elder Watson, how I love Elder Watson I know that we both have the proper Authority to perform such a sacred thing. I remember after the Confirmation I was filled with the spirit! Their was so much love flowing through that building. I sat down and I looked at Mark and I saw him being touched by the spirit. I had this strong impression to wrap my arms around him and say "Thank you Mark I love you" I did so I went up to him and gave him a hug. I said just that he said to me "I love you to Elder Frost" I do love Mark he is a wonderful man and I will continue to pray for him, I hope with every fiber of my being that he will accept what he felt yesterday. I know he felt the spirit. Wow Mom! I love this work so much I will say that I have come a long way, the week that I was sick I felt really close to our savior Jesus Christ. I thought of the pain in which he suffered for me. Also in that very week I came closer to my Heavenly Father. Arileo dropped us he told us he didn't want us to come share with him what we know to be true with him anymore. I felt so shattered inside I just went in the bathroom when I got home and wept like a little child. I was thinking of how Heavenly Father feels when his children do that to him on a daily basis. I have come to find out that I have just gotten a glimpse of what both our Heavenly Father goes through and what our Savior goes through. I thank my Heavenly Father for that week, and I thank my Savior for the Continuous pain he goes through. One other thing about the confirmation for Lara I remember that the Spirit prompted me to say "Lara these people around you made a decision to bring you back to the fold in the Pre-existence" that was not the exact words but I remember that feeling. I felt right when I met this wonderful lady Lara that I knew her even before this life. This was confirmed to me to be to true, and I know it is. I know their are still many waiting for me to fulfill the promise I made them.

> So Mom I have learned allot thus far and have felt allot and I have loved even more. I love all these people here in Livermore even the ones around me here in the Library. "Forgive them they know not what they do" that is the words the savior said on the cross when he was suffering for the sins of the world. I love you so much Mom words cannot express my love for you. Both Grandma Melodee and Grandma Hart are helping me through this I feel their strength daily. I love her so much and Grandpa Hart to, he is helping me I feel the spirit so strong just typing those words. Mom this gospel this plan Is LOVE everything about it, and I am just beginning to understand that LOVE....

 Love Eternally Elder Frost

P.S. I am going to the Temple this week I will be thinking of you and everyone. How I love the Temple I know I will feel the Love of all of you my whole family my Heavenly Father and My beloved Savior Jesus Christ... I will close in the name of him Mother I say all of this in the sacred name of Jesus Chirst amen.....

Received 03-22-2010


Hey dad, you are most correct about me having ups and downs here, but still non the less how thankful I am to have them. I have learned alot last week when I was sick. Also last week Arileo dropped us, that was really hard on me. I fealt this wrenching pain in my heart. But then I thought about how are Heavenly Father feels when his children drop him every day. I want to please my Heavenly Father and show my love for him by never giving up and always keeping my guard up! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! I promise you this Dad I will do better! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful father! I love you with all my heart. A love that will last forever! Dad when I was sick I felt alot of pain... This was one of the worst sicknesses I have ever had in my life, and the worst week of my mission thus far. I could'nt sleep I could'nt go work, wasn't able to go to church as I told you (but I went yesterday) I was miserable. But as I was sick I thought of our savior Jesus Christ and how he wen't through so much pain and afflictions so that he would understand what we are going through Alma 7:11 I felt really close to him, and now I feel even closer to our savior. I thank him for helping me through this sickness. But not just this sickness, through everything that has befalled me through everything that has set me back! He has taken my hand and has brought me out of the holes I have dug myself into. My Lord my Savior Jesus Christ is my rock and my salvation! He is my light! Dad..... I am going to do better out here! I owe him just that! I owe my heavenly Father just the same Love Eternally Elder Frost

Received 03-07-2010

Touching The Heart

Your son Elder Frost has blessed our home today. His testimony of Christ and the Attonement inspired us as he taught. Thanks for supporting him . Attached is a photo of him with our family.
thanks John Lee family

The John Lee Family with Elder Frost and Elder Watson

Received 03-01-2010

Great Blessings Await Those Who Desire To Serve

Hahah! Yea! Thanks Pop! I will always keep my guard up no matter what! So yea! Lara and Shanowa are getting Baptized!!! Our prayers have been answered! Now for the others =] I feel like theirs so much more work to be done! But when I take a step back I realize that I am doing my best and the Lord is blessing his children! How wonderful it is! How I love this work with all my heart! How amazing it is to be the mouth piece of the spirit! So get this! You know Arileo? Well.... We taught him the 1st lesson in his home! He said he would pray about the book of Mormon and the Prophet Joseph Smith! Too top it all off yesterday as well we were able to be apart of the Confirmation circle with James! Wow! What a wonderful feeling that was! It was touching to feel the love of Heavenly Father towards James. Now for the Witherspoons we are going to go over their on the 16th, she is very busy and does not have much time right now. But we will get her ;) Alright so everything is going fantastic! I am getting better at getting up on time and really following the rules. There is so much more to do, and it will be done! Love ya Dad! Ok I will look in my journal about when I was ordained into the office of an Elder. I thought you meant when I was set apart, my Bad. Hahh! So Dad how is everything going? I am so stoked for Camille I wish I could be their! But tell her she owes me an endowment session :D and Aaron for that matter. Well I could not be more happier! My message for you this P" day is this..... How do you become more closer to the Savior Jesus Christ? Well I have had this on my mind for quite some time... And I have come to realize that when you feed his sheep and Intricately observe what he has done for you and what he is doing, thats when you will but begin to come closer... Love ya Pops! Love Eternally Elder FrostP.S. How is Jake? Did he get my letter? Feed his sheep thats a challenge I leave with you today find someone this week and feed them with the word.

Hey blue eyed mama! How are you doing? Your a wonderful person I hope you can tell yourself that... Susan I wan't you to do something for me. I wan't you to at least once a week look in the mirror and say "I am a wonderful wife, mother and daughter of god" Can you do that for me? Everything here is going so fantastic I can hardly bealive on how much is going on! We have so many Potentials and Progressing Investagators! Just yesterday Elder Watson my companion said "I have never had so much success on my mission as I am now" Why is this? Well we have wholly relied on the Lord and he is blessing us and his children. The Faith in which I am exercising and developing is so wonderful! The Lord blesses me each day! Thank you so much for your prayers and your faith in me. I could not do this without you guys... I will continue to do my best! For the best! I love you so much Susan! Thanks for everything Love Eternally Elder Frost
Received 02-22-2010

An Apostle Touches The Heart

Hey Pop! Sounds like you are doing well! How is finding a job coming along?? Have you heard from Jake at all? I wrote him a letter awhile back and I wan't to know if he has gotten it yet. I literally met Richard G. Scott! He came and talked to us as a mission. I also wen't up to him and shoke his hand! I had a wonderful experience that answered my prayers! Let me tell you something that I know to be true! That the lord Answers prayers! I have been praying for quite some time to recieve a certain answer to a specific prayer! Elder Scott told us we could ask questions, I asked about three questions, and I had one more..... The first question was "Elder Scott is in always necessary to bear your testimony to everyone? Everyone that you meet?" He told me this "A testimony is a powerful tool and should be used properly" I can't remember if that was the exact words he used..... But then my mind was enlightened by the Holy Ghost. I came to understand that a Testimony is sacred, nevertheless you should bear it when appropriate. But here's the thing Dad when I go up to someone and say "I know that the Book Of Mormon is true!" Is that bearing my testimony? Nope! Because im not exspounding on it. I have come to realize how much it affects me when I bear my heart to someone which I was doing until now...... Now for the next question "Elder Scott what if someone rejects the offer to became closer to Jesus Christ, what do I do?" He said "Rather then sharing with them that they can show them that they can! By giving them a scripture to read, so they can see that they can become closer to their saviour" Now this was not the exact words by the Holy Ghost is so wonderful! I remember the feeling of the question and that's what it was! Thats how the spirit works! Hey Dad don't ever be afraid to share with someone what you know! Now here's where the meeting took a turn...... I had one more question to ask him I raised my hand and he said "Ok that's it for questions" He then said "I will now not talk to you as Richard G. Scott but as an Apostile of Jesus Christ" Now the words in which he said I cannot tell you right now... The reason why is it's to sacred to type... Alright Pop? I am sure you understand where it wen't however! I can't wait to tell you what happened in person! Now after is Apostolic testimony he sat down. The Elder was coming up to close with a prayer when suddenly Bam! He got up said he fealt inspired to say something. He told us how their was going to be a number of us that would fall away from the church and or become inactive, he then said but it doesn't have to be any of you! He told us to hold to the little things and remeber these days! THIS WAS THE QUESTION I HAD IN MY HEAD AT THE TIME!! Let me tell what my specific question was.... Why is it that people fall away when they have had the witness of the Holy Ghost tell them of the truthfullness of the Gospel? The answer was this to put what Elder Scott said to the answer of my prayer with the guidance of the Holy Ghost.... The reason why is because people have to have the continuous desire to know!! Is that not amazing?! I fealt as if that inspiration that he had recevied was just for me! I KNOW THAT THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! The Lord does love us and he will always! I am thankful for Elder Scott he truely is a Special Witness of our Savior who was born in bethlahem and went about teaching his gospel. And then Took upon him the pains and afflictions of his brothers and sisters. But he was risen! And he lives! The same Savior that showed himself to the brother of Jared! The same Saviour that guided Nephi and his family to the promised land! The same Savior that delivered the righteous out of the hands of the wicked so many times! The same saviour that came to the Nephites and Lamanites and showed himself and blessed them! The same saviour that has put me on his shoulders and brought me back to this beautiful Gospel! The same saviour that I love with all my heart! The same saviour that WILL COME AGAIN! The same saviour that guides and directs his church! I leave this with you in the name of that same glorifed being even Jesus Christ Amen Love Eternally Elder Frost 

Received 02-09-2010

Thank you for the update! I am so glad that you and Susan have that calling! Tell Susan I love her! And tell the inmates that I love them to! Thanks dad! So how is finding a Job going!? Oh and to tell you about when I was Set apart it was Nov 7 because I wen't to the MtC November 8th. Ok so does that cover it? Sorry I forgot to tell you. Let my give you some of the update on the work and the wonderful things that are occuring. We have two Potential Familys we are going to teach! Yep you read that correctly :D The MCclouds and the Witherspoons! We ran into Brook Witherspoon the other day! We were most certainly directed by the spirit! We wen't to go see an inactive member and she was not home. So begain to make our way back home for dinner. When suddenly I had a feeling to go a different way! Well because of this feeling we ended running into Brook! We talked with her and she told us that she had neighbors that were LDS and grew up with someone that was LDS! Haah! Yep! What are the chances?!?! Well Elder Watson and I know that was no councidence! To tell you about the MCclouds. We were on splits with the Elders the other night and again we were about to go see a inactive member. When suddenly I had a very strong impression to go see the MCclouds (Robbie and Courtney) Now we wen't and saw them and the Mother Cherille I think her name is answered the door.. She was about to go to bed. We asked her how things were going and she told us that her Dad was in the hospital Grandpa Mccloud. We told her that we are here for her and she will be in our prayers! She told us to come back this week! I am looking forward to this! Could you guys pray for this family specificly that we will be able to teach them? Elder Mecham and I wen't over their to at the very beggining of when I arrived. We have been trying ever since and have been dilligent. Anyways I love you Dad for all eternity! Love Elder Frost! P.S. I shared more of my exsperience with Mom, oh and how is Jake and Jared doing! Those buggers that haven't wrote me! Oh and tell Aaron I am sorry! I have been very busey. I took a nap on P-day and I loss track of time and didn't get around to writing him.... Tell Aaron and Mimi I love them 

Step-Mom Received 02-02-2010

Hard Work Brings Forth Blessings

Thank's so much! I love you so much Blue Eyed Mama! I thank my Heavenly Father for having you all in my life! I love you guys with all my heart! Last week Rocked!! I loved it! Elder Watson and I worked hard to prepare for our investagtors! It payed off! I don't know if I have told you much about Mark. He is the one that is having a hard time feeling the spirit... But yesterday on the Sabbath day he said he enjoyed church! And Lara gave him a decision he could either stay home our go to church! He chose to come!!! I have been praying for them very hard I know that the Lord has answered my prayers! How I love seeing people grow! It's so exciting to see the change in people! Now for James! He has accepted Baptisim! He is getting Baptized on Feb 13! I am so excited for him! And we are working towards getting Mark and Lara Baptized as well! And we have 2 new Investagators Arileo Garcia and Cassie(whom we found tracting!)I have come to understand the POWER of prayer and how much my Heavenly Father does love me. Susan you were right! I have come to understand what it truely does mean to rely upon my Heavenly Father. Thank you for all that you do! I love Elder Watson he is an amazing Man! I knows how to work but also how to have fun! We get along extremely well, I am so thankful for the Lord he has been blessing me TENFOLD! I feel so close to this Elder and we have only known each other for 3 weeks! I truely Love these people with all my heart I feel as if I have known them even in the Pre-existence I told Mark and Lara how much we loved them and me personly I explained to them that I was praying for them even before I met them. The spirit was so warm I almost begain to cry! I bore my heart the best I could! How I love all these people in Livermore CA! Love Eternally Elder Frost

Worth Of A Soul Is Great In The Eyes Of God

Elder Frost Meets Frosty!

Received 01-25-2010

Thanks Dad! Thank you for the wonderful message that you have shared with me! I know that life can be tough at times, sometimes we wonder whether we are able to do what the lord requires of us, sometimes we question ourselves...... Which in all reality we are questioning the lord when we question ourselves. The reason why I bring this up is because I was doing a bit of questioning to my self. I asked the Lord in my head "Are you sure I can train on the area Lord? I have only been here for 6 weeks..." Well I have gotten my response "Counsel me not" Jacob 5. I thought I truly knew what this meant. I came across this scripture about 2 weeks ago. But now I understand why that scripture stuck out to me the most now. I have been given a rather difficult task. The adversary knows my weaknesses but the Lord knows my strong points! He makes my weaknesses stand out that I truly may know them and better them. This has been a rather hectic week, however I am able to remember members and the ones searching for the truth. The Lord has truly shown me the way to better myself and better my mission! I ran into something that has helped me so much! I read the conference issue of the Ensign. I read what Prophet Monsen counseled us on, and that is "Love on another" he said that you show your love by simple acts of service. I think we can all do better in this area, but the reason why this uplifted me is because I realized that I have been given that gift. The gift to reach out and show my love! I know this to be true! I also came across what Elder Eyring said he said "If you try keep on trying don't give up!" This helped me so much! I know that both of those men are called of God and that was how the lord provided me ressasurance and comfort. I love them so much I know that they are truly men of God! I love our brethren! They are truly inspired men! To answer your question about James and Kim. James came to church yesterday and that was wonderful! I think the last lesson could have gone better... We had Brother Totten come by (an old guy) and he like taught the whole lesson of the Plan of Salvation and then some! He wen't way to deep I couldn't feel the spirit except when we bore Testimony. But non the less James feels the spirit at church! Kim is an inactive member as you know and she has not been to church since we have been teaching her. She claims the reason why she isn't going is because she is sick. But overall the progression of James is going rather well! It could be better... Next lesson we are going to go over some things to help him be at peace. Now for Mark and Lara... Mark feels the spirit and the lesson are going great! Lara is apparently ready to be baptized, thats what Sister Hawksee told us... I don't know how much of that is true... But I know that she is very receptive to the spirit. Mark is Finding ways to get around the truth of his feelings... He looked on the internet about Joseph Smith and how he had 60 wifes?!!? Wow! That was an exaggeration! The internet is not a good source! Especially for your journey for your soul! Sheesh... Anyways next lesson is this Friday at 4:30 I am looking forward to teaching them again with Elder Watson. Oh yea Elder Watson is from Boston! He is a great man! We get along very well more then Elder Mecham and I did... We are really enjoying the Campanion-ship thus far. Oh yea Dad by the way I do have a cable for Pictures but not the Software Love Eternally Elder Frost

New Companion New Challenges
Received 1-19-2010

So get this dad! My trainer Elder Mecham was transferred to the Los Altos area. I now have a new Companion, his name is Elder Watson he is really cool! Let me tell you what I have learned from Elder Mecham. I have learned on the mission as you know, most of all the time their is a imbalance and that is the spiritual side of things this imbalance is required to be a missionary, you are expected to follow the white hand book to a "T" but I have come to realize that you can't always follow the exact rules pertaining to the white hand book, their are times when you have to have some fun their are times when you need to loosen up and build yourself up again to go back to the imbalance of spiritual governing. I understand that the white hand book is here for us to help us be the best! But their are times when you need to have some "Fun" like watch a church movie, relax and talk to your companion, and sometimes if necessary play Basket ball (when its not p-day) now dad don't think that I’m not following the rules because these are apart of them... Let me explain the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we need to maintain a balance in mental, spiritual, and physical. Our brethren today of the church expand on that. My trainer taught me in order to love the mission you have to love the work and the people. Ok I knew this already. I do love the work I love teaching the wonderful message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Now with that being said their are different things to each mission. I think in this mission you have to loosen up a bit and show that you love the work in all that you do and say. Now not to say that I am not doing my best to abide by the white handbook cause I am. But to say that at times it is required to do something to get your mind off the work so you don’t get crushed by the world. I went on an exchange with Elder Karford one of the missionaries in my district, and we were talking about tracking, now when you tract you basically bear your heart to the person on the door step right then and their. Now most of the time that heart in which you bear is crushed with the very foot of that person who you are trying to share the wonderful message with. Now I have learned something, it is important to help others gain a testimony... but you must retain your testimony in order for other to gain one. So this is what I have learned... Ok the work is going great! As I said I have a new Comp Elder Watson and I am training him on the area and such. He has been out for 14 months now so he has allot of experiences under his belt. Get this! I taught the first lesson without my companion! It was kind of weird/scary/out of my comfort zone! But anyways we went on exchanges and I went with Brother Totten who got the Tantens interested in hearing the lessons. Now the Tantens is James and Kim, Kim is a member but inactive James, grew us as a Jehovah Witness (they are kind of crazy I’m just saying) But anyways he thankful did not abide or even follow what they believe in. During the lesson he felt the spirit had allot of question which are going to be mentioned in the plan of happiness. I asked him how he felt after the lesson he said "I have a conflict between my heart and my mind, my heart feels the spirit but my mind can not be comfortable with the fact of modern revelation" (these are not the exact words he said but you get the point) I told him "James I want you to write something down line upon line precept upon precept you then wrote it down, I felt during that lesson a love for this man and his wife after the lesson I wanted to embrace them but I could not.. All I can do as a missionary is love them but showing them with my words and testimony. How wonderful this was! I felt the spirit so strong! I know they all did too! My heart goes out and it always will, I wear my heart on my sleeve like you dad. I thank my Heavenly Father for this. I am so blessed to be able to express my love through my words and testimony. Another great thing happened Mark and Lara was taught the Plan of Salvation every time I come to the Celestial Kingdom I feel the warmth of the spirit. I know that through diligence and faith in Jesus Christ and love for him and his brothers and sisters we will inherit the Celestial Kingdom! Mark and Lara are so wonderful! I love them too! I feel like I have known them for along time it's so amazing to me this mantle that I carry. I understand that the Lord is carrying me and showing me how to love even more. OH! How I love my savior Jesus Christ! I can't wait to see this wonderful family make covenants with him and see them receive the wonderful promises that they will make in the Holy Temple of our Lord. I feel a prompting to not share the 3rd lesson with them but elaborate on Eternity this is the spirit telling me that this is what I need to do, so I will do so! About Ashley Sanders Baptism! How extraordinary this you lady blows me out of the water! She had been waiting to be baptized for 10 years! She was literally a "dry member" she is an amazing young lady I love her too! She is 15 she found out about the gospel when she was 5 and went to church ever since! Wow! How incredible! The Baptism was so awesome! The spirit was so peaceful! You are right the spirit at a Baptism is a wonderful feeling! She was glowing! Her Family was glowing! They are not even members and they were so happy! This Church is true! I know it be I have already seen the spirit change People! I forgot to mention James went to all 3 meetings! I didn't even ask him to he just did! And so did Mark and Lara! Now Dad I hope you don't think that I am not following the white Hand book I am doing my best to get up on time (that’s the only thing I have a tough time doing and E-mail I just love you guys so much! I have to take more the 45 min hahah!) Hey dad thanks you so much for everything! Thank you for the message that you shared with me! Love your son Eternally Elder Frost

Mom Received 1-11-2010

I just wanted to say that all is well how I love the mission. It is rather difficult to see people reject the wonderful message we have to share with them. Nevertheless It is rather wonderful and more glorious when they accept! Elder Mecham and I have our diffrences but we both know why we are here! I love my companion Elder Mecham, we had the wonderful privlage of teaching that family Mark and Lara Badarrow. Lara know's that this gospel is true I can see it in her eyes! We were teaching the first lesson about the restoration ect. I began to recite the first vision of the prophet Joesph Smith we at that very moment the spririt became stronger then at the beggining of the lesson. I begain to cry, but with holding my tears I said the first vision. I looked at them both in the eyes and I could see that they were both touched. I could see the husband Mark fealt the spirit! How could this church not be true? Both of these people knew nothing of the church or it's doctrine not how it came to be nothing. But they were touched we that vision was mentioned. Why is that? Is just by cowincidence? Is it because I know and how I demonstrate the first vision? NO!!! It's the spirit I know it is because anytime in which the prophet Joseph Smith is mentioned, my heart if filled with the spirit! The prophet did see God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! Now Mark fealt the spirit but when we left it was with-drawn.... Just yesterday at church the Hawkses came up to us (these are the members that are the Badarrows friends) and they told us that Mark want's nothing to do with the church but will sit in on the lessons because Lara is interested (which is an undersatement!) But I have been given the mantle and it is as clear as day that Mark felt the spirit! I will not give up on him I love him and I love Lara they don't know how much I do. I pray for them I pray for all to just listen to the message thats all I want Mom The Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness is true! I will NEVER give up! This is a battle and I will not let my guard down I will fight for love! How I love you my dear mother I am glad that you have some time to go with your sister to Hawaii have fun! And by the way I am thankful for David for showing what it is to be a missionary and that is the Pure love of Christ! Elder Frost

Mom received 01/04/2010

Mom I love you so much you mine forever and always! Anyways I just wanted to update you on some things going on. Just yesterday I had an incredible experience, sometimes I wonder why we as children of our Heavenly Father are always wanting more, even though he has given us so much... This very thing can drive me up a tree :D. But I realize that it's a good thing in itself. This very thing has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Anyways yesterday I was reading in the Old Testament this first couple of chapters in Genesis.... I felt the spirit really strong when I was reading about what the Lord did for us. How he created the Earth for us and gave us Animals to enjoy and wonderful vegetation. I then had a stronger conviction of the Bible right then and their... I kept on reading when I came to the part of Abram who was promised that his seed would be blessed if he kept the covenants with our Lord Jesus Christ. It then occurred to me once more that, that very promise is coming to pass. I then stopped my reading after I flipped to the chapter when it talks of the tower of Babel. I referred to the Book of Mormon and read Ether chapter 1. I felt the spirit incredibly strong and it increased my testimony of the Book of Mormon the other Testament of Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer. I then fell on my knees and asked Heavenly Father to help me have an even stronger conviction of the Book of Mormon. After my prayer and some pondering I was then directed to read Alma 10:6-10.> This showed of how sometimes I don't realize of how lost I was and how now I am found. And that my conviction of the Book of Mormon increases on a daily basis. I felt the spirit incredibly strong I began to cry and I realized that sometimes we all don't realize how close we really are towards our Heavenly Father and his Son's teachings. But we are closer then we assume. I learned a lesson from this. I want to become closer because it's an eternal process. We will never be close enough in this life. That is the very reason why I feel I always should be closer and want to be closer. > > As far as things are going with teaching and bringing more people to the fold of Jesus Christ, we have some amazing things arising!!!!! I am so excited we are going to teach a family and they are solid. They came to church yesterday! They want us to come teach them this Friday at 4:30! Their names are Lara and Mark and they little children. How they found out about the church is they were told by their friends! And their friends did some missionary work and now they want to learn the lessons! I am being prayerful about it and I will do my best! We also have a baptism this sat! Her name is Ashley, she has been going to church for like 9 years now and her Mother has finally let her make the decision of being baptized! I am going to sing at her baptism. I am going to sing when I am baptized. I am so excited for her she is a good person and I know she will feel the guidance and comfort of the Holy Ghost. How I love missionary work I am so happy to be here. You told me to be honest with you and I will be. This most definitely is not easy. The adversary does everything to discourage you dismantle you and challenge your testimony. But the very thing which keeps me going is the God Head, they are all helping me. The Holy Ghost does his job well. Anytime I ask myself if this church is true I am always reminded! I love missionary work I love that we are sharing the wonderful Joy of the Gospel! Their is nothing I would rather be doing then sharing this Joy in which I have felt in my heart and continue to feel. I love you my dear Mother I love you all!

Letter Received by Step-Dad 12-28-2009

The Miracles of Serving Faithfully

> Dear Pop's hey! I just wanted to share with you some cool things that have happened thus far. Yesterday we were reffered to some new people Mark and Laura! They were at church and during church in the 2nd livermore ward one of the sisters came up to us with Laura and she said she wanted to learn the lessons! This was the best Christmas gift we could receive! And the wonderful thing is someone else is recieving the gift! Which brings us Joy! I am so excited we are going to teach them not this week but next! Another mircale is on saturday my companion and I were doing some street contacting and my companion Elder Mecham had a prompting to go around shopping areas. Well not a momment to soon their was a man and his little boy we both immedately received the prompting that, that was the man we had to talk with. We talked with him and it turns out he has a Book Of Mormon and he would love to get together and learn more, he was also taught by previous missionaries! Now all this was no councidence I know that it was because of the prompting Elder Mecham received. Later that day I had a prompting to go to the nearest park. The spirit told me to go to the park, I then realized I had to go to the bathroom (and the church was near) So we then went to the church so I could go to the bathroom. Once we arrived at the church I then fell on my knees and offered a prayer in the bathroom. I asked our Father if this prompting was correct. It was! We ended up going to the park and we waited, we were their for about 20 min or so, and during this 20 min we passed some cards out and we also challenged another person (that just happened to have the Book of Mormon) to read 3 Nephi 11 she said she would.... But here's the mircale we saw a man and his two sons playing on the play ground. We then approached the man and told him that familys can be together forever and we bore testimoney. Well after which I went to reach into my white shirt pocket to hand him a card. I handed him a card that said "A way to have a happier family!" and it gave him a number that would give him a booklet that would show him how.... Now the mircale is I DID NOT TAKE THAT CARD NORE HAVE I EVER SEEN THAT CARD!! But it made it's way to my pocket! I know it was the lord! Now that man could or could not accept the wonderful message of the Fullness of the gospel Of Jesus Christ! It's up to him! But that my dear Father was nothing short of a MIRCALE! My companion said he has seen that card but it's no where to be found in our apartment. I have never saw it until then. I love you so much! You are an amazing Man! An amazing Preisthood holder! The gospel is true! I know it to be! the spirit does his Job well!!

Letter to Mom 12-28-2009

Mom I just wanted to tell you that yes! I have fealt the spirit reading that letter! And that your prayers help me emmensly! Yesterday on the Sabbath I fealt such a strong love for our Heavenly father and His Son Jesus Christ! I know with out a shadow of a doubt that the gospel of Jesus Christ restored in it's fulness is true! I just wanted to say that I love my Companion Elder Mecham he is an amazing Elder! He has taught me more then you realizes I am sure. Mom thank you so much for everything that you are and everything that you do! I did enjoy talking to everyone on Christ-mas how wonderful it was to feel the spirit so strong! Talking to you especially I could feel the love of grandma! I love what you told me it is an anwser to my prayers, I have been praying that I would become closer to our deceased family. And I love that you said "Just think of them and you will feel them!" I have done this and I have fealt that wonderful love! But this is nothing new. I feel this love from you my dear mother. Thats how I ultimately feel grandma is through you. I too know that this letter will help you feel my love because our Heavenly Father loves us! God be with you until me meet again!> > Love your son Eternaly Elder Frost P.S. Put this on the blogg as well and I am going to be sending some picture I know you will enjoy

E-Mail Received 12-21-2009

The work has been wonderful! Finding is hard.. But its so rewarding when we find someone who wants to know! You can see it in their eyes the spirit makes it known to you of the surety that the person wants to know the truth of the gospel! We have found 4 new people Ana Marie, Marcel, Andrea and brother Garcia! We got return appointments! I am so excited to further the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Hahah something pretty cool happened my companion and I both had a prompting to go to a specific street. We talked to this lady named Andrea also (diffrent Andrea) we gave her a Book Of Mormon and taught her the first lesson! She was intrested I fealt. We asked when we could come back.. She's moving to Washington, we planted a golden seed however she fealt the spirit and I know that she will be contacted by the missionaries and begain her journey to hold to the Iron Rod. I know because of that prompting we were able to share the wonderful message to her of the restored Gospel Of Jesus Christ. About my companion he is from Iowa he is a wonderful Elder. He kinda bends the rules, just today we slept in tell 8:00 but that is the last time for me. I cannot change him. But he is a wonderful missionary I know that he is trying to do his best. Dad I am loving every mintute of the mission! OH! I forgot to mention Robbie and Courtney the two teenagers are intrested in hearing the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! We ran into their mom the other day and she said she would sit in on the lessons to!!! I am so excited we are finding people we are doing our best and we are doing it with a smile on our face! By the way I am writing Jake and Jared tell Jared to post the email I sent him on my blog! A really uplifting momment happenend! Read it! Anyways I gotta go district is getting anxious to play some ball. Love forever and always "eternaly" Elder Frost

******Extra Bonus letter sent to brother Jared******
Jared please be ready! I know you will be over at dad's I am calling at 10 I love you brother! Know this our heavenly father loves us so much! I had a wonderful exsperience I would like to share with you. About 4 days ago my companion Elder Mecham (who is from Ioha) were biking. It was begging to be night fall. We saw the most gorgeous sun set I stopped and as I looked at this sun set I could feel the love of our heavenly father I begain to weep I fealt the spirit so strong I fealt like he was giving me a great big hug! He does love us and you loves so much he created this beatiful world for us to inhabit. What a momment that was those couple mintutes I fealt the comfort of a loving father. On the mission I don't have my father to hug.... But I have my heavenly father to hug me! I feel all your love I thank you for all you do my dear brother! I can't wait to talk to you on Friday! > > We also have found some people that are searching for the Divine truth! We found three new people that I know are interested! How wonderful it is to see people recognize the spirit! And to have the light of Christ shine withing them! Jared.... I know this church is true! I feel the guidance of the savior in what I say and do. I feel the responsibility of the mantle! This is no fairy tale Jesus Christ is our savior! He will return again! The prophet Joseph Smith did see God the father and the Son Jesus Christ! I know all this not because I saw an angle! But because the holy Ghost has manifested to me that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true! I see the seconds in difference of people changing in those couple minutes of bearing testimony. I see the spirit touch their hearts if they are willing to submit to the father and his son Jesus Christ.The Book Of Mormon is true reading it has brought me closer to Christ I know if anyone will do the same they will feel to know their savior Jesus Christ! How I love you and I share you my testimony because I love you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Jared I can not think of a better thing to send you especially this Christmas then my testimony of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ in the it's fullness. Love your brother forever and always "eternally" Elder Frost

E-Mail Received 12-14-2009

Yes I have learned allot! But my first day here I had a bit of a trail within myself. I felt the adversary he does not want me here... I felt fear the first day and insecurity pretty scary stuff! I didn't feel this in the MTC I felt like I could shout it to the mountain tops!! But the first day here I felt that doubt that grief that fear.... Funny none of these feeling corelate with the savior or the fathers work and glory... Anyways this went on for 2 days.. I fell to my knees and asked for help I thanked my Heavenly father for this experience I feel amazing! I feel close! I feel ready! The mission is most definitely not easy it's not easy to be away from you wonderful up-lifting people! But dad I'm sorry I wouldn't trade it for the world! I have been here for 6 days now and it has been a learning/Wonderful Glorious Journey! No I did not knock on my first door and teach nor did we teach much at all in fact we have only taught one lesson! But the spirit is radiant his love is radiant! I know that their is many waiting to here this message! I know that our heavenly father loves us! In my prayer I felt his love! I felt his arms around me! I felt secure once more! I feel it now! I have this drive in me that wants to get that love spread across San Jose I have this drive in me that fights the adversary! I have this drive in me that won't stop! I have this drive in me that is love! But not my love! My savior's love! My heavenly fathers love! My families love! Know this my dear father I know that my Heavenly father love us! I know that our savior Jesus Christ is here for us and loves us with every ounce of his being! I know that I love him just the same! (to my mortal power permits) Dad I know it's going to be a good week we have a family that is potentially investigators! That they will come to the realization of eternal progression and Joy! Pray for these people as I have pray for the ones waiting to hear this message! I could not do this alone and I'm not doing it alone! Thank you my dear Father thank you for who you are! As far as the spirit is concerned I have prompting left and right to go about what I should say but sometimes they don't give me time to say them. It's that agency thing :) Oh tell Blue Eyes Mom that I love her so much and I'm thankful for her example to me. She is the epitome of missionary work and that is as I have said Love! Love you all with every ounce of my being! The Book Of Mormon is true by the way! Hahahah love ya!

Elder Frost has been called of God to serve in the San Jose California area. His Journey is one that we would like to share with family and friends.